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Dodgers: Gavin Lux Reflects On and Sums Up 2020 Season Struggles

The Dodgers have been incredibly successful at turning prospects into elite major leaguers in recent years. Gavin Lux was meant to be next in line last year, but some uncharacteristic struggles kept him from earning much playing time during the team’s World Series run.

As the team prepares for the new season, Lux has had some time to reset, and he seems to be focused much more on his future than his past. In a video conference with media on Tuesday night, Lux gave his thoughts on his less-than-stellar 2020 season.

Here’s more from the infielder.

It’s cliche, but it’s a learning experience. I mean, honestly, now it’s in the past and I’m not thinking about it. I’ve definitely moved forward, but it was a learning experience. It’s probably a good thing for my career to struggle early on, learn how to deal with it, learn how to deal with failure. So I think it was a good thing, honestly.

The amount of pressure on Gavin Lux heading into 2020 was almost unfair, especially after all of the successful debuts from top prospects in previous seasons. The expectations were sky-high, and anything less than perfection was bound to be seen as a disappointment.

With that being said, however, no one expected it to go quite as bad as it did for the rookie second baseman. After being a late arrival to Spring Training, Lux was never able to find a rhythm on the field, leading to an exclusion from the Opening Day roster. When he was called up, he hit a mere .175 over 19 games and still did not look completely comfortable. Whatever the reason for his struggles, he did not look like the former top prospect who was supposed to be the next big thing.

The potential is still there, and the hope is that a return to normalcy will help Gavin find his stroke again as the Dodgers head into the new year. Manager Dave Roberts has said all offseason that he plans on giving Lux a runway to playing time at second base in order to give him a chance to finally establish himself.

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If his Spring Training stats are any indication, Lux is seeing the ball better than he has in a long, long time. He’s batting .429 through 5 games and only has 2 strikeouts, even though he is tied for the team lead in at-bats. As long as Lux is productive, he should see the majority of the playing time at second base. If he can find anywhere near the productivity that he had in the minors, however, the Dodgers will truly have the deepest lineup in baseball.

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