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Dodgers Going With a Bullpen Game On Friday in Milwaukee

The struggling Dodgers are not going to be getting a break heading into this weekend. After back-to-back series losses against the Padres and Reds, Los Angeles has to face the Brewers in Milwaukee. 

The Dodgers also sound like they are going a little unconventionally in their approach. The probably for the 4-games series are listed as Trevor Bauer, TBD, Dustin May, and Julio Urias. Dave Roberts revealed on Wednesday afternoon that they were leaning towards a bullpen game

Doc also said that the team was not sure at this point which reliever would open that game. That is dependent on how the Dodgers go through the final game against the Reds on Wednesday and the first game against the Brewers on Thursday. 

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For Dodgers fans, it’s not exactly ideal to have the bullpen throwing throughout the game. Relievers have been one of the biggest holes in the team in the early part of the season. So to expect them to throw 9 innings is slightly unnerving. 

The Dodgers do have a few guys on the team that can go multiple innings. Jimmy Nelson could potentially go 2, while Dennis Santana is another option to eat 2 innings. Aside from those 2 guys, they don’t currently have the typical multiple innings guys available. 

Mitch White is someone who can take on the load of 2 innings but he’s currently on the COVID. The Dodgers could pull him off at any time as he recovers from getting his vaccine shot. 

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  1. I don’t get it. I know these guys are smarter than me but starting pitching has been their only strength lately and no one’s hurt. The bull pen, on the other hand, has been wiped out by injury.

    1. Bum4ever, I don’t get it either because the starting pitching is the ONLY saving grace on this team right but that’s Robrrts for ya, mis managing thou art a jewel as far as he’s concerned.

    2. I’m with you here Bum. Even with Gonsolin injured we have a deep starter pool, and they have all looked good. When we got Bauer, my first reaction was that we were loaded for the postseason My second reaction was thank God, no more bullpen games. And yet here we are, doing it again. It makes no sense. I have never like bullpen games. If Nelson starts a game and doesn’t get bombed, just leave him in there. Let him throw 5 or 6 innings. Let’s see if he has what it takes to be a starter. Or do it with someone else, like Price. But why wear out your bullpen. The bullpen hasn’t looked great. Throw enough of them and somebody is going to get lit up.

  2. Teams that go through untimely periods of injuries have the chance to bond closer and become even better.

  3. We have to protect our Starting pitching Kershaw is no longer a youngster, Buehler and Urias have injury history and peak my concern. I would like to see Jimmy Nelson Start then go to Mitchell White as a bulk guy but thats just me

  4. Hey, its worth a shot. Maybe it will wake up some of the underachievers in the bullpen.

  5. Why can’t the starters pitch on regular rest! It’s not like they’ve gone thru the rotation 5 or 6 times and need a rest. Any of them could go a couple more starts. And so why not wait until they have Gonsolin or Price or White to use as a 6th starter, why now against a good team!!

  6. Look back on any comments or stories from 2016 through present day. See a pattern? Can’t hit with runners in scoring position! Can’t/won’t bunt! Can’t steal a base! I think I remember Chase Utley & David Freese addressing this when they arrived!! For this to go on for this many seasons is a culture problem. Changes need to be made. Front office needs a G.M.! Let Friedman manage the contracts & contracts only, not the game! Need coaches who can teach the fundamentals of the game!!

  7. This puzzling decision made 4 days back has now put the team in the perilous position of relying on the offense to win games during the current road trip while it’s mired in a team-wide slump. Roberts and the entire FO – who made about every decision in 2020 right – are playing it a little cute and need – like the rest of the team – to be better.

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