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Dodgers Injury News: Corey Seager Takes Next Step in Rehab Process

This week, Corey Seager will continue his recovery process in Arizona at the Dodgers’ spring training complex, Camelback Ranch. According to Dave Roberts, the LA shortstop just arrived on Sunday, which means he has only played Monday and Tuesday.

Dave Roberts gave a little more details into how long Seager will be staying in Arizona.

He’s going to stay there for the next couple of days. We assume he’ll be there when we get [to Arizona this weekend].

The Dodgers will be heading out to Arizona on Friday to play the Diamondbacks, so there will be more updates about what should be next for Seager by then.

Dave Roberts also added that he’s unsure as to whether the injured shortstop would head out on a rehab assignment. However, he’s gone back and forth on this.

Still, there’s no timeline on how long until Seager will be back or if he is going on assignment, but hopefully playing in Arizona shows signs of progress. If it comes down to it, the next step is could be sending him to a rehab assignment where he can get a feel for playing in a game again. This all depends on how Seager says he feels and what the team thinks is best for him. With being out for so long, it may take a little extra time for Seager to find his rhythm again.

Hang tight Dodgers fans, you’ll have your favorite players back on the field in no time.

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  1. Need these guys back. When your lineup has 3 or 4 fringe players every night, it is tough. 4-2 wins become 2-1 losses like last night.

  2. Sounds like Seager is “trending” towards finally coming back–we all can’t wait.
    Hopefully, the last 2 months of the season, we’ll get last years’ Seager or some version close to that. This season, before his hand injury, Seager was surprisingly inconsistent with the glove and for some reason was really struggling ranging to his right or left for ground balls. Hershisher even questioned why it would be that Seager was having issues with his range and why Seager appeared to be a step slow. Offensively, Seager got off to a great start this season and then had a 1 month stretch where he shut down before picking it back up just before he was HBP.
    Bottom line is this: with about 2 months left in the season, Betts, Seager and Bellinger are huge question marks and how they finish the season will likely determine how the Dodgers finish the season.

    1. Very true. With only 60 games left, sim. to last yr’s. limited schedule, will they go on a run and play like last yr? Will Betts, Seager, and Belli have enough time to turn it on? You know eventually CT3, JT, Muncy, and Pollock can’t continue their hot streak forever. The league will make adjustments to them, so that is when these 3 guys and others must step it up and cover. The offense is struggling so much to score, I think they need a professional hitter. Someone who can hit w/ contact when needed and power capabilities to scare the oppositions to make questionable moves. With BP inconsistencies, we need to hit, score, and score, and score more runs to win.

  3. There have now been more Corey Seager “rehab” stories this year than he has hits.

  4. I still don’t understand why this has taken so long. We need Corey and Mookie back at full speed!

  5. Who needs Seager when we have Raley?? Sad that he’s an option. Speaks poorly of what’s down in AAA. Everyone they’ve brought up is awful….but the genius that is Doc Robert’s keeps penciling him in the lineup

  6. I really am getting board with opportunity the dodgers give these minor league players. They really have blown it as they have not stood out. Except for striking out and errors. Maybe star-struck,. but as I have said, there really is nobody that can score runs.

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