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Dodgers Free Agency: Corey Seager Expected to Choose a Team Today

It’s been a whirlwind of an offseason so far with many surprising deals getting done ahead of the expiration of the Collective Bargaining Agreement on December 1. The Dodgers already lost out on bringing back Max Scherzer after he signed with the New York Mets. Not surprisingly with the way things have played out so far this offseason, Los Angeles won’t have to wait too long to find out the future of another Dodger. 

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding Corey Seager and where he will end up for the coming years. The Dodgers, Rangers, Tigers, and Yankees have all been linked to the star shortstop. Texas just signed Marcus Semien so they may be out of the running, or are they?

According to MLB Insider Joel Sherman, the belief is Seager may make a decision and sign on Monday. 

It’s still unknown which team Seager is leaning towards. However, if we’ve learned one thing it’s that he’ll definitely be getting over $200 million. Semien will $175 million over 7 years at 31 years old. Seager is 4 years younger and would bring a polished bat from the left-handed batter’s box. Whichever team signs him will get a career .297 hitter with 104 home runs and 362 RBI. The biggest dings against him are his health and defense, which may lower his total value.

The belief is that Seager will eventually make the transition over to the hot corner later on down the road, but for now, he’s looking to be signed as a shortstop. Dodger fans would surely love to have Seager remain in Los Angeles where he has become a staple in the lineup. Losing him would be a huge blow to an offense that really struggled this past season. Of course, the Dodgers do have quite the consolation prize in Trea Turner so it wouldn’t be the end of the world if he did sign elsewhere.

Stay near your phones as the news should be coming in at any moment today.

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  1. Scherzer signs with Mets for 3 years for $130 million, which Dodgers weren’t going to offer him that kind of deal. So much for the media saying he wants to pitch on the West Coast. But I have a feeling he didn’t want to come back with Drrrrrr still the manager. Look what happened last season.

      1. Bum4ever, correct, but the way Drrrrrr handled the in game pitching and player decisions as witnessed by Scherzer himself had a bit to do with it. I am getting the feeling that Roberts may be a deterrent to some players wanting to sign here. True that money talks and Dodgers weren’t going to go that high in salary at this time.

  2. Huge mistake and that is a understatement on not signing Mad Max.Now what blue? Not good front office.

  3. On the Kuiper & Krukow morning show, they said that is EXACTLY why Scherzer left. Did NOT like the way Drrrrrr handled the staff, himself in particular.

  4. The Giants announcers somehow have inside information? I bet the Dodgers offered him 120 and the Mets offered him his 130. Dodgers have a better chance of winning then the Mets.

    1. Yes they do. The Vagiants had made a play for him as well. But they have all their money tied up in resigning Bryant, Gausman and a couple more accusations. Is what they said…

  5. $43M a year for Scherzer is plain stupid! Is he going to have a fatigued arm in October again?
    Let’s say he makes 30 starts that’s about $1.4M per start for a 37-year-old who will likely average 6 innings per start. 30 starts x 6 innings per is 180 innings for $43M or about $24K per inning pitched.

    1. The question is, will Scherzer be asked to pitch on short rest, or become a Bull pen pitcher? will the Mets moniter his work load? Or better yet, will the Mets build a roster that can score runs in more than 1 way, so as they aren’t always relying on pitching and burning everyone up? He will be leaving a team that couldn’t.

    1. We’ve been through this Steve. Friedman announced that the lineup and pitching decisions are ALL Drrrrrrrrrrr. If you call Friedman a liar, then we’ll accept that. But As far as it was announced, it’s Drrrrrrrr…..

  6. All the comments about the money the mets paid are valid. I don’t think he’s worth $43 mil. a year for the reasons GLP stated above. Now we need to go out and fill our SP needs… the unfortunate thing is we probably are going to give up some valuable prospects to do that.
    Note to Scherzer: The Mets ain’t the best franchise to work for either but thanks for the hard work this past season!
    The Mets are going to be tough for the next few seasons!

    1. And Beau, and Brown? The 3 big accusations already there to bolster the Dodgers bench and Starting pitching. I have a feeling Glen, it’s going to get ugly as the Should of been dynasty is being tore down, and the 106 wins crowd will be justifying the moves along with the sites writers to apologize for the losses this coming season. They were apathetic blaming the injuries for the post season collapse, but never recognized who and what caused the injuries in the 1st place. It’s going to get crazy on here when Seager and Taylor walk as well.

  7. Unfortunately it may take a down year to expose both Dic Roberts as well as boy I Wonder Friedman.
    Have a feeling Kershaw will come back on a team friendly deal and old dumpster diving Andy will scour the OR’s and rehab centers for another project like Heaney to fill the rotation until May completes his rehab. Lineup and bullpen not without major question marks. If missing the playoffs costs Dic his job and results in a FO overhaul, I’d settle for that. Money being thrown around for free agents today is insane. We have zero AAA prospects left to trade. What’s Andy’s plan?

    1. Agree DR and AF need to go away and unless quality replacements for Seager, Max, Jansen and Taylor are obtained they’ll both will be out of here!

  8. It just popped. Seager to Rangers for 10 years $325M. One of my favorite players. I’m pissed.

    1. Seager always seemed to me that he was more in it for himself than a real team player. Let him go to the Rangers. They’re not going to contend for anything.
      Same with Scherzer and the Mets.
      They’re both in it for the money more than anything else, they’re both going to teams that won’t be playing in the WS next year, and I honestly didn’t care if we lost either one of them. How much time will either one of them spend injured. My guess is a fair amount.
      On the other hand, I really really hope we keep Chris Taylor.

  9. As expected Boras has Seager gone for another ridiculous amount of $. Andy, what do you have up your sleeve?

    1. Maybe, but are the rangers really going to contend? I don’t think so and Kershaw might want to answer the HoF as a Dodger.

  10. So far we lost Scherzer and Seager, but picked up Heaney and Hudson. I’d say that’s pretty much of a wash!

  11. The 60-102 Rangers!
    They’re welcome to Seager.
    The Rangers thought they might be able to win it all in ’21. No doubt with Seager’s help they’ll be real contenders.

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