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Dodgers: Francisco Lindor Trade Likelihood Discussed by Ken Rosenthal

It seems as if with every passing day, we hear different stories regarding the likelihood of a trade coming to fruition with Cleveland Indians star shortstop heading to Los Angeles. Trades of this magnitude are always ‘unlikely’ and that is why they are considered blockbusters when they do end up happening. In this case, Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic has shed some light on the true nature of the Lindor-to-LA discussions with the Indians.

Here is the link to the column from The Athletic featuring a variety of potential blockbuster trades being discussed around the league:

Padres Trying to Spoil Dodgers’ Plans

The San Diego Padres continue to be the Dodgers’ little brother and things don’t appear to be changing this off-season. According to Rosenthal, part of the Padres motivation to trade for Francisco Lindor is to keep him out of Los Angeles. Here is the excerpt from the column:

Part of the Padres’ motivation, though, might be to keep Lindor away from the Dodgers, who according to sources are focused on Lindor after finishing second in the free-agent bidding for right-hander Gerrit Cole and declining to make an offer to third baseman Anthony Rendon. The Dodgers could accommodate Lindor by either trading shortstop Corey Seager or moving him to third base, with Justin Turner shifting to first.

The Padres simply do not need any help on the left side of the infield with Manny Machado locked in at third base for another nine seasons and Fernando Tatis Jr. plugging the hole at shortstop for the foreseeable future.

Corey Kluber Was Discussed by LA

Corey Kluber, a two-time Cy Young winner, was recently traded to the Texas Rangers for a fairly light return. The Dodgers were reportedly interested in acquiring him alongside Francisco Lindor before the deal went down:

In their talks with the Indians, the Dodgers discussed acquiring Lindor and Kluber in the same deal, but their interest in Kluber was secondary, sources said. It is not clear whether the Indians will even trade Lindor, but the Dodgers do not intend to give up six years of control over infielder Gavin Lux, the game’s No. 2 prospect according to, for two years of the Indians’ shortstop.


Expect talks and rumors to continue regarding the Dodgers and Indians on pieces like Francisco Lindor, Mike Clevinger, and Brad Hand. If they are unable to land him, they could pivot in a variety of different directions. They can call up Theo Epstein regarding Kris Bryant, they can have talks with the division rival Rockies on Nolan Arenado, or could help alleviate some financial pressure from the Boston Red Sox with Mookie Betts and David Price.

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  1. The Dodgers should continue to pursue Lindor and Clevenger. But since Cleveland basically gave away Kluber who the Dodgers had pursued for two years, I certainly wouldn’t give up the farm for them.

    1. They say Dodgers pursued him. Could have offered barely anything. Friedman doesn’t seem to be skilled at trades for skill players. He’s only good at finding Muncy’s and Kikes. Only time he traded he got the wrong guy! Darvish instead of Verlander.

  2. Mookie’s batting average, slugging percentage, and OPS are all significantly better at home than away. This indicates his numbers would probably fall playing half his games in Dodger stadium.

  3. We’ve seen this show before. Dodgers are reportedly in on every free agent and trade partner. Then, they settle foe Joe Kelly and AJ Pollack. Everyone knew Jansen was showing signs of aging and had heart surgery, get some insurance. Nope, as long as they “wink wink” make an effort Dodger fans will be happy! And, they know fans will still fill the stadium. Dodger fans watch our once dominant National League get further away from the World Series win. Just put Dodgers over the top one time! Then, be cost conscious with a championship in the bag.

    1. That’s what I say Danny. I’d be happy with just one title for now. I’d understand if they went cheap for a bit after that while they recover. We’d still compete while being cheap just like we have the last 4 years except the we’d actually have our title

    2. At this point my message to the Dodgers is:


      Here is what the Dodgers need:

      A starting pitcher.

      At least one more quality releiver to go with Treinen.

      A right handed power hitter. Preferably a good defender on the left side of the infield, but could be an outfielder. Maybe even a guy who could restore the long lost art of leadoff hitting, and base stealing, which has basically become extinct with the Dodgers.

      Now here comes the hard part. DO SOMETHING TO ADDRESS THESE NEEDS, or 106 wins will be a distant memory.

  4. Can I ask you all a simple question? With all this talk in LA about 3b issues what about Prospect Edwin Rios, where does all this lead to his playing time in LA or why isn’t there any talk of him involved in the trade rumor’s or is he not good enough too play for the Dodgers?

  5. Forget about Francisco Lindor we don’t need him we have Gavin Lux to play shortstop and move Corey Seager to the hot corner and Max Muncy and Kike Hernandez alternate second base and Justin Turner on first base.

    1. It would take a new G.m. that cares what the fan base wants. Troy have you gone to the dodgers home page recently? Top headline. ” 100 million in renovation going as planned!”. It would have taken some of that! To get anyone!

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