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Dodgers: Houston Manager Blames Los Angeles For Tension Between Teams

The Houston Astros cheated during 2017, I don’t think any reasonable person is going to debate that. That much was proven by the commissioner’s office and the team was punished accordingly. So for the Dodgers to still be a little upset by that seems more than reasonable. 

Unfortunately, Houston manager Dusty Baker doesn’t quite feel the same way. Despite having just shown up this year, Baker said on Tuesday that the Dodgers are responsible for the tension. The Astros have already let it go in his mind, even though it’s not really theirs to let go.

If you’re wondering how the Dodgers are to blame here, join the club. Even with cheating, it took the Astros seven games to steal a World Series from Los Angeles. That’s not even mentioning that it would have been their first World Series since 1988. 

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At the same time, you have to figure that Dusty is in a true no-win situation. He manages the Astros, so he’s got to defend his team until the very end. That doesn’t change the fact that Dodgers fans are going to trash on him for the comment though. Dusty played with Los Angeles for eight seasons from 1976 to 1983. 

The funny thing is, his comments came just a few hours before the Dodgers and Astros had a benches-clearing incident. In that particular incident, it sure felt like the Astros were the ones holding some tension. 

The Dodgers will play one more game in Houston before heading to Arizona for a four-game series. Dustin May will get the ball on Wednesday to try and take the series win. This is the first time since the 2017 World Series that the Dodgers have been back in Houston. 

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  1. Bakers comment is actually true. The Dodgers should have some tension(anger) at the Stros and we all expected it to come out in this game. I just wish I could have seen Kelly go after it Correa. And during the incident I saw Pollock being held back! Fyi, neither Kelly or Pollock were on the 2017 team that got cheated out of a WS ring.

  2. Dusty Baker needs to be pointing his finger at HIS TEAM THE CHEATERS!!! Is Dusty Baker for real? And who does he think he is kidding?? Dusty Baker you need a reality check!!!! Wake up and smell the coffee and you call yourself a PROFESSIONAL…You are far from it.You and what you call a team THE CHEATERS need to look in your OWN backyard and STOP POINTING FINGERS at Our Dodgers!! The Dodgers did nothing wrong and YOU KNOW IT!! And can you blame Our Dodgers for their frustration!!!!! DUSTY BAKER IF YOU AND YOUR SO CALLED TEAM HAD A WORLD SERIES TAKEN AWAY FROM YOU DUE TO CHEATING!!!! YOU WOULD BE FRUSTRATED AND UPSET TOO!!!

  3. Dusty is a worn out retread and doesn’t have a clue. The team was not even punished by vacating the title and not 1 player suspended. MLB is just sad. Glad there is one guy with guts. Joe Kelly!

  4. AS YOU SAID….It was the Dodgers who are the aggrieved party in this….The Astro’s should just SUCK IT UP and take the abuse they WELL deserve! After all the players cheated & got a Ring, a Trophy & a Big Money Bonus…
    THEY suffered NOTHING for cheating thanks to that wuss Manfred!

  5. In retrospect the commissioner totally mishandled the cheating situation. To see the 2017 World Series Championship flag flying in Houston is sickening. Whatever happened to cheaters never win?

  6. Who says Dusty Baker has lost his marbles… OF COURSE, the tension is coming from LA!!! The Dodgers were cheated out of a World Series Title. Dusty should get that unless he’s lost it completely. Dusty should be thankful his team doesn’t have 50 broken knees to go along with their Asterisk and black eyes.

    They don’t seem to care about the ripple effect of the Dodger being cheated out of this win. From player salaries to vendors in the neighborhoods losing out on needed revenues to survive. Everyone understands the City of Houston deserves a win with everything they have been through recently, however I’m sure if you ask any one of those citizens they would prefer to earn it than cheat.

  7. I am not a Joe Kelly fan. He has blown too many games for us. That being said, however, THANK YOU JOE for having the cajones to actually DO something. Dusty Baker is correct. There is no reason on this earth for the Astros to feel any tension, other than nervousness, not knowing exactly when some retaliation was coming. The Dodgers were screwed out of a World championship by a team full of cheaters, and they barely got their wrists slapped. More like a “ohh you guys.. come on… you can’t be dong that…. ok? But keep your Trophy, your champinoship.. We won’t take that away from you. Congratulations!” Absurd. Completely absurd. MLB commissioner’s office is a complete joke. In my mind, it’s not settled until that 2017 trophy rightly comes to LA.

  8. You think Dusty? We were the ones cheated after all you clown. Just keep your mouth shut and do what you were hired to do which is bring some sort of class back to the Astros which you’ve already failed at

    1. Yes, the victim of cheating would be expected to have a more difficult time with letting it go. Should not have punished anyone for the brouhaha.

  9. I think it would be more productive for the Dodgers to forgive and forget about 2017 and focus 100% on winning 2020. Why carry a grudge? The Astros don’t care and it is only eating up the Dodgers internally. Don’t throw at them….treat them with kindness and turn the other cheek….and beat them this year.

  10. The Dodgers were cheated in 2017, and now we the fans are cheated from booing these cheaters because we can’t be in the stands. What ever comes there way it’s all good.

  11. So the Astros cheat and hardly get punished and there pissed that finally a team goes at them a bit? They got a pass by the pandemic and do not have to endure life on the road with fans torturing them in every park but they can;t handle this? Shut your hole and take what comes in reason. Or UPS your rings back to the commish! I can’t stand the arrogance of that team. And Baker, bad enough we had to watch you manage the Giants let alone this club. Shut your hole as well and remember where your best times were. Chavez Ravine Bra!

  12. Dusty Baker is an ass. The CHEATING done by Houston created the tension. The fact they stole our ring, an MVP award from Judge, and destroyed other player’s careers created the tension.

  13. Most joy I experienced during the Pandemic!!!! Watching Kelly do what he was taught to do, and trash talking on his way to the dugout!

    Go Dodgers – I hope every team Houston faces this year does the same as Kelly

    Go Dodgers, and Dusty used to manage San Francisco – he gets no pass for LA fans!

    Dave N Encino

  14. We lost the World Series because Cody Bellinger struck out 18 times and he also knew every pitch that was coming. They were all breaking pitches down and in. And our bullpen choked in Game two, and Game 5.

    And now we signed two players on from the Red Sox team that cheated as well. Kelly and Betts. Geez.

    We’ve won 7 straight division titles and no WS. Not every team we played every year banged on trash cans.

    Let’s move on.

  15. Dusty was a fine player, but he is a journeyman hack when it comes to managing. He was thrown out of Chicago, but that was all Steve Bartman’s fault, right Dusty? Then the Reds ran him off and finally the Nationals sent him packing. This is what you get Houston, creme de la creme!

  16. Dusty wanted the Astros to pick up his second year, so he can add to his win total and give himself a better chance to make it to the HOF. He’ll say ANYTHING at this point. I’ll still fondly remember him as a productive Dodger, which he was, during my childhood. He has to defend the biggest villains in baseball history. It’s a no-win situation. All anger should be focused on the players, coach, manager and organization who did his. I, for one, will never stop booing the top players on the Asterisks and will protest any attempt to sign ANY of them as free agents.

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