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Dodgers Inactivity Is Listed As One of the Biggest Surprises Of The Offseason

Because Los Angeles has not made a significant splash this offseason, this has alerted many with worry and surprise. For one, Anthony Castrovince of listed the Dodgers’ lack of offseason activity as one of the “8 biggest surprises of 2022-23 Hot Stove season.” 

“6. The Dodgers’ relative inaction.

With a bunch of big money off the books after 2022, the Dodgers could have put themselves at the forefront of free agency. Instead, they’ve made it clear that they are attempting to reset their luxury tax threshold penalty — something that will be difficult to do now that we know they are on the hook for the bulk of Trevor Bauer’s ’23 salary.

So instead of Verlander joining the rotation, it’s Noah Syndergaard. Instead of Turner at shortstop, it’s Miguel Rojas. Tyler Anderson, Andrew Heaney, Justin Turner and Cody Bellinger are all gone, and the Dodgers have conjured up memories of a 2014 Jason Heyward-for-Shelby Miller trade by signing … Jason Heyward and Shelby Miller!

These are the Dodgers, winners of nine of the past 10 NL West titles and a model of drafting, developing and smart spending. So perhaps this will all work out well. But it’s still a strange — and, yes, surprising — look for L.A.” 

There is no doubt the team could have benefited from picking up big-name free agents, especially after losing several key players such as Trea Turner, Justin Turner, Tyler Anderson, and Andrew Heaney. 

Los Angeles may be thinking strategically in choosing not to sign players like Aaron Judge, Carlos Correa, Jacob deGrom, Justin Verlander and instead signing Noah Syndergaard and JD Martinez.

Though there are big roles hoping to be filled, LA is still likely to win 95+ games even with the inactivity they’ve had this offseason. Without any big acquisitions, the Dodgers have also emphasized the utilization of the youth movement in the 2023 season. 

The team has not made huge moves this winter, but their approach may still serve to benefit them as they work to make an impact with the veterans and young players they already have.  

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  1. Their inactivity for a big name was a direct result of the Trevor Bauer situation. They had a 16 ton millstone hanging around their neck, which in light of the 32 million penalty for being over the “cap” last year took the steam out of their sails before they ever got started. It sucks but its the facts, We don’t have open pocket owners like Steve Cohen. They would like to be profitable at least some of the time. This year will have to be different and we have current players that need to get sorted out, the biggest being Tony Gonsolin, another pitcher we can’t afford to lose…

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