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Dodgers Hiring Minor League Mental Health Coordinator

The Dodgers are taking a step forward with their prioritization of the mental health aspects of their players in the farm system. According to multiple sources, the Dodgers are hiring a minor league mental health coordinator.

The Dodgers released a small statement regarding their reasoning for advancing mental health awareness:

“As part of MLB’s Mental Health Initiative, this position will support efforts in mental health awareness, destigmatize mental health challenges…and ensure that those in need receive proper care and assistance.”

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The Dodgers have had a plethora of players in the past decade admit to dealing with personal mental health issues and this type of position could assist people like them. Mental health issues are real and there are undoubtedly many players who deal with them across the league. This type of position will assist all professional athletes to not be hampered by their mental health and instead enable them to reach their utmost potential at potentially the big league level.

According to the announcement, the minor league health coordinator will be responsible for providing numerous services to Dodgers players to comply with MLB mental health initiatives. These will include creating paths for players to comply with rules regarding therapeutic use exemptions, drug use, domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, and suicide prevention.

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Daniel Preciado

My name is Daniel Preciado and I am 19 years old. I am a sophomore Sport Analytics major and Cognitive Science and Economics dual minor at Syracuse University. When I am not in New York, I live in Whittier, California --- not too far from Chavez Ravine. I am pretty old-school for being an analytics guy and I will always embrace debate. Also, Chase Utley did absolutely nothing wrong.


  1. I’m all for it but they should also hire the best sports psychologist for Kershaw Seager and Bellinger maybe they’ll actually perform in October. When your stars aren’t stars you won’t win it all

  2. If a player is involved in domestic violence, sexual assault, or child abuse, I think the best way to handle it, is to contact law enforcement, and immediately fire him, as part of a morals clause that should be written into every contract. If he’s not already in jail you could give him the name of a local psychiatrist. I have to admit, I thought Julio Urias should have been dumped after his domestic violence arrest. It’s good to help people, but that includes actual and potential victims of violence. And that means a zero tolerance policy for violence, especially domestic violence.

  3. Don, maybe they need to have some professionals to explain to the farm guys, ” we do things against everything you have ever been taught” we sit you down when you get hot. We never hit and run, suicide squeeze, safety squeeze! We like to bat our 230 avg outfielder lead off even if he’s slow! We hit homers around here, strikeouts are o.k. as long as you swing for the bleachers! And most of all, even if your intimidated in your rookie call ups, just remember we passed up on a lot of all star veteran players because we feel you are ready to knock Sherzer, Straw and Cole off the mound!!! Now go getem Tiger!!

    1. Another thing they’ve done is bench a guy when he’s just breaking out of a slump because of a matchup. There are certain instances where you have to throw the analytics out the window and the Dodgers either don’t care or have no clue how to recognize those instances, and in the playoffs you need to throw out the regular season metrics completely at times like against WSH last year when certain guys weren’t hitting whatsoever they needed to be sat and try your luck with the supposed elite depth we have. It doesn’t matter how great you were during the season because there’s no time to wait it out in a 5 game series, the way certain guys looked, any replacement couldn’t have done any worse

    1. Its really a bummer that Toles has these issues from what I’ve heard. He was a gamer, type of player we need.

  4. You guys are sad! Here’s an article about how the Dodger organization is leading the way in caring and helping young athletes and all you can do is push your negativity and sarcasm!
    Look around you! You epitomize what’s wrong in society today, you are not pointing out problems, you ARE the problem! Wise up! Try to see the good in things around you and build them up. You only tear yourselves and those around you down by your bitterness, try being an encourager, that’s a way better way to address problems than to sp it at them.

    1. Thank you Dan for that heartwarming speech! I’ll take your advice and try to look at this team for what they are not, rather what they are. And start lying to myself and others for the sake of the world! Of course you do know negative perception is all based on ones outlook of the overall forecast of events both past and present right? Yours may be if ticket prices, parking,concessions merchandise all rise you may find it in a positive light. Myself, not so much. 7 straight titles may be positive for you with no titles, me? Not so much. 33 years for one of the most storied franchises to fail? Not so impressive. I see the world as gray, not that there isn’t sugar pops and candy around every corner, but reality and euphoria are sometimes instrumental in determining what’s positive or negative. And this current regime we all love needs to hear the reality of their consumers.

  5. I think this great, but they need to start w / stan , fudman & rogers,MAYBE that brain medicine will help the stupid thngs they do and dont do

    1. Looks to me Jim its just another write off …..My question is what about the mental health of the fans that have been waiting 33 years? Do we count? Because money ball is extremely depressing!

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