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Dodgers: Former Top Prospect Keibert Ruiz Gets Called Up With the Nationals

Dodgers fans had to watch some of their organization favorites leave via trade over the years. But the guys that have come back in the return have obviously made it all worth it. The Max Scherzer and Trea Turner deal is the best example of how quickly fans can get over losing guys they love. 

But Keibert Ruiz was with the Dodgers for a long time. And it seemed like the moment they signed him that the hype about his future was unreal. So we all patiently waited for Ruiz to make his debut. Unfortunately, there was never a spot for him to get consistent reps at the big league level despite being ready. 

Now with the Nationals, Keibert is getting his shot. They called him up this weekend and will reportedly get the start against the Phillies on Monday. And you can bet that Dodgers fans will still be keeping an eye on him.

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Ruiz came up with the Dodgers in 2020 and hit a homerun in 8 brief at-bats. He got another short opportunity in 2021 and hit another homer in 7 at-bats. But he was one of the key pieces in the trade that landed Scherzer and Turner in Los Angeles. 

Best of luck to you Keibert, we can’t wait to watch you shine in DC. 

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  1. Hate to see him leave and wishing him luck with the Nationals. At least he will be working with a decent manager in Davey Martinez and not a moron like Roberts. Of course with the way our season is going and despite the immense talent and money spent on the roster, maybe the FO will dump Roberts and his complete coaching staff. Sure, we do have a very good record but the team has been severely mismanaged from the start of the season. We should not at this point of the season have to chase down the Giants. Oh, he can take Cody with him as he departs although Cody did make a great catch today. Still though 1 great catch every 20 games or so but does crap in the 60 at bats during those 20 games. Not worth keeping him in the lineup

  2. Getting rid of Ruiz and keeping Barnes will prove to be a huge mistake. Barnes has had it and Ruiz has has a bright future….which was not possible with the Dodgers. Congratulations to him for getting out of this Organization that plays favorites over talent.

  3. Yes.. we should have kept him D.FA Barnes.. Belinger is terrible should be riding the bench… Roberts got too go….

  4. Hope the trade results somehow in another ring despite Dave Robert’s inability to manage!
    Ruiz and Gray are gonna be good for a long time!

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