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Dodgers Injury Update: Max Muncy Out of Elbow Brace, Remains Hopeful for Return

File this under could be moot really quick news, but the injured Max Muncy is taking some more steps forward in his recovery from a dislocated elbow suffered in the final game of the regular season. The Dodger first baseman has remained with the club throughout the postseason, often seen with a big brace on his left elbow. However, that fashion statement has been noticeably missing recently at Dodger Stadium.

OC Register beat writer Bill Plunkett reports on conversations had with Muncy and with manager Dave Roberts ahead of NLCS game 5.

But Muncy would not say if removing the brace had allowed him to increase his activity level.
“Still no comment,” he said when asked.
Roberts was asked jokingly if Muncy had begun swinging a bat in a secret, undisclosed location.
“No, he’s not,” Roberts said. “I wish he were. But he’s not.”

Doc added that the lack of Muncy has left a “void” in the lineup

“You’re taking one of our best offensive players — top of the order guy who gets on base, can slug … it’s a void. Not being to keep the line moving or the slug, that’s certainly been missing… but we’ve got to find a way to overcome it.”

The Dodgers’ home run and RBI leader remains hopeful for a World Series return… his team still needs to do some heavy lifting to get there.

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  1. Career game for CT3. Some people were whining about Pollack’s postseason play. He was 3 for 5 with 2 home runs and 4 RBIs. CT3 and Pollack had a combined 10 RBIs. The same people were whinng about Trea Turners postseason performance and how he shouldn’t be resigned. He was 3 for 4 with the other RBI that provided the 11 run total for the Dodgers.

    1. I know I have have railed on both of them. That being said, I couldn’t be happier for them both! Prior to tonight there performance hadn’t been worthy of praise. I give them all the credit for hanging in there! Keep it going! Two more! As one fan put it….go General Sherman on them!

      Let’s go Dodgers! Oh ya!

      1. Pollock drove in the only runs for the team the game before. See what I mean about refusing to give him credit?

        1. Bum4…your Homie came up HUGE!! Props for damn sure. I’m elated for him! Prior to the last two games though, well I don’t have to tell you.

        2. Justin Turner has been the poorest performer in the post season but I’ve haven’t seen any negative posts on him. People only seem to post negatively on players they don’t particularly like.

          1. Has absolutely nothing to do with with feelings about a given player! Has everything to do about their postseason production! JT, prior to this series was the all time Dodger leader in postseason HR’s so he got a pass IMHO. Following last night’s performances from Pollock and T Turner, I will no longer make any disparaging comments about either! Congrats to both for changing the direction of their respective postseason careers! I look forward to cheering them both on! Now as for your constant belittling of DR…now 7-0 in elimination games? Nuff sed!

    2. Lots of people hating on AJ early on in the season as well, and I was consistently bullish on him, and he was the best Dodger hitter in the second half of the season. The guy gets no love.

      I was just on this site yesterday saying he should have been playing CF over Lux in the post season, even against righties. The guy is a gold glove CF for gods sake, and the 3 most important defensive positions are SS, C and CF. And here we have basically a rookie with only 10 games under his belt at one of the most important positions. It made no sense. Even just move Taylor to CF.

      The players needed to step up, but some of these post season decisions have been head scratchers.

      1. John – I disagree with that. EVERY position, especially in the postseason is critical. 3B, 1B, etc. Look at some of the blunders that really hurt us….not stretching for the throw at 1B, week throw from RF, etc.

        1. Tom, defense in the postseason? Are you effing kidding me? Look at all the stellar defensive plays the Braves had made in games 1-4! Nuff sed! Can’t compromise anywhere on D! For over 100 years pitching and defense have dominated in the postseason. That’s why the Dodgers always built their teams that way! It has always been their calling card! It’s just that it’s not headline stealing so it gets under-appreciated IMHO.

        2. Disagree all you want, but the 3 most important defensive positions are C, SS and CF. Ask anyone who has coached or played baseball at a serious level. I’m not saying anything controversial here.

          Of course you want all positions to be solid at defense, that’s not even what my comment was about.

          1. I get the context of your original comment now looking back at it. Agreed. But aside from that any one of the 9 positions can make or break a game, which makes me nervous.

  2. Sure would be nice to get a Kirk Gibson moment from Muncy in the WS if they can get there. Chances just improved immensely. Atlanta is gotta be getting a serious case of Deja Vu!

      1. Unbelievable performance. We have been waiting for them show themselves and boy did they make a statement! If I’m Atlanta, my collar just got really tight.

  3. Max Scherzer and Walker Buehler hasn’t been the dominating pitchers since mid way thru Sept. Braves will end it at home.

  4. Hit em where they ain’t, and we did. We beat the shift several times not to mention FIVE over the fence. Smart looking offense last night resulting in an 11 spot tells me a couple of things. One, WE CAN execute. And two, we have HEART! Defend the title DODGERS! LFG!

  5. Yes but Drrrrrrr has to keep Pollock and Pujols in the line up. Forget the insanity lefty righty and put your best offense on the field. Actually his best defense also……Hate to say it but JT was a detriment to the offense this entire post season. Having him out and pujols in was a much better line up.

    1. I agree with simply putting in your best lineup and also sticking with it and a fixed batting order. Consistency helps. Relying solely on stats has made the game far less enjoyable. Yes, after 58 years of being a Dodgers fan I miss the gool old days.

    2. I’d be shocked not to see the same lineup for game 6. Why fix something that isn’t broke? Enough with this stupid analytics garbage. What worked for over 100 years all of a sudden is no good? Really?

  6. All’s well that ends well at Dodger Stadium, but I fear that last night might be the final game that is played there this season. Injuries, slumps, dead arms and more may spell the end of the road for the Dodgers in 2021. I fear the glass is well below half empty. Please make me eat my words.

  7. I understand from elsewhere that Roberts is going to sit Pujols, start Bellinger at first, and put Lux somewhere, presumably center field. I think this would be a mistake. Let The Big Turtle start at first, keep Belli in center and AJ in left. If “Rob Us Of A Win Roberts” insists on starting Lux, put him in left where he is less likely to mess-up.

    1. Richard, please tell me you’re joking! If DR starts Lux in CF heaven help us. Max is a fly-ball pitcher for crying out loud!! I mean I like the Kid but this no time to pulling stupid sh!t here! Guess the “brain trust” hasn’t learned anything then. Shame on you!

  8. Why Trea Turner is not aggressive in running game ? Once he on first base not often he don’t attempt to steal. Look at Betts , Bellenger , Lux , and even Taylor.

  9. I can’t stand heartbreak. If DR starts Lux in CF, I’ll be channel surfing and checking in only….to see how much DR is working at getting fired.
    Can’t watch a good team laid waste by managerial insanity/stupidity.

    1. Mr Finley, anyone who has read anything about it knows the lineup and pitching decisions are done primarily by committee. To say they are only managerial failures is disingenuous.

      1. But the coaching staff and committee never get’s the reward for wins and losses, only the manager. Drrrrr has got to realize the Braves had no answer for that line up. Pitching had a lot to do with it also, but he has got to play that same team. We don’t want any russ martin or david freese moments again by drrrrrrrrr…….

        1. Kirk, I’m in 1000%! Why mess with something that worked like a well oiled machine? Just doesn’t make any sense. WSS

        2. you forget we faced a lefty, and 2 RH hitters Pollock and Taylor did the damage. so go with Cody, Corey and Matt to carry the hitting today against the righty Aqualung Anderson. Dodger magic number is 6!

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