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Dodgers History: Justin Turner Home Run Breaks Franchise Monthly Record

The Dodgers lost 3-1 on Friday night to the Colorado Rockies, but history was made. In the ninth inning with two outs, Justin Turner came to the plate against Rockies closer Wade Davis. In June, the Dodgers had homered an astounding 53 times. Still, they would need one more homer to break the franchise all-time record that was set last June.

The perfect player was at the plate to create some new Los Angeles Dodgers history. With Charlie Steiner on the call, enjoy a new Dodgers record:

In this case, several Dodgers had a major hand in the team breaking this record. Joc Pederson and Max Muncy became the first pair of Dodgers to each homer ten times in a month.

Equally important, Cody Bellinger added another eight. Kikè Hernandez tallied six. Furthermore, a number of other players had great months to make this record possible.

When you think about the rich history of the Dodgers franchise – this could be the mark of a special offensive team. The month that kicked off the summer of 2018 is one that won’t be forgotten. Forever etched in time in the record books. And there remains one more game to add to the record.


Obviously, it would have been ideal if this home run would have come in a win. But baseball has it’s own plans most of the time. This has been an incredible month, and the team’s power surge has coincided with their season turning around. This was a trend we picked up on early in the month, and it’s now almost run into July. One would think that a team that is capable of setting such a record could achieve great heights in the grand scheme. We will have to wait and see how this plays out – and what the final scroll holds for the 2018 Dodgers. This was merely a chapter in the storybook, albeit an exciting one for the fans to enjoy.

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  1. Of all the home runs the Dodgers hit in June, how many were hit with men on base? With all the Dodger bombs, the gas-cans in the bull pen managed to blow game after game. I imagine that Sandy Koufax in his 80’s might go as deep into a game as these “starters” are. Pitchers us to throw 25-30 complete games a year, now a whole pitching staff might throw a dozen.

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