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Dodgers: Frank McCourt is Ruining Another Sports Franchise

Frank McCourt is associated with only bad things in Los Angeles and with Dodgers fans. When we think of him, we think of mediocre teams. We also think of ridiculous costs to park at the stadium and the rise in tickets and concession prices. To put it bluntly, we do not like Frank McCourt in these parts. 

And now, nearly a decade after watching the Dodgers under new ownership, McCourt is once again ruining a franchise. This time it is a soccer club in France, Olympique de Marseille. Passionate fans of the team are taking to social media today to voice their displeasure with McCourt and the ownership and calling for a sale of the team. This tweet has made its way around twitter all morning, and it’s interesting how much it mirrors the McCourt era Dodgers.

Under McCourt’s ownership, Marseille has apparently become a money grab. Fans of the team see no growth and no future for the team under McCourt’s 95 percent ownership. Sounds familiar, right? If you’ve been a Dodgers fan long enough, you remember what it was like to be so frustrated with the team under his control. 

McCourt bought the team with money he didn’t have and it showed over the course of his ownership. He and his wife drained the team for every penny they had, so much so that MLB had to step in and force him out of ownership. In 2011, the Dodgers somehow managed to be $400+ million in debt at a time when any team should have been profitable. 

All we can say to fans of the Marseille team is, good luck. 

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  1. Fox /Rupert Murdoch’s ownership of the Dodgers is far more damaging. If not for them loaning the money to McCourt he never would have bought the team in Marseille. It was those Fox years that were hopeless. The Dodgers didn’t even win ONE postseason GAME when they ran the team.


  2. I don’t care about soccer or France, so I hope McCourt stays there, and remains irrelevant. Maybe Manfred could join him, and we could get a competent MLB commissioner.

  3. do you know there is a group of Marseille supporters that is called Dodgers 🙂
    type Dodgers Marseille on google you will see

  4. Unfortunately, the Mc Court family still owns the Dodger stadium parking lots, Hence, it costs $20 for a parking spot. Give me a break!

  5. You obviously know nothing about “soccer”, the Olympique de Marseille club and the French League.
    Under McCourt, the club has made signifiant progress and gain some decent results (finale of the Europa Cup, 2nd place of the French league last seasons)
    Some of the Marseille fans are angry at him for basically not spending more money into the club. Little do they know that he is not allowed under the rules of Financial Fair Play.
    So basically, regardless of your opinion of the man, there are nothing in common between his tenure at the Dogers and at Marseille. Nothing at all. Our club is far from being ruined, even though we did overspend for a few years in a row.

    1. What a load of Bull smh… the club has a debt of 191M, this acutal season is one of the worst of OM history, theres no player with potential in the team unless kamara, and every penny mccourt spent into the club was with LOANS… the final of europa is good yes, that the only good thing, we finished 2nd in the french league, to have the worst campaing in CL the next year… every marseille fan is angry with McCourt, stop talking about a subject u obviously don’t know at all, Om financial state is in a very very bad shape, do you know the club is very close to a bankruptcy ? the debt is 191 m and the budget is 261, so the debt is over 50% meaning, bankruptcy is possible, please do not speak on the behalf of Marseille fans and OM actual state ever again.

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