Dodgers: Gavin Lux vs. Chris Taylor, Who Should Replace the Injured Seager at Shortstop?

The past couple of games for the Dodgers have been a nice change. The storm that has been plaguing the team for more than a month may finally be over as the team is on a nice 4 game win streak. The offense is starting to click and the bullpen has been putting up some zeros.

But that storm may have left one last dark cloud behind. 

During Saturday’s game against the Marlins, shortstop Corey Seager was hit on the hand while at the plate. He was visibly in pain and eventually removed from the game as a precaution. Well, that precaution has now turned into a trip to the injured list. Losing Seager for an extended period of time is yet another huge blow, especially as he was starting to heat up in his last 7 games.

The big question now is who will replace the 27-year-old at shortstop for the time being, Chris Taylor or Gavin Lux?

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Both are natural shortstops who were shifted to new positions upon their arrival. Taylor would be the obvious choice to take over duties on the left side of the infield as he is a far better fielder than Lux. Be that as it may, the loss of AJ Pollock leaves another hole to fill in the outfield as well. Matt Beaty and Luke Raley may be enough to hold down left field for now, but that would leave DJ Peters as the likely candidate to take over center field or right if the Dodgers were to shift Mookie over.

Would giving more playing time to an overmatched Peters or Raley be ideal? Probably not. Notably, Cody Bellinger is likely returning in the next week or two. 

As frightening as the fielding or throwing errors that Lux could commit at the position are, it opens up the possibility to insert Albert Pujols into the lineup more than expected. With Lux moving over to short, Max Muncy could shift to second and Pujols could fill in at first. Yes, his defense is a liability with his inability to really run and cover ground, yet he still has some pop in his bat despite struggling with the Angels this season.

If the Dodgers rather not do that, then Matt Beaty could be another option to handle duties at first. After all. he undeniably needs more playing time.

Final Thoughts

Although Taylor may be the more favorable choice to most, Lux should get the chance to handle the position, at least for now. His future may end up being there after this season if the team can’t retain either Seager or Taylor. With the hopeful return of Zach McKinstry and Bellinger in the next week, Lux’s tenure at short may not last too long before Taylor can help split the time there.

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  1. Chris Taylor should play short and Lux should play 2b. Eventually I think we should move Seager to a corner infield position because of his size and range defensively.

  2. IMHO I would put Lux over @ short for now and maybe for the future in case we lose CS5 to FA’cy. Try giving Lux the runway to see he can build the confidence in being an everyday shortstop until he drastically falters. I also like CT3 @ short but he’s so versatile, he is much more valuable playing any position on any day and in any in- game switches. You would want a whole game stability @ shortstop as he is the keystone in the defense. Lux is only a 2 position guy while CT3 is a valuable multi- player that DR needs to navigate through trying times.

  3. Pujols at first, Muncy at second, Lux at short, Taylor in outfield with Raley and Neuse on the bench. No matter how much Pujols has slowed down he is still a better bet to get a hit than either Raley or Neuse

    1. Muncy is a defensive liability that is why he plays 1b. Muncy will play 1b. Pujols will give him rest and hopefully be that anchor hitter we need to shore up injuries and offense. Taylor and Lux at Short and 2b.

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