Dodgers: Gavin Lux May Not Be The Hero We Were All Expecting

Dodgers top prospect Gavin Lux made his Major League debut a week ago today at Dodger Stadium. He impressed in his debut with 2 hits in his first 2 at-bats against Colorado pitching. Moreover, he picked up a Dodger franchise record for runs scored that day. All told, he went 2-5 out of the number 8 spot in his debut, and had 1 hit in 4 at-bats in his second game, giving the wunderkind a 3 for 9 start to his career.

However, in 4 games since, he’s gone 0-11 while adding 3 walks and 4 strikeouts. To put it differently, Lux is 1-18 after starting his career 2-2.

The second baseman has cooled off after his hot start leaving some wondering if the the hype may have been too much for a player who had not stepped foot in the Major Leagues prior to last week. Lux has an extremely bright future, and he will be a unique talent no doubt.

He was brought up to see what he’s made of right now, but also to determine whether he could earn his way on to the postseason roster… but as it stands — with the short runway he was given — he may have missed that opportunity.

High Expectations

With recent success stories of Dodger rookies sticking and performing through their debuts, the expectations were set high for the 21 year-old.

Will Smith had a .286/.348/.619 triple slash line through his first couple of series with the Dodgers. He also added 2 home runs, including his first career walk-off.

Matt Beaty had a different start with the club, as he had just 8 at-bats in 5 games. However, the “Hit Man” picked up 3 hits and earned his way into more playing time while becoming one of the more productive Dodger bats in late and close situations this season.

Another more relevant comparison for Lux is Corey Seager, who made his Major League debut similar to Gavin’s in September of 2015. Seager was given a runway to prove himself against MLB pitching took and advantage by batting .333 in his first 5 games. He went on to bat .337 in the month, adding 4 home runs and displacing incumbent shortstop Jimmy Rollins along the way.

With Max Muncy expected back in the lineup soon enough, Lux’s window for an extended look may be closing. As Los Angeles heads to Baltimore to take on the lowly Orioles — a team that has allowed the most home runs, and the third highest batting average against in all of baseball — it’s an opportunity for the prospect to prove he belongs on the postseason roster… or start taking in some games from the bench.

Levon Satamian

My name is Levon Satamian. I am currently attending Cal State Northridge, and majoring in Broadcast Journalism.


  1. Give the kid a break he just got here and you start talking all this mess after one week? Lol smh

    1. Agreed. Anyone making judgments re Lux after a week in MLB doesn’t understand baseball. Even 150 at bats is a small sample size. Perhaps these folks should stick to the godawful game of football.

    2. Here we go again. Another dude with the dodgers poor management not knowing a thing about talent. Lux needs to go bye bye now just like half the dodgers right now that need to go. Lux Martin Janssen Baez Hernandez Taylor main loser Roberts and Freidman Maeda and on and on and on. we need pitching hitting and more. Roberts asnd Freidman Suck

      1. Wow. You seem quite bitter. What games are you watching? Do you understand baseball? Do you even like this team? You sound like a Giants fan. Everything you said is pure trash, btw. Not everything has worked out for Roberts and the front office, but I at least understand what they are trying to do. I watch every game. I have seen management make adjustments over the last several years. If you don’t understand what you’re looking at or don’t follow the Dodgers close enough, why even comment, Johnny Boy?

    3. Carlos he lost me when he wrote that Lux has gone 1 for 18 after starting (last week mind you) after starting at 2 for 2. As I recall Willie May’s went 0for23 his first mlb at bats and Leo the lip durocher told him keep swinging kid your going to be a star. I couldn’t believe the negative article on Smith’s play last week either.

  2. This is a terrible take the kid just came up, you can’t only measure a player by their offense, defense has to be a measurement as well, defensively he has held his own. He hasn’t even had enough time yet to figure it out offensively, you have to give him a little more time, i will agree with Muncy returning soon his window to do so may be closing.

    1. It also only goes to show how much more advanced the MLB pitching is to that of the hitter friendly PCL. But I figured Lux would eventually be a victim of a numbers crunch because only 25 are allowed on the PS roster and Muncy ,along with Beaty and others have been up here producing a lot longer. Granted, Lux has only been up for a week so it is a small sample size so him not making the PS doesn’t necessarily mean it was of what he does on the field

      1. As many have said it’s too early to judge. He was recently named Minor League player of the year! Pitching in the Majors is simply better.
        This is a great rehearsal for next year. Muncy will be back. Beaty has a sure spot. Verdugo may not heal in time. It will be very difficult to get a spot on the 25 man.

  3. Great take, because no other highly touted MLB prospect that gets their call to The Show ever slumps. Be better dude.

  4. Lux could easily have gone 0 for 12, he got lucky on his first at bat, he jumped on first pitch right down the middle for an easy hit. After that all the pitchers started to pitch around him. 3 strikeouts in his 2nd game. He can’t see pitches at the major league level yet. And he may never will. He’s got a very fast bat speed, but that won’t help him hit the trickier curveball and change up. Those are the pitches he kept missing contact. He’s not Corey Seager, I’ve lost all confidence in Lux’s future prospect. He’ll be a journeyman player at best.

    1. You are absolutely wrong. This kids got mlb talent. Remember when Kershaw came up? He struggled a bit before he settled in. This kid Lux hasn’t even had a full year at triple A.

  5. Lux is obviously a phenomenal young talent and the Dodgers have proven time and again they know how to develop players of his caliber. That’s arguably the organization’s greatest strength. The fact that his debut has shown he needs work is absolutely nothing to fret about. He has a powerful natural swing, solid defensive chops, and the attitude of a much more experienced player. Overall, when you look at the reservoir of potentially great and already fantastic young homegrown players, the future looks pretty darn bright. Odds are, Lux will be a big part of that success, just probably not this year.

  6. Yeah well this team shouldn’t need a hero. When is enough talent enough? Time to get it done there’s more than enough here they shouldn’t always need a rookie savior it’s kind of a joke with this team. Teams with far less have won it all before, no more excuses at this point

  7. I doubt that he will make the post-season roster, particularly if Muncy returns. LA is covered at 2B. Let’s see how he does in spring training and also let him develop is very advanced skills.

  8. nice look at Lux from the real world. Plenty of players dominate at AAA then settle in at around 260-280 mark. Nothing wrong with that. If i recall Lux doesn’t have a lot of MiLB experience either. This game takes time ti adapt to the speed changes at each level.

    Hopefully it registered that success at AAA plus all the hype/high regard pundits throw his way mean exactly squat. That’s a next level of professional growth.

    Ya can’t blame him given the successes of recent Dodger rookies. But even they have to return to earth. You could see Will Smith had huge hole in his swing on the outside curve/off-speed pitch. Now pitchers seem to be finding those holes…that’s life in MLB, right?

    I hope Lux is the next Cano or Davey Lopes. Right now though this is about getting into the World Series so no OJT.

  9. Give the kid time eventually he will figure out major league pitching, it’s to early to judge him after a handful of games.

  10. Also agreed. Can’t believe this is even a topic. If you have watched his at bats he has had some loud outs. Mike Trout’s BA was .220 through 40 games in his first season. So let’s keep it in some realistic perspective.

  11. The Dodgers have nothing to lose by putting him in the lineup. He gets to face major league pitching, he’s learning the ropes in a big league clubhouse, and he’s getting used to the media attention. He shouldn’t be on the postseason roster but the experience he’s getting now will be invaluable next season.

  12. It is truly disappointing that he could not be an instant superhero I was wishing he could be but if you have followed his career he has had a few struggles along the way. Even got a case of the yips throwing to first but has overcome all the setbacks. He’ll be fine and I’m looking forward to him breaking out next season.

  13. Lol. I think he’s a little overwhelmed. Remember he hasn’t even had a full year at triple A. He’ll be fine. This is his first taste of the show.

  14. Luxe has already definitively and single handedly lost us a game, specifically the game we lost 1 to 0 to the Giants last week, where he failed to communicate on the ball hit to short right center field that went right over his head with only an easy necessary reach of 6 about inches for him to catch it. It was a rookie type mistake, but you have to figure that blunder into his defense so far. A play like that must be made every single time, and lack of communication is No excuse.

    1. You blaming Lux for that game? Well I got news flash for you it ain’t his fault. Does ever cross your mind that the offense didn’t do shit that game and you out here blaming lux. I can’t stand fans like you. Suck a dick btw y vete a la verga Dan. Hija de puta. Btw you clearly don’t understand how baseball works and it clearly shows you have no perspective.

  15. You need to stay in school and find another major as you obviously know nothing about baseball. 5 games is NOT enough time to evaluate a player. He faced good pitching from the Giants but he had good contact. Give the kid a break. Way to soon to call him a dud dude!!

  16. For goodness sakes, lets all calm down re the future of Gavin Lux!!!!! Had we followed some of the above posts fifty-five years ago, a young pitcher named Koufax would be in the minors while Tom Lasorda was added to the starting rotation. Lets also thank Max Muncy, for without his injury Lux might not have been brought up. And lets also thank the FO for bringing the young man up and giving him a shot. Our depth is a luxury in this case. With Max due back this weekend, Lux’s time will be greatly reduced as the manager and FO begin to plan out our playoff lineup. No harm, no foul regarding Lux. And the young man got his appetite whetted for playoff baseball. A win-win all around. Go Blue!!!

  17. One week is not enough for anyone to adjust to such a significant, immediate and unexpected jump in both career and personal life. It must be overwhelming for a 21 year old kid. Give him a chance to get comfortable and he will connect with a lot more balls.

  18. Dodger nation…..settle down. Gavin will be fine. He is only a few games in. He has succeeded at every level so far, so give him some support. If you’ve played this game, then you understand that there are ups, downs, and adjustment periods. Lux has all the talent that the organization looks for in a player…….physically and mentally. Successful players also possess “heart”, work ethic, and the ability to keep their emotions level in every situation. Gavin possesses all of this. (I’ve known Gavin since he was a young boy.) Dodger Nation…..you have a talented player with a fantastic mental approach, who is an even better human being. I hope you embrace him. He will succeed.

  19. 3-4 with a HR and a double tonight. This piece (and especially some of the comments) didn’t age well.

  20. Ya’ll, Lux will be fine, but if you think that the Dodgers are going to be fine I’m not so sure. Leaving home-run Kenley Jansen as the blown saves leader when he hasn’t had “it” for almost two years now underlines the reality that Dodger management doesn’t get it. Verlander or Darvish, wrong.. Greinke vs Kolerek, really. I bleed as much Dodger Blue as anyone, but the top 3 WHIP pitchers in baseball are in Houston. And, the Yankee series two weekends ago tells me, if we get out of the NL and into the WS we’re going to get clobbered. I love the lineup, just wish that winning the WS was more important than staying under the luxery tax. Dave Dombrowski won a WS last fall and he’ll be unemployed for a NY minute. What did Friedman win? Adding a Felipe Vasquez at the deadline would have injected faith in the faithful, but it would have injected a feeling of inspiration in the clubhouse. It would have been worth trading, May and Lux to win a WS.. let’s all hope we get past the streaking ATL and StL and have a chance for Kenley to blow another lead in a WS game. Sad to see the tax lose us a third trip to the Classic. I’m not betting on it..

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