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Dodgers: Hernandez & Bellinger Still Getting Work Done Together Amid Shutdown

It’s not every day a Major League ballplayer has to find ways to fill his time during April. By now, they’re usually two months into the season and fully in the swing of things. That would certainly be the case for the Dodgers’ Cody Bellinger and Kiké Hernandez.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 changed up everything, and now the two have to find ways to stay in game shape. The two are hitting twice a week together in the cages along with hitting coach Brant Brown. Hernandez, in an interview with LA Times, said that he is very grateful to have Brown around.

Brownie’s always willing to work. He’s a lab rat for the cage and we’re lucky to have him here. Otherwise, we’d just buy a net and hit off a tee, I guess.

Hernandez has also spent a lot of time at home hitting off of a machine that he rigged up. The machine shoots different colored golf-ball-sized plastic balls as a vision drill. That’s where Dodgers players find themselves these days, trying to stay sharp. And as strange as it all is, Hernandez is ready to get back to work.

At the end of the day, we were put in a weird situation, weird circumstance, but we would [give] people something to look forward to. They’re stuck at home all day. Might as well watch live baseball and cheer from home. And hopefully they cheer so loud we can hear them at the stadium.

The truth of the matter is no one knows for sure when baseball will return. Hernandez addresses the idea that baseball could be played in Arizona, only saying that it could be hard on his wife. Other Dodgers players have issued similar sentiments. Whatever the case, baseball needs to get back soon. We all miss it far too much.


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