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Dodgers Have Shifted Focus to Former Giant Madison Bumgarner

After the news broke that Gerrit Cole signed with the Yankees for a 9 year deal worth $324 Million, Ken Rosenthal tweeted out some salt for the wounded amongst Dodgers Nation:

The 30-year-old former rival from San Francisco has reportedly been looking for a nine figure contract of his own and there have been rumors that teams like the Braves and Cardinals have been some of the suitors. We all know Rosenthal is as credible as they come and this information all makes sense since the Dodgers are down two starting pitchers after this past season.

Hyun-Jin Ryu is 33 years old and is a Scott Boras agent looking for a ton of money. The Angels need someone of his caliber on their staff and have a history of over-paying. Moreover, Anaheim took some steps to clear payroll on Tuesday in an attempt to become serious players on the free agent market.

This is where Bumgarner to LA starts to make sense.

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This looks to be a pretty polarizing situation for Dodger Fans to consider:

Over the weekend our Wyatt Asher asked the question “what would happen if LA signed MadBum?” The hypothetical now enters the window of possibility. 

What’s your take on the Dodgers shift in focus?

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  1. There shouldn’t be any Dodger fan that was truly expecting a Cole signing. Let’s get that out of the way. There shouldn’t be any Dodger fan that was truly expecting the next thing out would be Mad Bum was of interest to the Dodgers. Are you serious?
    Muncy and everyone team emergency meeting! Puig’s gone so that solves some of the problem, but really?
    IF, and that’s a big IF, there’s any truth to this. All though he has regressed, could he be the key to the post season? Kinda just threw up in my mouth.

  2. A change of scenery may be what he needs. I don’t like him; but he could resurrect his career in LA. Just wonder what Dodger players would think. Max? Hmmmm. Much as I would like Ryu back if the other top 2 are gone, he still has had a checkered past with injuries. But back to Cole.
    That is ridiculous.

  3. mad bum is a big game pitcher and has been great in the post season i would try and sign him if i was the dodgers

    1. Go ahead and get Madbum. But you can’t pay Cole or Strasburg dollars for him. If the price is too high, let the Angels have him. They paid a fortune to Albert Pujols, as his career was in decline. But I like Madbums competitiveness. Maybe we could shift him to the closer spot.

  4. Bumgarner 17th most innings pitched among active players. That arm’s gonna fall off anytime.

  5. Really Madison washed up Bumgarner
    Answer to all our prayers to get us to a Championship team?
    Are you serious
    Get real

  6. He’s done at 30,Injuries plus loosing speed on his fastball.Why spend money on a washed up pitcher who’s injury prone and a hated rival.Both May and Gonsolin are better than him we Don’t need him period,let somebody else waste the money.

    1. Louis, I understand what you are saying here. The only thing I can tell you is as of now, this Dodger rotation (nothing against May or Gonsolin) is NOT I repeat NOT October worthy of winning 3 PS series in order to win a ring. This is not to say I am all for signing Bum either.

  7. So after Bumgarner signs with the Angels, or the Astros or the Red sox, I’m sure Friedman will say he was ALL IN on Bum also. I’d sure love to play Poker with Friedman. I’d call and raise him a nickel , then watch him fold every time. Hello 34 years………………………………….

    1. Ya know something Kirk, you are probably right here. But recall what I said before these meetings began, that Freidman and Co. will leave on Thursday completely empty handed solving nothing.

  8. Juan Marichal once pitched for the Dodgers and he did more that just taunt the Dodgers, he actually hit John Roseboro with his bat. Dusty Baker, Brett Butler Jeff Kent and even Orel Hershiser and Duke Snyder played for both the Dodgers and Giants so it’s not like it hasn’t been done before. Now, should they sign the Bum to a 9 figure/5 years contract is the real question. I don’t think so for some of the reasons already mentioned. I would rather the FO sign Rendon, and if they are out on Ryu, then make a trade for another starter. If the FO doesn’t feel Urias, May, etc aren’t up to the challenge then do it the old fashioned way, trade them for someone that is. BTW – what happened to the trade for Cory Kluber and others from Cleveland?

  9. Acquiring MadBum is analagous to the Dodgers trying to trade Jackie Robinson to the Giants in 1956. Jackie, of course, had the good sense to retire. MadBum does not belong on the Dodgers. And, like Paul wrote above, if anyone believed we would acquire top-tier talent as per Roberts pronouncement, you are sadly mistaken. Go Blue!!!

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