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Dodgers: Friedman Identifies One Thing That Stood Out for 2020’s Title Run

All it takes is for your team to get hot at the right time to potentially set up a special season. You could end the season losing most of your games, but once you reach the postseason all of the other noise gets tossed out the window and that’s the lightning in a bottle the 2020 Dodgers team had with Corey Seager

The Dodgers’ talk of a disappointing end to the season won’t be slowing down any time soon allowing Andrew Friedman to reflect on the outcome. Among the considerations remains the intensity of an MLB postseason schedule and how Seager’s amazing 2020 postseason run was what propelled the team to the top (quotes via AM570 LA Sports).

“I mean, in 2020, part of the reason we won 13 games is that Corey Seager turned into Barry Bonds. Last year, one of the reasons we lost in the NLCS is because Eddie Rosario turned into Barry Bonds. You know, Corey Seager in 15, 16, 17 — 18 he missed the postseason — 19, 21 wasn’t nearly as good as he was in ’20. Does that mean he wasn’t clutch enough? There’s so much that’s involved in it that also gets to how well a pitcher happens to execute in that at-bat. Because if a pitcher executes pitch after pitch, it doesn’t matter what your approach is, or whatever. Odds are you are out.”

For reference, Seager hit .328 with 8 home runs and 20 runs batted in (plus a 1.171 OPS) in 18 games during the 2020 title run. Every other postseason game combined for LA, Seager hit just .199 with 5 homers.

There are so many moving parts to a hot postseason team whether it is a hitter being unstoppable or a pitcher being on his A-game. The Dodgers simply did not have that this season. Or last. Or in 2019… or…

Friedman’s comments aren’t a reflection on the team or on Trea Turner for that matter, but highlight what Seager did that much more special. There is no excuse for the Dodgers performing as they did in the postseason after all the hype led them this far, but it truly shows the dynamic needed to win the World Series.

The best team truly doesn’t always win in baseball.

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  1. Tender belli than trade him to the Dbacks along with two prospects for katel marte. He has a long term contract at reasonable price. And u solve your infield problem, plug him at second move Lux to short. The money u save on Trea and belli and price. U sign Arron Judge to play left and hit Fouth. Move Smith down 6 or 7 where he belongs. Friedman do these moves plus a little pitching help and you will be good

    1. Trea is priority clearly. If he walks Dansby is a better fit, Lux at 2nd where he belongs. Then try and sign Arenado, Muncy to DH and spell 3rd and 2nd. If we trade Belli then get Judge. Bring up Outman, he’s going to be a star. No Judge, get deGrom on a one year.

  2. Like you said the best team doesn’t always win the World Series but the best team in the playoffs does. I say sell bellinger and get Judge. Must resign Trea Turner,, the top 3 hitters are gelling and are phenomenal don’t break that up.

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