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Dodgers: Gavin Lux in the Spotlight for MLB Debut

First and foremost, Happy Gavin Lux Day! Indeed, this is the day we have all been waiting for – a debut so large and prominent it gets to share the spotlight with Labor Day in Los Angeles.

Gavin Lux will start tonight’s ballgame at Chavez Ravine at second base and hitting eighth in a powerful lineup. From here forward, he’s a member of the big league fraternity. Such as with any mega-prospect, life will never be the same.

Equally important – if you want to get to know Lux a little better – we suggest you check out Episode 71 of Blue Heaven Podcast featuring FRG with the rookie himself.

Next up, we have all the Lux goodies from him entering the big league kingdom on his first day.

Lux Social Media Goodies

One great thing about David Vassegh is he’s first at the park on many afternoons. Here we seen Lux out with the Echo Park legend Dino Ebel, learning the tools of the trade of infield play at the highest level.

I think this is probably my favorite nugget of the items out there thus far. First it’s important to note that Dave Roberts has a rather predictable nickname that will stick. Furthermore, I could hear Roberts calling him ‘Luxxie’ before it happened. Tell me that you feel the same way, be honest.

Imagine walking into the locker room for the first time, and seeing your name alongside Walker Buehler and others in the Dodgers’ clubhouse. Now, thanks to the dedicated coverage of the official Dodgers twitter; we get the magic brought to us. This is just a cool moment to see.

Lux makes the walk that many legends have made for the first time – perhaps you have stood there yourself. The beginning of the story.

Final Word on Lux Day

Obviously, this is a day we have awaited for a long time. It’s cool to celebrate it with a post like this. The story is unwritten for Gavin Lux, and each day that passes he paints on a canvas whatever his destiny as a ballplayer holds. For me, that’s exciting.

And I’m only one guy, but I think that today; and the career of Lux is going to be one we talk about for a long time.

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