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Dodgers Injury News: Cody Bellinger Has a Fractured Rib

The Dodgers’ weird season of injuries just never stops. Even as the team heads to the end of the regular season and fights for their 9th consecutive division title, the injury bug keeps popping up. It did once again this week. 

Cody Bellinger has been one Dodgers player that has been hit VERY hard by the injury bug. Offseason shoulder surgery slowed down his preparation for this year, and then a break in his leg in the second series really stalled him out. When he did return, he has to once again take time off for a hamstring strain. 

The latest report from Dave Roberts is that Cody has another seemingly significant injury this week. The Dodgers outfielder has a “non-displaced” fracture in one of his ribs that is keeping him out of the lineup on Saturday. 

There’s kind of, we did some imagine, and it was a non-displaced fracture. So pretty benign, but there is still kind of some pain there. So just to give Cody a day and he’ll be back in there tomorrow is the expectation. 

Doc did mention the fracture sort of passingly, which seems like a surprise given the severity of rib injuries. Anyone who has ever broken a rib knows the pain and healing process is a little bit of a struggle. A non-displaced fracture occurs when the bone breaks but does not move out of alignment. That means the Dodgers outfielder will likely play the rest of the year with it. 

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Bellinger sustained the injury on a collision in the outfield with Gavin Lux earlier this week. And although Doc didn’t seem to be too worried about it, it’s something to keep an eye on for the rest of the year. With Cody already struggling like never before in his career, the last thing he needs is something holding back his swing. 

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  1. His arms could fall of and Roberts the Clown would have him in the lineup. Sickening. Just sickening.

    1. Pretty much is according to the way dumb DRRRR coddles him and is soon anxious to keep him in the lineup. But FO may be dictating this because IMHO Roberts is a puppet only.

  2. There has to be some major bodily deficiency with Belli. Is his body failing to absorb calcium? Has to be something like that.

    1. Doubt that very much and I am in complete agreement with Kirk, no one should applaud an injury especially to one of our own. His shoulder injury was caused by the stupid forearm bash that is somewhat commonplace and the stress facture was caused by a collision at first base early in the season and the rib situation could happen from a sneeze. Please don’t laugh it has happened before. The positive sign of this is that it may well cause him to change his approach and reduce his over swinging or completely eliminate it. This injury may be a very good sign and beneficial though unfortunate for Belli.

    1. Just reported on Dodgers sports net pre game that the Lux collision in left caused the injury. But no worries Rainbirdmuse, DRRRRRRRRRR’s just said he’d be back in the line up tomorrow. And no, I’m not sh—–tin you……..

  3. I left a comment yesterday telling Roberts to put a fork in Bellinger but I didn’t mean for him to do it literally! I agree with KDL you never wish an injury on another. It sounds like it’s minor. Maybe it will force him to ease off his swing a little.

    1. Maybe it will Force DRRRRRRRRRR’s to play Beaty? I think I’m just going to finally give up on the Dodgers and their BLIND bias of Matt Beaty. What else can the kid do? He finally get’s a start, knocks in the only run, hustles to 2nd on a long fly out to get into scoring position, then get’s benched again behind 2 injured players……Ignorant fools are the Dodgers, and making ignorant decisions has wasted this season so far simply handing the division to the Vagiants.

      1. Kirk, you can bet I’m in total agreement with ya here. We all would have wanted Bellinger to be free of injuries, but IIWII for this year. Bellinger needs a break from starting to be honest and if Pollock was available I would be furious even more at DRRRRRRRR for wanting Bellinger in the lineup so soon after this. Look, if this dumb manager doesn’t care about having the best lineup out there daily, then to me he doesn’t care about catching the Giants either.

  4. Knew sooner or later they’d invent some sort of injury for him. We lead the majors in mysterious ailments. Hate to see anyone hurt, and hopefully the Dodgers will somehow manage without his thunderous bat in the lineup 🙂 now Delirious Dave has to start Beaty! That is, of course they choose not to bring up McKinney or Souza. Nothing would surprise me at this point

    1. No way Bobbyd, Beaty under DRRRRRRRRRRR’s will NEVER get a fair shake to be able to help this team. Ignorant fools are the Dodgers…Besides, Beaty went 2-4 last night and knocked in the ONLY run, the Dodgers can’t have Beaty showing up EVERY other slumping Dave favorite…. All at the expense of the team failing…….

  5. All of us pretty much agree that Bellinger should not be starting but if Roberts is saying that Bellingers injury occurred with a collision with Lux, then we should ask why the heck is Lux playing in the outfield? Another dumba$$ Dave Roberts decision in in playing someone who has no business playing in a position that he has not played before. I guess it’s too obvious that Beaty should be in the outfield over Lux

  6. After what seems like forever, Mr. Roberts has finally seemed to gain a measure of logic in his batting order approach by placing Muncy where he should have been all along, in the fourth position, while putting Seager in the number 2 spot. I’m still waiting for him to complete his re-alignment by switching the Turners, respectively. That It took Roberts this long is something of a conundrum. What has he been thinking?

  7. Folks, Kirk mentioned a few times that the October starting lineup should be Betts, now Seager batting 2nd, T. Turner, Muncy, JT, Smith. Pollock, CT3 and then the pitcher. If Roberts deviates from the above lineup, he deserves to be sent packing along with the rest of his ludicrous decion.

    1. Paul, everyone here knows and has known that’s the Dodgers best line up. Albeit they all haven’t been healthy at the same time much, but just as long as Bellinger isn’t in there the Dodgers are Deadly. DRRRRRRRRR’s I suppose has never considered that line up you mentioned would score enough, grab a good lead, then he wouldn’t have to WORRY about late innings. He’s been so lame leaving Mckinnley-Bellinger ” Pick 3 others” in the 6-7-8 spots, the team NEVER could put anyone away. Always scraping to 1 run games, then since he never had his Best players ( OR WOULDN”T USE THEM”) ready on the bench ( They were at OKC) he would put all the pressure on a Worn OUT Bull pen for the very same reason…… So maybe, just maybe DRRRRRRRRRRRR’s will wake one of these nights ( Hopefully his wife tells him) that IF he plays this Bronx bomber set line up without 2-3 170 hitters in it, he just might bury teams…. Now I know this is a lot to ask of DRRRRRRRRRR’s, but even he once realized that Kenley can’t stop the top teams in the MLB and pitched Urias……

  8. Sounds like a bunch of fair weather fans. Maybe you should give up your day jobs (well, most of you) and take this negative crap with you.


  10. On Sunday Dodgers will face a LHP. BUT DRRRRRR, as Kirk calls him, will still want Bellinger in the lineup. SMH. It’s real simple here . Let Lux, CT3 and Betts remain in the OF until Pollock gets back. If not Lux, then Beaty.
    Honestly, I’m sick of how Roberts obviously plays favorites no matter what. Today, however, Dodgers rose to the occasion and beat Reds 5 to 1.
    Now for tonight—GO BRAVES !!!

  11. Roberts has a normal routine with Beaty. When he starts to get going he sit him down so he loses his timing. Bellinger gets a hit and he moves from 8 to 5 in batting order. Feel sorry for his cracked rib but would still have Beaty on playoff roster over him this year.

  12. As far as I’m concerned, if the Dodgers want a remote chance of winning another world series Cody Bellinger should be benched until next year or traded!!! He’s the biggest rally killer on the team and he’s not even that effective in the outfield. For the love of God get Cody out if the lineup period.

    1. Jeffery, as I said before DRRRRRRRR plays favorites Bellinger and I’m sorry about this rib issue but there’s no reason for Bellinger to start on Sunday against a LHP! NONE. Even though Pollock is on IL Dodgers haveva way around thinking Bellinger has to start. Giants won again and Dodgers still 2 games behind with 13 to play. Defense in late innings ok but Dodgers need all the offensive help possible and as someone here said, with Bellinger it’s like having 2 pitchers in the starting lineup.

    1. The teams wins EVERYTIME Bellinger sits. Simple to figure out why. As soon as there is ANYONE that can make contact and move the line, the dodgers are tough. Lux is doing a excellent job, and so was Beaty. Just NOT Bellinger DRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR’s………….

  13. bellinger, should watch some video of dave winfield. he was 6’6, had plenty of power, but choked up and took a nice flat swing. bellinger looks like a slow pitch softball hitter. Bail, and wail.

  14. Belli breaking a rib? This is really bad news for the team because he has contributed so much to their winning. Belli will heal overnight as most broken ribs usually do. Roberts will spin some of his ‘magic’ and tomorrow everything will be better and the Dodgers will win every game that Belli plays. Whatever……..

    1. Dodgers are facing a LHP so there’s no reason for Bellinger to start, even if Pollock is out. Kirk, we won today with an OF of Lux, CT3 and Betts. Enough said.

  15. When Pollack returns Bellinger should only be a defensive replacement. Pollack, Betts, CT3 can play center field. Bellinger should not be on the playoff roster unless the need for relief pitchers goes down by 3. He is so injury prone and unproductive as a hitter he should not be offered a contract for 2022. An arbitrator would award him $18 million when his value is $550,000. Spend that money elsewhere in 2022. Kershaw and Gonsolin to pitch on September 19. Followed by Urius, Buehler, Scherzer, repeat, repeat, until the Division Championship is decided. There are two off days that permit this until game 159 but set the rotation order so it is Scherzer for game 163 or the Wild Card game.

  16. Bellinger is the black hole of hitting. On the other hand, Lux seems to have figured some things out. Hope he can keep it going and build on it.

  17. Great overall win today. Kersh looked better, Lux keeps on raking. Roberts put his best line up in today and they did a great job. The difference is Lux replacing Bellinger. Think How important it is to have a contact hitter who doesn’t strike out in the 7 spot instead of 6-7-8- spots delivering NOTHING like in the recent past….

  18. I hate to see Cody injured but as I said a few weeks ago, his situation doesn’t appear to be getting any better. Shelve him for the season and playoffs, let him have the off season to rest and get healthy, rehab the shoulder, and let him start fresh with his swing in ST. The FO and coaches need to make him a contact hitter first, the power will return. I would rather he have more 2 RBI doubles than 2 RBI homers. The outfield should be Pollock, Taylor and Betts starting with Beaty and Lux in reserve. Infield with Muncy, TT, Seager, JT with Pujols, McKinney and Barnes in reserve.

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