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Dodgers: Go Behind the Scenes of Clayton Kershaw’s Skechers Commercial

What better way to celebrate the return of Kershaw Day than by going behind the scenes of one of his commercials, right? The Dodgers southpaw recently starred in a commercial for his shoe brand, and you won’t want to miss his goofy outtakes. 

Kershaw signed on with Sketchers as his exclusive shoe last season. The Dodgers ace had previously been known to wear Under Armour cleats on the field before making the switch. Kershaw talked about the change over recently. 

When I signed on with Skechers last year, I knew we would be doing something fun that fans would enjoy. This new campaign hits the mark. A lot has changed since all sports shut down earlier this year. While I’ve missed playing, seeing the fans, and realizing this season will be different, I’m excited to be back on the mound in my new custom Skechers cleats and representing the brand with a sense of humor. We could all use more smiles right now.

And boy is he right, could we ever use more smiles in our lives. Check out the behind the scenes with the Dodgers star here. 

If you want to check out the full commercial with the Dodgers’ Kershaw, you can check it out below. The ad is for the recently released Skechers Stretch Fit. 

Clayton Kershaw is set to make his debut for the Dodgers this Sunday against Arizona. He was set to make his debut this year on Opening Day before a back injury shut him down. 

Dodgers News: Recovered from Back Issue, Clayton Kershaw Set to Make 2020 Debut

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  1. The Skechers commercial has a little better tone that the other Kershaw one – for Hankook Tires. Given Kershaw’s recent history with long balls, it seemed odd that Hankook one would feature someone clubbing a Kershaw pitch out of Chavez and into a sandlot miles away. I like the image of Kershaw in a suit of armor better. 🙂

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