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Dodgers Hot Stove: Ken Rosenthal Adds to Freddie Freeman to LA Rumors

In the spirit of a momentary pause from MLB lockout talk, let’s fire up the baseball hot stove. For those that forgot, the “hot stove” was a wonderful, exciting time that predated the troubling events of December 1st. Free agents could sign new deals, players could be traded, hell, teams could even communicate with their current major league players. People talked about World Series favorites, not the competitive balance tax. What a world! Regardless, the biggest flame on the hot stove burner was, and still is, Freddie Freeman.

The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal, one of the most well-connected baseball reporters in the industry, affirmed that the Dodgers signing Freeman is a distinct possibility. Rosenthal explained on an episode of AM570’s Dodger Talk with David Vassegh.

“The chances of him leaving are greater than they’ve ever been and, it’s real. He, I believe, will leave for the right offer… I would think that if the Dodgers want Freddie Freeman, they’ve got a real shot at it, I do believe – with the right offer.”

Rosenthal is far from the first reporter, or writer, to dish on the Freeman-to-LA chatter, but he is one of the preeminent voices in the baseball media sphere.

Rosenthal’s perspective on Freeman aligns with that of Atlanta Hall-of-Famer Chipper Jones. Earlier this year, Jones chipped that the slugger is “probably a little frustrated” with the Braves front office.

According to reports, Freeman is seeking a six-year deal. Agents around the league doubt that Dodgers team president Andrew Friedman will sign the 32-year-old Freeman to a long term contract.

Rosenthal points to the three-year contract that Friedman gave Justin Turner last winter as evidence of the Dodgers committing major money to a position player on the wrong side of 30.

“I know he’s an older guy in baseball terms, 31, 32 [years old]. The Dodgers, like all teams, ‘Oh my gosh we can’t sign someone at that age’, but they did it with Justin Turner. Freddie Freeman still looks like a pretty darn good player and I think he still will be for the next few years.”

Whenever the hot stove fires back up, Freeman-to-LA will be front and center. 

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