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Dodgers: Gavin Lux is Catching Fire and Teammates Are Taking Notice

Things are starting to click out in Los Angeles. Even without some key players in the lineup, the Dodgers are figuring out how to win ballgames with the guys they have. And that is very bad news for the National League. 

Part of their success over the past week has been their ability to hit the ball. Throughout their 15 losses in 20 games stretch, the Dodgers weren’t doing anything to move guys over. Far too many players were left on base and the bottom of the lineup did nothing to extend the potential of the order. 

Gavin Lux is one guy that has truly made this Dodgers lineup lethal top to bottom. Following the game on Tuesday, Lux has homered twice with 10 runs batted in over the course of the week. Even teammate Chris Taylor had a lot to say about him following the win over Arizona. 

You can tell he’s much more comfortable up there. You’re seeing the ball carry a little bit more. He’s driving it into the gaps. We saw even a few games ago he wasn’t getting the hits but he had a lot of deep flyouts and good at-bats. Now you’re starting to see the results. You can tell he just has more aggression in his swing and is less passive. I think that’s when he’s at his best.

Dating back to the win against Seattle last Tuesday, Lux has gone 10-for-25(.400) with 10 RBIs and 5 runs scored. Dodgers manager Dave Roberts has recognized the changes made and his new attitude at the plate. 

He’s freed himself to basically be himself on a baseball field. What that means is he’s not afraid to make mistakes. He’s just playing more relaxed. I’m all about mechanics at times. But I just really do believe in the mindset, the psyche of a player. It really means a lot. I think you can dig into mechanics as much as you want. But if you’re not yourself and don’t feel relaxed, it’s just hard to perform regardless.

Lux’s success at the bottom of the order changes everything for the Dodgers. They know that the runs and production will come at the top, even when the team is struggling. But his success means that pitchers have to fight through every player to have a good outing. 

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The Dodgers have insisted since the start of Spring Training that Lux will have a runway to be the starting second baseman. That faith in him is paying off huge right now. 

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  1. And Lux has sock and showed that before arriving here in 2019. Albeit Coors field, if I recall Lux had the longest regular season home run of any Dodger last year at about 453 FT.

  2. Like I said when CS5 went down, give Lux the runway @ short where he feels most comfortable which frees up his confidence in his overall play. Also leave him down in the batting order for now where there’s less pressure and where he can set the table for the top. Presently it seems to be working fine….. don’t confuse his mindset. CT3 is also a very good shortstop but he is much more valuable being a super-utility player. Keep the focus and let’s go!

  3. I really want to see Mr Lux hit the baseball and not strike out. Same for Muncy. I can see as I watch I still am worried about the bull pen.. I am not sure what is going on.

  4. I’m going to go off topic here because you will probably never see a feature story about Chris Taylor. But he is an outstanding ball player that can play anywhere on the field at the highest level. Going into today’s game, he was batting 295, which is one point less than JT. His OPS is higher than 900. You cannot win the WS without guys like CT3. He’s a ballplayer in every sense, and deserves a shout out.

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