Dodgers Game Highlights: Watch Mookie Betts Make A Diving Catch As Second Baseman

Every few months, Mookie Betts makes some incredible play to prove just how athletic he really is. This time, that play came in Sunday’s Spring Training game against the White Sox.

Now usually, Mookie Betts will take his spot in the right field but every now and then, Doc will put him at second base just to keep him on his toes and switch things up a bit.

Today was one of those days when Mookie took his spot as the starting second baseman. And sure enough, that incredibly athletic play that I was talking about came from his infield defense:

“What a play from Mookie Betts…”

Something tells me we’ve heard a few different variations of that before…

How lucky are we to be able to watch Mookie Betts Baseball?

And I can’t forget to mention that just a few innings prior to the impressive play, Betts hit a leadoff homer, for the second time this Spring.

Last season, Mookie had a career-high 35 home runs from the leadoff spot which is the 12th most in MLB history and it also broke the Dodgers’ franchise record which was previously held by Joc Pederson with 33 in 2019.

Mookie will go down as not only one of the best hitters to play the game but also probably one of the most fun players to watch. If this is just a sneak peek into what he’s about to do this season then I’m excited.

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Kristilyn Hetherington

Kristilyn is a student at Azusa Pacific University pursuing a B.A. in Journalism with a concentration on sports. She worked for her high school newspaper as Editor in Chief for three years and has been working here since July 2022. She also works for the Sports Information Office at her college and has served as a Student-Athlete Representative for the Student Government at APU. She was recently inducted into the National Journalism Honor Society, Kappa Tau Alpha, and has written a few pieces for the school newspaper and magazine. She's an avid sports lover and is excited to continue growing and learning in this field.

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