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Dodgers: Gavin Lux Talks Pressures of Playing For Postseason Spot

At just 21-years of age and a little under a month into a big league career, Gavin Lux is finding his way. Furthermore, he spent the first month in the bigs trying to play his way into a postseason roster spot for the two-time NL champions.

Now if that isn’t a pressure-packed first month on the job, I don’t know what is.

While his stock in the game is solidified for 2020 – Lux is rated the number two prospect in the game according to MLB Pipeline – he yearns for more. Of course, he wants to be part of a team that returns to the World Series.

With Bill Plunkett of the OC Register, he talks about what this whole experience is like for a young player.

In regards to the pressure, Lux acknowledges that of course it’s there. Simply, it’s just something he doesn’t keep at the forefront of his mind. Keeping the focus on helping the team win has been a help.

“It’s hard not to think about it. It’s hard to try not to press a little bit,” Lux said. “You want to impress people and you want to be a part of what happens in the postseason. You want to help the team win in the postseason and you feel like you can do that.

You just go out there and try to take care of your business. But at the end of the day it’s hard not to think about what could happen in the next couple weeks.”

Currently – or at season’s end we should say – Lux finished with a .240 average and .705 OPS. Certainly, it was a decent audition in his first cup of coffee as a big leaguer; and for a guy trying to be part of postseason baseball. The youngster says that there was a learning curve to a degree.

“I think it was just a little bit of an adjustment period, comfort period. Now I feel like I can just go out there and play and have fun and not worry about anything, not try to do too much.”

Obviously, Lux factors into the Dodgers short and long-term success in a big way. Without question, we project him to be part of the postseason roster announcement. And that’s when we will learn more about the skills and make-up of the 21-year old future star. When the lights shine the brightest.

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  1. Excuse me for being a fan of the Dodger Management. Look at next years starting players, Smith at catcher, Muncy (?) at 1st, Lux at 2nd, Seager as SS, Turner 3B and possibly subbed with Muncy and Beaty to keep fresh, Pollack in Right, Bellinger in Center and Verdugo in Left with Pederson, Beaty, Barnes or (?) as back up catcher, Kike and Taylor on bench.
    And yes it depends on how many guys are carried on the pitching side…
    Starting rotation of Kershaw, Buehler, Urias, Maeda (?) do they sign Ryu (?) or Gonsolin and May with Stripling, Ferguson also in line.
    BP of Jansen, Kelly, Sadler, Baez, and whichever young arm does not start like Gonsolin or May. May looks devastating in short relief throwing 98 plus.
    Dodgers should win the NL West for the foreseeable future with a Very young team. Its the NL West and NL’s worst nightmare. Turner and Pollock only older guys accept for Kershaw and he isn’t that old and looks to have rediscovered how to pitch with limited velocity with that devastating slider and curve.

  2. Your’e excused tmaxter, LOL but just kidding of course! Anyway right on about who will be on roster next year except I am not quite sure Dodgers would play Pollock in RF however.

    1. Paul I agree LF for Pollock my bad…I don’t think Pollock will see much of CF next year as Bellinger and Verdugo are both faster and have much better arms. Also Pollock is FRAGILE.
      He is a very good player when healthy but not healthy very often. He needs to be on a deep team like the Dodgers as he is on the IL alot.
      Do you think the Dodgers sign Ryu? I think they might as there is a very strong Dodger fan base in Korea Town and Ryu has incredible support there.
      I wonder if Taylor. Pederson or Kike get traded this coming Winter as I am sure the Dodgers have young guys waiting to fill those back up slots. Guys like Rios, Peters, Garland and others. Good news I read that Jeren Kendall may have finally addressed his hitting problem by working with Dodgers coaches and changing his stance. If he can ever learn to make contact the young man is a plus athlete with incredible speed and arm strength.

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