Dodgers: How Kris Bryant Could Fill Major Holes for LA

The Dodgers lost an important bat this offseason when shortstop Corey Seager signed with the Texas Rangers. On the bright side, there will be plenty of viable free agent hitters available to sign after the lockout is over. Including 2016 NL MVP Kris Bryant.

Bryant could potentially be a great fit on the Dodgers for several reasons.

The Positional Versatility of Bryant

You know what team president Andrew Friedman loves more than productive hitters? He loves productive hitters with positional flexibility.

Bryant fits the mold. Between his time with the Cubs and Giants last year, the 2021 All-Star played at least ten games in five different positions.

Games by Position

  • 1B: 12
  • SS: 1
  • 3B: 51
  • LF: 42
  • CF: 17
  • RF: 39
  • PH: 6

However, Bryant was rated as “below average” defensively by UZR in every position above except for first and third base. That being said, his career innings for centerfield (135.1) and first base (212.1) are both small sample sizes. He could be more proficient at those positions than his current UZR ratings suggest.

Think of KB as the Wario to Kiké Hernandez’s Mario. Rather than excelling defensively, Bryant could help lengthen the Dodgers 2022 lineup.

Bryant crushed LHP in 2020

Los Angeles posted a pitiful OPS (.613) versus left-handed pitching in the 2021 playoffs. Opposing managers were able to neutralize the Dodgers lineup in high leverage situations with lefty relievers. 

Throughout his career, KB has blasted southpaws (.973 OPS). Bryant’s not the dominating hitter that he used to be, but he can still produce at an All-Star level.

A super utility-man that can pound lefties would not hurt to have.

What About Justin Turner?

The 2016 NL MVP’s primary position is third base. Los Angeles already has a third baseman in Justin Turner.

Two things to note. First, the universal DH could be coming in the new CBA. Second, Bryant could play third base to help keep JT fresh. Okay, three things – KB would also offer insurance at first base if Muncy needs more time to recover from his elbow injury.

Final thoughts

Since he’s a Scott Boras client, Bryant will not come on the cheap. He also won’t cost what he would have a few years ago.

If the Dodgers lose the Freddie Freeman sweepstakes, a four-time All-Star and former Rookie-of-the-Year still in his prime is a great fallback option.

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Eric Eulau

Born and raised in Ventura, not "Ven-CH-ura", California. Favorite Dodger Stadium food is the old school chocolate malt with the wooden spoon. Host of the Dodgers Nation 3 Up, 3 Down Podcast.


  1. I hpe that they will sign both Freddie Freeman and Kris Bryant. Both of them would be great additions to the team.

  2. Bryant is a great signing for all of the mentioned reasons. In addition, it will hurt the Giants for the Dodgers to get him. Bryant is a California kid. He will be at home with the Dodgers.

  3. Finally, someone is talking about Bryant as a FA the Dodgers should target. I personally love this idea for all the reasons above and the fact that he would be a great fit in the clubhouse. He also won’t command a $30 million per year contract.

  4. I like KB, he would definitely be a good addition. What I find interesting though is the inconsistency of this writer. In another story he promotes trading Lux even though he could become a utility player with a good glove and in this article he promotes spending lots of money for a utility player with an average glove.
    Hey, I get that these guys need to write articles, it’s their job, but at least their overall narrative should be consistent.

  5. You are so correct, Bohemian! Writers have to write. According to the writers, the way I understand next season (if there is one) is that the Dodgers will sign all of their free agents, Kris Bryant, that “cheatin” shortstop from Houston, every pitcher available and Babe Ruth. They have to write.

  6. Totally agree with the above statements. They write about the obvious. The write about the far-fetched. They write about anything a reporter says calling him an insider. Do a little more digging and write about something that is plausible.

    1. They “could” do a lot of things, sort of like “if”. You sound like the writer.

  7. Glad someone finally figured this out! How about both Freddie and Chris. Then all that is left is pitching.

  8. Bryant is a good idea if they strike out with Freeman. The question is do they have the budget depending on what happens with Bauer? Do the Dodgers bring up a rookie like Miller to fill a spot to save money for a position player? That is what I would do I would bring up Miller and Pepiot use Miller as a rotation guy and Pepiot in the bullpen if they need an arm. Kahnle and Ferguson should be available in 2022.
    If they sign Kershaw they can also use Gonsolin as he could never get untracked in 2021 but I think he will be OK in 22.
    Rios is scheduled to be back but it depends on how he is coming back from shoulder surgery. Rios plays 1st & 3rd also.

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