Dodgers: Former Players Fans Want Back the Most

It’s that time of the year again when we get to check in on former Dodgers around the league. And as expected, there are more than a few that are performing exceptionally well. So we took to Twitter this week to ask fans which players they would most like to have back on their squad. 

Dodgers fans had a LOT to say, and many of them were wishing that Joc Pederson wasn’t up north playing for the Giants. So who would YOU most like to see back with this team if you were able to take anyone?

Some opted for a different route though, going with their hearts over the stats. And we have to agree that having Rich Hill back on this team would make us feel so very good inside. Who doesn’t love Dick Mountain?

Drop into the comments and let us know who YOU would most like back on this team. Joc Pederson? Rich Hill? Alex Verdugo? Ross Stripling? Let us know!

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    1. Of course you hate to lose any home grown Dodger…and we have lost out fair share of future HOF, Clemente,Pedro, Pizza Man, …I didn’t like the Mookie Trade, while Alex was immature, I felt going forward he would have a better long term career….Ok, Mookie help us win a WS….now what….Joc and Kenley to me were just about money….bad moves…IMHFO

    1. Joc sucks…I guarantee you that as the year goes on, his average will start getting a lot closer to his weight, as usual. He’s playing inspired, but for now only.

  1. Joc or Alex, But truthfully, I think we have a great team and they will soon be able to jail together; so, where would you play them?

  2. Kiki and Kenley in recent years. Jansen after a mid season hickup was coming off one of his best years, was a wash salary wise for his replacement and Kiki made just so many offensive and defensive contributions, losing him was a real loss, and he didn’t even sign for much.

  3. Let’s look at the present and I would love to have Joc back. Not only does he bring that clutch left handed power, but he also brings swag that last years team and this years is certainly missing. I thought for sure we were going to trade for him last year and bring him back, but Atlanta got him and a ring. Should have signed him this off season. Need to find the Kiki and Joc attitude replacements. This team needs a kick in the butt. Losing 2 out 3 to the Diamondbacks is unacceptable.

    1. Kiki isn’t the hitter Muncy is. Not even close. Muncy’s good for 35 HRs a year. KH not close to that.

  4. Kiki Hernendez…he could play anywhere, good in the clutch but most of all his personality and team spirit ! Also sad to see Hill, Pederson, Pollock, and Jansen go…good players, good guys

  5. Definitely Joc. He has such great exuberance for the game and a great cheerleader for the team he’s with – like a Little League kid who just loves the game itself – and not to mention a darn good clutch hitter. It kills me he’s with that team up in Homeless Land of the Billion Dollar Homes. Sure wouldn’t mind having Kiki back, either. And I might as well throw in Scherzer and Greinke – loved those two head cases.

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