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Dodgers: Freddie Freeman Reacts to Losing Walker Buehler

Losing Walker Buehler has to feel like the most devastating blow of the season for the Dodgers. Even though he hasn’t been at his best, having a guy of his caliber in the rotation is a huge boost for this franchise.

But Buehler might be out for nearly 2 months. He has been shut down for 6-8 weeks with a flexor strain and then would need to build back up. That puts him right around a September for a return to the mound for the Dodgers.

And Freddie Freeman knows that is a significant loss to them.

“When you lose one of the best pitchers in the game, it’s a big blow to anybody, especially us. Luckily we got Clayton back because having both of them out would’ve been a huge blow. Clayton looked pretty good, but losing Walker is going to be tough.”

It is going to be very difficult and could lead the Dodgers to make a deal for a starter this Summer. But there is no replacing Walker. Getting him back into the rotation in time for the postseason will be huge though, which is the one bright side.

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Dodgers fans have wondered for most of the season why Orel Hershiser has not been part of many broadcasts. Hersh has been a big part of the team for the last few seasons, and the combination of him and Joe Davis has always been a fan favorite. But now we know that part of the reason is so he can continue to focus on his own business ventures.

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One Comment

  1. I think we better start getting used to the fact that this is a mediocre team. When as in the 7th and 8th inning of Saturday night’s game you have bases loaded and no outs/one out respectively and down two and one run you have three strike outs and a DP and produce zero runs you do not have a great team

    The Dodgers don’t hit great pitchers, do not respond against good pitchers and cannot score against mediocre pitchers- how competitive a team can it be?

    The starters are now in disarray, the bullpen can not pitch shut out innings, and even the defense is not a wild pitch that virtual same as an error?)

    What can be more embarrassing than the shutout on Sunday to complete the Giant sweep? They are a team in free fall and seem destined to be an also ran in October.

    No starter rotation, no bullpen, weak defense, no hitting- all a formula for disaster

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