Dodgers Get Good News on Dustin May’s Injured Foot

Dodgers fans hoping for some good news may finally be getting some today. After Dustin May took a line drive off of his foot in Arizona, it looked like he might be in a bit of trouble. The x-rays taken on his foot were listed as inconclusive, leaving many to wonder how bad it was. 

The Dodgers decided to go with a full CT scan per Dave Roberts, to reveal the severity. Roberts announced to media on Saturday afternoon that the scan revealed that there was not a fracture in the foot, a huge step in the right direction

May not having a fracture in his foot was described as the best-case scenario for the Dodgers and Dave Roberts. They will closely monitor his progress and the swelling over the next few days to figure out how they want to proceed. While a trip to the injured list is still possible, it seems like that he will be ready to go by October. 

May will likely start to throw flat-grounds within the next couple of days if everything progresses as they hope. The Dodgers do not have a day off until September 21st, their last off-day of the regular season. 

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