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Dodgers: Gavin Lux Enters 2021 With A New Confidence, And It Shows

There is something about Gavin Lux that looks much different in 2021. He came into the Dodgers Spring camp with the second base job up for grabs, and he will be given every opportunity to take up the bulk of the starts. 

But before he can do that, Lux will need to prove that there is a good reason he was the Dodgers top prospect at one point. A down 2020 season in which he arrived at Summer Camp late shouldn’t define an entire career, and he’s out to show what he is capable of. 

Through a handful of Spring games in 2021, Lux is crushing the ball. Through 11 at-bats, Lux has put together a 1.000 OPS and driven in a few runs in the process. But perhaps the most noticeable difference is on the field. The Dodgers have had him mostly at second base during Cactus League games, and Gavin has looked smoother than ever.

He spoke with SportsNet LA’s Kirsten Watson about what he’s changing this year and why his swing just looks better. 

I tried to tone some things down and simplify in my gather and in my swing. and try to make it more repeatable. Throughout the course of a full season, I can repeat it every day and I’m not searching so much. 

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts has noticed the changes as well. He also pointed to Gavin‘s mechanics and has talked in the past about it having a lot of moving parts to it. It appears as though he’s made an effort to simplify it. 

I think Gavin right now is just sound mechanically. Lots of clarity and comfort. He’s just feeling good and looks good all the way around. 

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The Dodgers don’t NEED Gavin Lux to be successful in order for them to dominate. But they don’t really NEED any one player on the team. Having a guy like Lux play to his potential could be huge for an offense that is sure to light up the box scores in 2021.

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  1. If Lux can turn things around and hit anything remotely comparable to what he did in AAA, then it’s the same as if the Dodgers added a free agent bat this year at a fraction of the cost over the next 5-6 years. His at bats are looking very good thus far (small sample size theater).

    1. The question I would have is, will Roberts allow Lux to bat and be in the lineup against LHP? Or will he be automatically platooned and never get that chance to see them and become another Joc.

      1. The thing with Pederson is he truly looked awful against lefties, even foolish at times. Roberts did him a favor. In 365 plate appearances in his career, he’s hit .191 against them. I understand you need to see them more to ‘find a grove’ but you have to have a ‘groove’ to find, and Pederson didn’t. Lux, according to reports from the minor leagues, hangs in tough against lefties. The biggest problem is Taylor and Neuse are lefty killers, so it becomes ‘what’s best for the team?” Roberts is going to put his best team out there every night, and that could create the platoon nobody wants to see, but that the team needs to happen.

        Big question is if we don’t resign Seager (which is very possible) do the Dodgers give SS to Lux fulltime next year. Save some money on those big $$$ shortstop free agents. Or do they go out and try to get a RH shortstop (Story)? At some point we gotta see what the kid can do. He’s raking in spring right now. Roberts needs to unleash him no, while he has a huge lineup all around him, and the ‘need’ for his offense isn’t as critical.

        Moral of the story, I have no idea what Roberts will do.

    2. Rinbirdmuse I agree. If Lux can hit at a 300 clip and knock in some runs the Dodgers will have a dynamite line-up without a weak spot.
      Dodgers in 2020 set records for their offense. They would be better in 2021 with Lux and hoping that Muncy and Bellinger have better years.
      Muncy does not look good right now. Bellinger of course coming back from shoulder surgery.

  2. Baseball is almost an abstract occupation and confidence is as important as physical skills. Once Lux accepts that he belongs on a team as stacked as the Dodgers are he will succeed as an equal partner with the rest of the team that is destined to make sports history.

  3. I am really looking forward to seeing Gavin take the second base job, and keep it. Stellar D and decent enough hitting will make it so, and free up CT and others to spell regulars as needed.

  4. I wouldn’t take any Rockies hitter that has a big gap in home and road splits. LeMaheau is an exception since he is playing that short RF porch.I mean do you really think Brett Gardiner can hit 30 bombs anywhere else??

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