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Dodgers GM Reveals Team and Justin Turner Are Exploring ‘Different’ Contract

It’s clear the team wants to bring back Justin Turner, but the question remains for how much they’d be willing to bring him back and how much Turner will be inclined to return for. Turner has publicly said he’d be open to a return to the Mets, but of course this came at the heels of Turner being uncertain with what the team wanted to do with him.

A lot has changed in just a couple of days with Andrew Friedman being very vocal of bringing Turner back and now general manager Brandon Gomes backed up Friedman’s words. Both Friedman and Gomes would love to see Turner back in a Dodgers uniform in time for Spring Training.

Turner is currently owed $16 million if he were to opt into his option which is a bit more expensive than the Dodgers would’ve hoped. The Dodgers have some more questions to answer leading up into the 2023 season and with Turner getting paid $16 million that could throw a wrench in bringing back a player like Trea Turner.

Fortunately for Turner, he has the organization by his side as they continue to work through the smaller details and figure out a middle ground. Chances are fans would also love to see Turner back who was an All-Star just one year ago and still made a huge impact in the middle of the batting order.

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  1. I’m not one who tends to get emotionally involved with players. Produce or let’s find the next guy who can. But I think Turner has done so much for the Dodgers and the local community he deserves to go out (as much as Kershaw) as a Dodger. I hope they can work it out.

  2. Justin still has the eye on the ball. He connects against premier pitchers when others whiff. He hits long and short but he knows how to get on base. The Dodgers forgot that getting on base is what advances teams, especially during the playoffs. Bunts, walks, hit by pitched balls count big time but egos take control.

  3. Just bring him back….whatever it takes. Keep him as long as he produces and then keep him as a coach. Too valuable all around to let him walk.

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