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Dodgers: Gavin Lux Receiving Intense Consideration for September Call-Up

The Dodgers are heavily considering promoting top prospect middle infielder Gavin Lux when rosters expand on September 1, according to Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic.

Rosenthal included a few words about the good problem the Dodgers have on their hands regarding Lux:

Lux, 21, is a name that pretty much every fan has heard by now. While the Dodgers boast one of the best all-around offenses in the sport, any additional help they can receive is obviously a boon.

While there is no immediate need for a middle infielder on the roster, there leaves little to no doubt that as a rookie, Lux could outperform players like Jedd Gyorko or Kiké Hernandez. His left-handed bat would also be added to an offense with a plethora of left-handed options, which could present playing time issues. Regardless, Lux could be making a tremendous impact for the Dodgers down the stretch.

While it was initially believed that Lux could go the Will Smith route — working out with the team in September while not being on the roster — he is potentially in line for an imminent promotion to the big leagues.

One executive inside of the Dodgers’ front office claimed the following in regards to Lux:

“He is still in our holster.”

Imagine Gavin Lux being added to an already explosive offense? Wow.

Gavin Lux has enjoyed a tremendous season across both Double-A Tulsa and Triple-A Oklahoma City, but his performance in the Pacific Coast League has been what is truly noteworthy. With Triple-A Oklahoma City, Lux has held an absurd .407/.493/.747 slash line through 44 games. He holds a 197 wRC+ and has crushed 12 home runs along the way.

Lux is a special player and could join a special team in the near future.

Daniel Preciado

My name is Daniel Preciado and I am 19 years old. I am a sophomore Sport Analytics major and Cognitive Science and Economics dual minor at Syracuse University. When I am not in New York, I live in Whittier, California --- not too far from Chavez Ravine. I am pretty old-school for being an analytics guy and I will always embrace debate. Also, Chase Utley did absolutely nothing wrong.


  1. Considering? OMG, what’s there to think about? This team couldn’t hit worse than they did against the Yankees. After that debacle Dodger fans would rather see anyone other than their own players suiting up. It wasn’t just against the Yankees, the warning signs were already there against the Braves. The biggest embarrassment was listening to ESPN announcers predicting the dumb Dodgers hitters. For example when Corey Seager was coming up Sunday against German, Jessica Mendoza said everyone in MLB knows Corey Seager is a first pitch swinging hitter, she said to watch Seager swing on the first pitch against German, sure enough German threw a low curve and Seager swung and miss, then we hear Alex Rodriguez laughing in the background (how stupid can you be Corey Seager?). After another and Seager was quickly down 0 and 2, Mendoza noted the count should have been 1 and 1, especially with runner on base, then she said look for the quick out, sure enough Seager struck swinging on three pitches. It just goes to show if a TV analyst had Corey Seager all figured out, and the Yankees scouting did their homework on Dodgers hitters, why didn’t Dodgers do their homework on the Yankees? Every Dodgers hitters was so predictable, no one worked the count, too many bad swings on first pitches, i.e. Britton got out of the 8th in just 5 pitches, are you kidding me? After all this was very disappointing series for Dodgers fans, the team didn’t come to this series mentally prepared, especially Dave Roberts, he was just going through the motions thinking the Yankees is just another team, yeah right.

  2. The dodgers front office especially Andrew Friedman are idiots. Ya they’ve won 6 division titles, 2 pennants. But Freidman is an idiot. There’s to much analytics, you still need to have a gut feeling, and Roberts just doesn’t have it he stays with the numbers all the time. That won’t get it done. And by the this hitting coach soyac what ever his name is has ruined batting. I still believe in batters that should hit line drives and bat for average and the big boys that should hit for power. When I Kiké and Chris Taylor take those huge swings it makes me vomit. These two idiots should be hitting 300 with maybe 10 hrs and 50 doubles and 20 stolen bases and higher on base percentage. Boy do mis the days tony Gwynn. Wade Boggs.

  3. Bring Lux up and bat him first and play second base. Nothing to consider here if you want to finally win the World Series. Both Pederson and Pollock should not be batting first.The FO should not be playing the major league service time game with Lux. With all the shifting that is done,Lux can be a serviceable second baseman under those conditions. Look how much Muncy has improved. Muncy back to first base when Lux is brought up. Has anyone watched Bellinger;s swing lately? He is stepping in the bucket with his front foot towards first base,front shoulder flying out and that is why he is late on fast balls he use to crush and also can’t reach the outside pitch. Why haven’t the Dodgers picked this up?

    1. I totally agree with Andy!!….Bring Lux up, play him at 2nd base and lead him off and move Muncy to 1st base….

  4. Lux should be brought up ASAP. Play him, as Andy F. stated, at second. Move Max to first. We need continued pop in the lineup. The Yankee lineup was deeper than ours. Every batter needs to be able to hit homers, and field well.. Red at third; Corey as short; Max at first; and Lux at second. Smith behind the plate. Belles in right; Verdugo in center; Joc or Pollock in left. Kiki is a sub; CT3 is a sub; Garlic and White are bye-bye. Why have big guns if your are not going to use them? Go Blue!!!!

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