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Dodgers: Freddie Freeman Reveals Part in LA’s Pursuit of Jason Heyward

The connections run deep in Los Angeles. Reunited teammates Freddie Freeman and Jason Heyward have another opportunity to run it back like their days in Atlanta but perhaps Freeman played a larger role than most people thought.

When reports originally came out of Heyward coming to the Dodgers, no one was more excited than Freeman. Heyward’s numbers have gone down in the later part of his career as he has frequently moved between the minors and majors, but the Dodgers had a position to fill.

Adding more depth into the outfield at a virtually non-risk contract was the move the front office was waiting for. While there were other options available, Freeman gave the media an inside look at the decision to land Heyward during Chris Taylor’s Drive for Hope event.

“When I talked to Jason in the last couple of months of the season last year and seeing where the Chicago Cubs and him were going, I went straight to Andrew Friedman and Brandon Gomes and was like, ‘hey, guys it’s a perfect fit.”

It’s clear Freeman wanted this guy. The front office wanted to do what they can to make their All-Star first baseman happy but the contract gave fans an idea of the philosophy moving forward.

“He’s a wonderful human and there’s a lot left in there’ so I stayed on them for a little bit and as the offseason went on I talked to Jason pretty much every day and things kind of just fell into place and I got my friend back. I’ve just been telling him how wonderful the Dodgers have been for me this past year and he’s really excited.

It was a risk hopefully worth taking for the veteran outfielder who has begun workouts with the Dodgers. With a new identity for the team blooming for the 2023 season, Freeman and Heyward will look to keep hopes high among the fanbase despite the questionable off-season.

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