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Dodgers: Francisco Lindor Trade Must Include Gavin Lux, Says Jim Bowden

The Dodgers have yet to make their big move this off-season, failing to sign any of the big three of Gerrit Cole, Stephen Strasburg, and Anthony Rendon, and only signing right-handed reliever Blake Treinen. While Treinen is a significant move, fans are begging for more action from the Dodgers’ president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman.

The biggest names that the Dodgers have been attached to consistently this off-season that are still available in trade talks are Cleveland Indians shortstop Francisco Lindor and starting pitcher Mike Clevinger. Both players are amazing in their own right, but they would cost significant value in terms of prospect value — something along the lines of a Gavin Lux and Dustin May led package plus more. It might be worth it, it might not. It all depends on who Lux and May develop into.

In a recent interview on MLB Network Radio, Jim Bowden says that the Dodgers likely do not have the ability to get a deal done for Lindor without the inclusion of consensus top-five prospect Gavin Lux.

“No Lux, no Lindor.”

This contradicts some other reports regarding the Dodgers’ pursuits, but it might ring true.

“There’s a package to be made for Francisco Lindor if Gavin Lux is in it.”

Here is an example of one of those conflicting reports:

We will see what the Dodgers do eventually end up doing, but as it stands, Lindor might be the best chance for an offseason splash.

Daniel Preciado

My name is Daniel Preciado and I am 19 years old. I am a sophomore Sport Analytics major and Cognitive Science and Economics dual minor at Syracuse University. When I am not in New York, I live in Whittier, California --- not too far from Chavez Ravine. I am pretty old-school for being an analytics guy and I will always embrace debate. Also, Chase Utley did absolutely nothing wrong.


  1. This is how it goes,
    KLUBER to Texas request = Claus (Santa?)and DeShields.
    Kluber to LAD request = Lux and May.

    You cant fault other GMs for wanting to bend us over on every deal, but c’mon..

    1. Lindor is not worth it,Corey will do same job defensively but will do better offensively than what Lindor would do playing in Dodger stadium,pitchers park.Truth is dumb fans think he would average same 30+ hrs playing in Dodger stadium most of his games and It’s not even close,he would hit 17 or 18 maybe 20.

      1. If we get Lindor, Seager will still be there. He will be playing third base. Turner will be at first. Muncy will be at second, and Lux will be at short (for Cleveland).

        1. Seager at third with all of his surgically repaired elbow too? Yeah, that would work.

          1. You clearly have played neither SS nor 3B. Much stronger arm needed at SS.

      2. Louis, the Dodgers hit 279 HR’s last season and if I recall well over 100 of them at DS. While HR’s were up everywhere Dodger Stadium is not as pitcher friendly as some think. Let’s look at an example here;
        In game 5 of the NLDS the Nats hit 3 HR’s inside of less than 2 late innings in that game.

  2. You are very impressive, Mr. Preciado. I wish you wrote for my local newspaper.

    The Indians would accept a pure prospect trade for Lindor with no Lux if they were rebuilding, but they aren’t. They are trying to win now, and they need a starting SS back in this trade. It’s conceivable the Dodgers could package Corey Seager with a couple of their other Top 100 prospects (Ruiz, May, Downs, and Gray being the other four) and get the Indians to bite. However, now that the Padres are involved, I don’t see the Indians lowering their asking price too much. If you want a bona fide superstar in his prime to put your team over the top, the price for that is going to hurt. Don’t wait too long.

  3. Does anyone have a crystal ball? Lux might be as good as lindor, but isn’t. How come no one ever talks about things like ” Lindors best years are ahead of him, and he’s already perennial all star?” A certified stamp on this guy! The Dodgers have their fans and media brainwashed . another question, ” why isn’t it ever reported that other teams are after our Dodger players? Easy answer, because of Friedman’s arrogance believing his platoon worship and array of 220 hitters are worth more than other teams trade value!

    1. I dunno, Lux has all the looks of a hard nosed, gritty ballplayer to me that will hit for power and average. The ball jumps off his bat. I wanted Lindor, but I’m beginning to think that given a few years, Lux will be all of Lindor and then some. One thing that I do agree with is that ‘arrogance’ thing though.

  4. ****WHEW******, That means we will probably get Lindor and keep Lux, because the day one of Bowden’s predictions comes true will be the day Bumgarner and Puig rent an apartment together.

    1. Right on, Rod. Don’t trade May either. We had eight rookies this year and more on the way. The future is very bright. Don’t throw it away. Not like we are desperate for a SS (Seager tied for lead in doubles and stats not really much different from Lindor).

  5. We are fortunate Bowden is not GM of the Dodgers Frankly I don’t understand the issues with AF. The team has not won the series since 1988 and has not even been there until AF came along. I certainly hope he stays the course; championship(s) will come.

    1. Agree, Robert. Glad he didn’t trade Bellinger, Urias, Seager, Buehler, Verdugo when everyone wanted them. Who cares what Bowden says?

    2. Free agency is where we needed to score. FA’s only cost money, not bona fide blue chippers. We failed to land Cole. We lose. Needed that power arm with Buehler at the top. Who’s left to sign now? Lou Costello? He’s dead. My buddy Norton can still hit though. I saw him hit a bag of potato chips yesterday and…

  6. Corey is better than Lindor who has better numbers by playing in smaller ballparks,and would be much lower playing in Dodger stadium and 8 at San Diego every year the 2 parks where is harder to hit hrs.Corey will shut all these idiots mouths,when He’s battling Cody for the MVP and battling for batting titles,winning gold gloves at 3rd .If dumb Roberts is smart Dodgers could have 4 I fielders with gold gloves,Corey 3rd,Lux short,Kike 2nd and will Smith catcher.Go Blue

    1. Looked up the dimensions of Dodger Stadium compared to Progressive Field. They are basically identical and Dodger is actually easier to hit HR in because the walls in the outfield at DS are only 4.5 ft tall, while the walls are 9 ft high everywhere and 17 ft high in LF at PF.

  7. What if Lux turns out to be Joe Panik? Then you’ve screwed yourself. If Lux turns out to be Joe Morgan, then it’s OK because you still have an all star shortstop in Lindor and if you package a couple more pieces you can pick up a YOUNG potential ace #2 in Clevinger to go along with Buehler. A package of Lux, May, Ruiz, Rios, White and Maeda should be close to getting it done.Got to do it. A few PROSPECTS for a stud switch hitting shortstop and a stud pitcher. Are you kidding me. Get ur done. Move Seager to 3rd, Turner to 1st and Muncy to 2nd.

    1. Why don’t you throw in Chavez Ravine and the Dodger Dog recipe as well. I don’t think it’s time to Panik.?

  8. Jr we Don’t need a pitcher who averages 10 or 12 wins a year to be our #2 starter we already have Buhler who can average 15 or more as a #2 starter.Kershaw 17 + wins Buhler 17+ Urias 17+ May 17+ even Gonsolin will get 13 wins so you see we Don’t need a stud pitcher that averages 12 or 13 wins there’s no place for him in our rotation of stud pitchers.

    1. Luis, you are dreaming. It took the great Kershaw 4 full seasons to win 15 games. If you assume this is the norm for any pitcher then this is the year for Buehler, who hasnt won 15 games yet but mostly likely will. Urias hasnt started a full season yet neither has May or Gonsolin. So by this measure, Urias, May and Gonsolin wont win 15 games until 4 years from now. So yes we do need a stud pitcher now to bridge the gap until Urias, May and Gonsolin are ready to make an impact as starting pitchers.

  9. Foe the last two years the Dodgers have been rumored to be in on every free agent, but have signed none that are significant. A horrible signing of AJ pollack is it. My guess is that they will trade for nobody and sign nobody significant. Owners are happy cutting payroll while fans still fill the stadium. Bumgarner to me was a no-brainer. Him and Kershaw get along great. And, Bumgarner is a proven playoff pitcher. I don’t get it. 2017 we should have gotten Verlander or even Hamels. 2018 all we needed was relief pitching, but they did nothing. Now, we need a proven playoff pitcher and a couple relievers. We’ve signed one pitcher coming off his worst season. Dodgers are not getting closer to a World Series win.

    1. – Bum’s over, a has been. Kershaw may be as well.
      AZ will soon find out what everyone else already knows about Bum.

      I agree, Pollack is simply wasting a roster spot.

      It’s Dave Roberts who is the problem, a horrible on field manager.

  10. Bumgarner hasn’t pitched in the playoffs since 2016. His era on the road the last 2 seasons was 4.97 and 5.29. A 5 year deal for him would’ve been a huge mistake.

  11. Spot on Danny! The love affair with the triple A farm players is pretty pitiful! I like Seager, but he’s a choker in big moments. How anyone accepts that is beyond reason. The only player that showed up the last 2 post seasons was Munci Bellringer blew it, joc chokes, all their catchers choke, Lux didn’t show up, the bull pen gives up games time and time again! We all see this, but we’ re supposed to just say ” the futures so bright”. If I have a problem with my vehicle cutting out and it leaves me stranded, I’m either fixing it, or getting another one! Not the Dodgers, they just ignore it happens and keep telling the tow truck driver that it has potential!! And they feel good about its performance!

    1. Jon, a need for an impact RHB is needed just as well, because as it stands we will still have a lineup and roster that’s too LH hitter heavy and what happens as a result is what we have seen Roberts do with the lineups every time the Dodgers face a LHP.

  12. This Mamagement is dumb enough to make this trade…. keep losser.. ones who have proven over and over can’t win the big games and let go a franchise player..

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