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Dodgers: Giants Suffer Big Blow, Why LA is Still Favorited to Win World Series

The Dodgers, who despite having the second-best record in MLB at 101-56 and are currently in second place in their division behind the Giants, have remained the odds-on favorite to win the World Series this year at +300. Per Fangraphs, the Dodgers’ odds of winning the NL West have dropped to a season-low of 16.8% but still has them as the favorites to win the Fall Classic at 19.3%.

We discuss why the Dodgers are still the favorites to win the 2021 World Series and become the first National League team to win back-to-back world championships since the Cincinnati Reds from (1975-76). Plus, why Dodgers fans can take comfort in the fact that Max Scherzer dominated their likely Wild Card game opponent, the St. Louis Cardinals, back in early September.

Next, heading down the final stretch as we enter the last week of regular season play, the Dodgers find themselves 2 games back in the NL West with 6 to play. We discuss what the Dodgers need to do to either force a game 163 or win the division outright. Plus, the Giants suffered a big blow after their most productive slugger, Brandon Belt, was placed on the IL with a fractured thumb.

WATCH: Giants Suffer Big Blow, Why Dodgers Are Still Favorites to Win World Series, Scherzer Will Save LA!

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Doug McKain

Doug McKain is a lifelong Dodger fan and hosts Dodgers Nation’s “DNpostgame” show online. He also hosts Dodgers DougOut and the LA Sports Report on YouTube. DMAC is also a rabid Lakers fan, and lover of all Los Angeles sports.


  1. With this offense that’s been anemic, there most likely won’t be a WS appearance. Dodgers must face the fact that Giants will win the division and Dodgers will play that one and done game a me against a team that’s won 17 straight. The offense such as it is is what will keep Dodgers from getting to the WS.

    1. With such great pitching, there will be another World Series appearance by the Dodgers. Scherzer at home will beat the cards.

        1. He’s got a week to rest up and get ready. He’ll be ready, as will the Dodgers. They will win the WC, beat the gnats and win the NLCS to get to the WS!

    2. Anemic teams don’t win over 100 games in the regular season. The fact of the matter is that the Dodgers will go back to back this year. Because we as fans deserve a parade.

    3. I believe you got the last part of you UN wrong. Shouldn’t it be PauldodgerFATALIST1965? Did you see our 5 bombs in 1 an 1/3 innings there Paul. … or are you just another Giant troll? Did you hear the Giants lost Bell there best hitter there Paul? Do your homework Boomer!

      1. the big picture will show the Dodgers getting healthy while the gnats are leaking at the seams. we’ll beat them in the NLDS!

  2. Upon our pre-mature elimination I’ll be going for the Braves or Brewers in this tournament. Those are two franchises I wouldn’t get sick watching win a championship. Please don’t let it be SF, STL, HOU, BOS or NY

    1. The Dodgers have not yet lost the Division although chances of winning it are slim, as in very slim. But if, in the absence of a miracle, we lose the Division, the Dodgers still have an opportunity to win that WC game against the Cards. Now if we are eliminated in the WC game, I can tolerate most teams winning the Championship, but a matchup between the Astros and the Giants would be the most amusing for me to watch…

      In the interim, Go Dodgers!

      1. If you don’t want to see certain teams, well, you can’t really complain. No one is beating them. The good teams will always be in some contention. Tell the other 27 teams to do their jobs

    2. Don, why will the cards beat the Dodgers? Not gonna happen. Scherzer at home will beat the cards.

  3. I’d like to be hopeful and optimistic as a fan. But I agree with your observation Paul. In the last 1-2 months, the Dodgers scoring have been limited by good opposing pitching resulting in losses that’s now relegating them to the risky one-and-done WC game vs the hot Cards. The 2-1 win last night vs a slumping Yu Darvish and the Padres illustrate the anemic scoring. Scherzer will have to be near perfect in the WC game vs Wainwright who beat the Dodgers in St Louis last time he faced them.

    1. Exactly, BlueMaxx. ‘m hoping for next year this one and done WC format is changed. No team with 100+ wins should have to see their whole years worth of work come down to just a do or die game but that’s where Dodgers are headed this year.

    2. funny I read Scherzer beat the cards last time he pitched against them. and also the Dodgers beat Wainwright the last time they faced him. anyway, Scherzer at home will beat the cards and on to the NLDS we go to face an injured gnats team. Dodgers will return to the World Series

        1. fyi Paul – the Dodgers host the Wild card game here in LA. Doncha think Scherzer will beat the cards in LA?

    1. winning >100games is trouble? Dodger ownership is the best in baseball. Name another trade where a team gave up 4 minor leaguers for the Cy Young winner, and Batting crown winner? c’mon JR!

  4. Giants will win the division and the Dodgers will end up in the wildcard game against St Louis.

      1. This is exactly why I keep saying #firedaveroberts . His stupid decision making will cost us the division.

      2. Last night Dodgers won and again the pitching showed why this team will advance deep into October.

        1. That was a great game last night. Weneed to keep this up if we want to make it far in the postseason.

          1. except it won’t be like that. they’ll be mostly low-scoring games with a few clutch hits. Pitching will win the NL title. and with 3 Cy Young candidates, the Dodgers will win it all. a great team just 2 games back of a team NO ONE thought they’d be there at the end. after beating the cards at home with Scherzer on the bump, we’ll take care of the gnats in the NLDS.

  5. If just ONE of Muncy, Taylor, Betts, or JTurner starts hitting like they are capable, the runs will come. Seager, TTurner, Pollock, and Luz are doing well but we need extended rallies. We’re favored because, once past the WC, no one can match the starting rotation and #1 ranked bullpen. Other mediocre hitting teams have gone all the way on pitching. Brewers, for example, could do it this year.

    1. I agree. With Scherzer on the mound at Dodger Stadium, no one is going to beat him. Dodgers win the Wild Card and then play the gnats missing their 2 best hitters on the IL. Pitching and defense wins Championships

  6. I’m thinking the Dodgers will advance and beat the Cards because the Cards haven’t exactly been seeing any pitching as good as Scherzer. The vagiants losing Belt was not really that big a loss as they have 2-3 guys that will just step in and hit doubles anyways. The Brewers will play the Vagiants after the Vagiants bunt and steal bases anytime they want against DRRRRRRRRRRR’s pathetic defensive catching and lack of hitting. American League I see it coming down to the Rays and White sox. La rusa is a brilliant manager and will out manage the rays and end up in the series against the Brewers….As the vagiants don’t have the power to over come the Brewers starters and relievers. The Brewers hit the ball as well as the vagiants..

    1. you got the WC correct. Dodgers win that with Scherzer at the ravine. Dodgers will beat the gnats 3 games out of 5, and go on to win another World Series

        1. it sure beats what I am SEEING on this board. and while many have been bemoaning all season doc, belli, etc, the Dodgers have had a great year by any count, so its the Debbie-downers on this board that are BLIND

  7. I prefer to live in the real world. The Dodgers are not the rational favorites to win it all, although they certainly could, and I hope they do. Buehler looked good last night, after looking less than stellar in September. We need Sherzer, Buehler, and Urias to be in winning form to have a shot, and Buehler and Urias have never thrown anywhere near the pitches they have thrown this year, and will throw in the postseason, hopefully. Normally pitching wins in the postseason. But you have to have a minimum level of hitting and run production. Right now the lack of offense is the biggest concern. We have Mookie and T Turner for small ball runs, but we are are giving our pitchers almost zero margin for error. The offense needs to have a breakout.

    1. The real world says the Dodgers are still the favorites to repeat as WS Champions. They are the rational favorites to win it all.

    2. When the gambling people say they are the odds on favorites to win, then you can bet (see what I did there?) that the Dodgers have the best chance of winning. They try their best not to lose money and are very motivated to get those odds correct, or dat’s dere azz.

      Still 16% is 16%. There is no way to predict the winners, except in the case of the Astros, but then they still almost lost, although in the end, cheaters do, in fact, prosper.

  8. I agree that the Dodgers are the rational favorites to win it all, but the continued success of this 2021 regular season’s (magical) SF Giants, seems to defy all rationale.

    1. the gnats are on fumes for sure and probably win the division, BUT they lost 2 of their big hitters. we’ll beat em 3 out of 5 in the NLDS, after beating the cards at home.

  9. Dodgers will not only not win the NL West but will be beaten by the Cardinals in the one game wildcard playoff.

  10. I’m pretty sure, the Dodgers will beat the Red Birds, with Shertzer on the mound at Dodger Stadium, but Roberts has to make better decisions , when he goes to the Bullpen, and with the Lineup, against the Birds. Hopefully Lux is ready. And will beat the Vagiants, 3, of 5. Going to the W.S.

  11. The Dodgers have been and always will somehow…be able to perform Miracles. Collective energy actually does work. Believing is necessary. There is no one reading this who doesn’t think that the Dodgers are going to somehow lose this. Think about it.

    1. Really? cause the energy was bad last night after Scherzer and Graterol tanked. But then it was good when the team showed some life. The athletes on the field control the game

      1. Really? If the athletes on the field control the game, why is the Manager blasted all the time? Is the Manager on the field? Is the Manager striking out, making errors,…?

  12. No matter what Dodgers standings this elimination rounds as long they will win the 2021 WORLD SERIES Championship.. Go go go LA Dodgers…!!!

  13. The 2021 Dodgers have the most talent for a Dodger team ever, maybe close to the most talent for any MLB team, ever. 9 position players have been All-Stars [Pollack, Bellinger, Betts, Taylor, J. Turner, Seager, T. Turner, Muncie, Smith], two of whom have been MVPs [Bellinger, Betts]. 3 pitchers have won Cy Young awards [Kershaw, Scherzer, Price]. 3of the starters will be in the top five for Cy Young this year [Urias, Scherzer and Buehler]. Hall of Famer closer [Jansen]. First ballot Hall of Famer pitch hitting [Pujols] True, many of these players are past their prime, but the front office and ownership are due a lot of respect for putting together so much talent on one team. This is the peak for talent, maybe ever, as they will lose some players in free agency and don’t have anything to match the losses coming up from the minor leagues, with only Dustin May coming back after the All Star break to help out. It is a shame they have to play one game to get into the real playoffs. Roberts’ poor decision making cost them several wins and the Division Championship.

  14. Can anyone explain why DR is starting CT3 in left field instead of Pollock, who is hitting up a storm, while CT3 mostly strikes out, and even worse, takes called 3d strikes so often?

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