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Dodgers Free Agency: Max Scherzer Signs with New York Mets

One of the more prized free agent targets of the offseason is returning to the east coast. Multiple reports have said that the New York Mets and Max Scherzer have agreed to a three-year deal worth north of $130 million.’s Jon Morosi was on it first.

Reports late on Sunday night had the three-time Cy Young award winner deciding between the Dodgers and Mets and with that decision coming soon. Soon may have been an understatement. Early on Monday morning, Ken Rosenthal confirmed the signing.

For the Mets, it continues a spending spree by Steven Cohen. On Friday, New York landed free agent outfielders Starling Marte and Mark Canha plus infielder Eduardo Escobar for contracts totaling more than $125 million over the next few seasons. Now there’s a new co-ace to pair with fellow three-time Cy Young award winner Jacob deGrom in Queens.

Scherzer joined the Dodgers at the trade deadline last season and put together one of the more dominant runs by any NL hurler. In 11 starts for LA he went a perfect 7-0 with a 1.98 ERA over 68.1 innings pitched. The Dodgers won each of his 11 starts. However, things didn’t stay as peachy in the postseason where he made 4 appearances but only one after a relief outing where he emptied the tank to push LA past the San Francisco Giants in the NLDS.

While the partnership between the Dodgers and Scherzer was fruitful and easily can be viewed as a win, the price point for the right-hander proved to be a bit too high for LA this offseason and now he’s taking his talents to Citi Field.

More to come on this news.

Free Agency: Max Scherzer Signs With Mets, What’s Next for Dodgers, Did LA do Enough to Re-sign Max?

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    1. That will only happen with Drrrrrrr.

      In fact, I’ll bet dollars to donuts Scherzer wanted nothing to do with Drrrrr….

        1. I mentioned this on the previous page about Seager, Kirk. The money was offered by the Mets but we know that Drrrrrr would be and is a deterrent to players wanting to sign here.

          1. Absolutely, Paul. Scherzer would have accepted the Dodgers offer if he felt he had a chance at another Ring with the Dodgers. The Drrrrrr factor swallows it’s third victim. Kike’, Joc and now Scherzer. Going to be a very dissapointing week. There is hope though, the strike will shorten the season and the Dodgers will finally let Drrrrr go in the 23 season.

      1. The only drrrr’s on this message board are the people who think Roberts is a bad manager.

        One of his biggest strengths is he’s known as a players manager. Not only that, but Sherzer asked for the ball in those situations. He wanted to be that guy.

        1. Whatever you say John.He’s a Drrrrrrr to me and many many other Dodgers fans. I run into many people in the street, around the State, around the Country. And it’s always the same conversation “W In The F was he doing?……

          1. Agree with you Kirk, but something that scares the crap out of me is AF talking about extending Roberts. The man has just made too many bad decisions since he has been here. Would agree with them moving him up to a FO position dealing with PR, but not on the bench after 22 (if we have a 22 season).

          2. Yes Harry Drrrrrrrr is a great B.S. er, very good with all the movie stars and famous athletes that attend Dodger stadium, and would be a great P.R. guy. If Friedman resigns Drrrrrr just prepare to watch the Vagiants and Padres playing in October and November. It’s that simple, Drrrrr is out managed 95% of the time, and like many here have said, take away the All Star line up and he’s just another guy with a line up card….

          3. I agree about what the f was he doing, I just don’t believe that that was strictly Roberts’ doing.

        2. Can you tell me what Drrrr is? I get that it’s people’s clever little in name. I thought they meant Roberts but that doesn’t seem certain. Most of the people on here are just the usual predictable complainers.
          Scherzer wasn’t worth anything like that much money. He’s not going to hold up.
          Seager is obviously strictly in it for the money, too, because he can’t believe that the Rangers are going to contend. Or is his ego that big?

          1. As someone else posted in another thread, the difference between what Seager got from TX and what he was offered in an extension last year by the Dodgers was only about $1 million a year. Of course, he also got two more years total.

            If he wants to win, he will need to wait a while, because Texas is still likely bound for a 3rd place finish. They can make all the flashy moves they want, but they need to acquire five or six decent pitchers for their staff. Their roster last year was pathetic.

            Even if they signed Kershaw, their pitching is weak. Houston and Seattle will still be above them. But in choosing Boras as an agent, it is clear what Seager’s priority was. Good luck to him. I liked him a lot and he was a great guy. But he is not going to age well. People seem to forget that he had major hip surgery a few years ago–in his middle 20s. Along with his other injuries, I would not bet on him being healthy. And I am NOT talking about a broken hand…..a HBP was a fluke.

  1. Let’s hope for Robbie Ray + Carlos Rodon (or Kevin Gausman).

    Mets overpaid for SS Lindor, too.

    1. Gausman is already gone, but the other two wouldn’t be bad. Cohen is probably going to continue this stupidity because he is trying to prove something since he lost out of Matz. IMHO he is going to be the least liked owner in the sport. He better hope they sell out every home game (and that might not be near enough), because the bills are going to be coming due.

  2. I’m looking forward to comments about the Dodgers he may make once he IS officially gone. He is a classy guy so he would not have said negative things when was on the team-and he may still choose not to-but he is very smart so what will he say if…?

    1. Any comments that he makes while at the press conference will be polite, even complimentary.

      But, get a couple beers in him and he will tell it like it is!

      There’s only three things in life that always tell the truth: little kids, drunk people, and yoga pants!

  3. Huge mistake and that’s a understatement. Should have signed Mad Max.Front office dropped the ball.Not a good thing this is.

    1. Oh please. 47 million a year for Scherzer? You’ve got to be effing kidding. Scherzer is running out of gas and injury prone.
      Boras must have blown smoke up Scherzer and Seager to the point that they think wherever they go they can win it all and it’s just not so, in my opinion.

  4. They escaped Manny Ramirez syndrome, where the guy has an unbelievable 2 months for them in his decline years, and they pay him for 3 years as if it is going to be his norm. Most likely scenario they wind up paying him 40M for declining performance. Ray would be a far better investment IMO.

  5. I sense the Dodgers dodged a bullet with Sherzer. The interaction between Sherzer and Roberts seemed to be a bit much for a simple pat on the ass for a good job, as it seemed there was a disdain between them that never quelled with the relief appearance closing the door. Besides, it certainly appears that ‘For a Few Dollars More’ staying on a winning team was of no matter to Scherzer.

    1. Scherzer is a gamer, if he felt Drrrrrrr could win, he would have stayed. He already has plenty of money and his Ring. All is left is his place in the HOF, and Drrrrrrr would be threatening it. The Mets have loaded up and they aren’t done. The Dodgers are just sitting and waiting for all the best bidders to take their 280 million off the books. The Should have been dynasty is over.

      1. “Scherzer would have accepted the Dodgers offer if he felt he had a chance at another Ring with the Dodgers”

        “if he felt Drrrrrrr could win, he would have stayed”

        You are implying that Max feels he has a good shot at a ring with the Mets???

        As Brandon would say, “C’mon Man!”

        1. Thanks, Biden
          Biden isn’t Brandon. It’s a shame baseball fans lean toward the racist, insurrectionist right.

      1. Never thought he would go to the Mets. Like you say Jackson, actually maybe the dead arm thing was a red flag anyway. Was he a “flashback” for that short timeframe? So to all you Roberts naysayers. Like him or not, our starting rotation dictated the short rest and other pitching moves. Can’t blame DR. So now we hone in on another starter and resign CT3. MAN!! THAT CONTRACT!! That is nuts!

        1. Wayne actually our inept offensive line up that couldn’t score runs ( Especially with 4 150 hitters) in it burned up the starters and the Bull pen. Had we had the strongest and most potent players up there and didn’t just Give games away, we would have had Buehler-Urias-Scherzer all rested because we would have won the West, not had to play that WC game, or faced the Vagiants until we had the rotation rested and set. Drrrrr is the reason those throw away games happened with the 4 hitters that had more runners left on base than Batting avg’s. Drrrrrr was the reason we didn’t have a 1st basemen in that Vagiants game in SF where he played Will smith at 1st who didn’t catch the ball , and how many games did we lose by? I could go on and on about the inept decisions of the famous DRRRRRRRRRR. But to say drrrr had nothing to do with the pitching is just WRONG, he had everything to do with it.

    1. He WILL be back. Look what happened to Marcell Ozuna. He got away with beating up his wife, and Bauer has no evidence that he did anything.

  6. I am glad we did not overpay for a 37 year old pitcher. We already have one of the highest payrolls in baseball, with other pressing issues like Seager, Taylor, Kershaw, & maybe others. While I am disappointed Scherzer was more concerned with $$$ than playing for a winning team, I am good with it. Stocking a team with older players on multi year contracts is not the way to build a winning franchise.

  7. We’re screwed, unless we sign Marcus Stroman and Carlos Rodon. Now Robbie Ray has signed with the Mariners.

  8. Looks like this is the year the Dodgers picked to dip back below the luxury threshold. See you in 2023…

  9. We’ll be ok need to sign Kershaw and with Buhler and Urias we have 3 Aces and Gonsolin fourth starter then Price can start while we get May back.

    1. Miller, Pepiot, Jackson, and Knack will all get a long look in the spring (if baseball has one.) Folks that believe the farm is empty don’t understand the talent these guys command nor do they recognize what’s on the way shortly in Cartaya, Busch, Vargas, Pages, and Outman.

      1. Don’t forget Mitch White. Agree with you on the amount of talent we have coming, there is no need to panic. Corey opted for $$$ which is his choice and I wish him well and not getting to the level that the Mets went for Scherzer is to our advantage. JMHO, but that dead arm issue is cause for major concern and paying a 37 year old who will turn 38 this coming season $43 million aav is not a real good idea, but the Mets owner took his hurt feelings and went the stupid route with the money he is throwing around.

  10. Not surprised that the Ds couldn’t land Scherzer. He’s not worth the money the Mets are giving him. Maybe he has one more really good year left with his dead arm, maybe not even that long. Hate to see Seager go, but I never had the sense he was happy playing with the Dodgers. I think the Ds should trade Bellinger and use the money saved on lost expensive players to invest in some young talent. Starting pitching is obviously critical, but they also someone with the wallop that they’ve lost with Seager. And we don’t know if Muncy will have the arm strength to have a season like ’21. Friedman, I’m sure, still has a few tricks up his sleeve. Let’s get Correa and Freeman. They do that, and we’re back in business.

  11. First, he is not going to retire after having his season end the way it did. He is going to be a legacy Dodger and is going to want to go out on top and that ain’t happening with Texas.

  12. The Dodgers will be in remaking mode in 2022 with many new players from their farm systems. It will be a rough stretch for the Dodgers in next year. The Giants and Padres will both beat up Dodgers in NL West standing

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