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Dodgers: Gavin Lux Represents LA in The Show Tourney

The Dodgers’ Gavin Lux is more than just a power-hitting second baseman. The team’s number one prospect is also quite the gamer, and he will be taking his talents to a league-wide tournament. 

The gaming tournament is part of a charity effort that the league will be hosting. As part of the tournament, A Boys and Girls Club will receive $5,000 per player with an extra $25,000 going towards the winner’s club. One player from each team was selected to represent. 

Ty Buttrey was also selected as the Anaheim Angels’ representative. Lux has noted that he has been spending his time in the offseason play MLB: The Show, which is the game that they will be playing in the tournament. Dodgers fans should be able to watch their favorite prospect play live on Twitch where the games are supposed to be streamed. MLB and player Twitter accounts will have more information in the tournament as it is released. 

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