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Dodgers Injury Update: Rich Hill Rehab Pushed Back, Brandon McCarthy to DL, and More!

The Dodgers have been considered the underdogs for most of the season due to the ridiculous amount of injuries they have had to undergo. This title has given many the idea that they are making the impossible possible, which makes for a great story; unfortunately, the story has gotten tired, though it insists on growing longer and longer.

On Sunday the Dodgers announced that Brandon McCarthy was placed on the 15-day disabled list due to stiffness in his right hip. The stiffness was made known to fans on August 13th when McCarthy lasted only 1.2 innings which was only his 8th start of 2016. Josh Ravin would join him, but with right tricep soreness instead.

Thankfully, this news came the same day that Brett Anderson would make his 2016 debut for the Dodgers! Great timing, right? Well, not so much. Anderson would last one inning before being pulled due to a sprain in his left wrist.

In the little time that Anderson pitched on Saturday, he managed to give up 5 runs. This poor outing can not be blamed on the left wrist, however. The sprain came during the first inning when Anderson was attempting to field a ball. Hopefully Anderson can fix whatever mechanics he was struggling with so that he can be effective on the mound when his wrist heals.

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In other news, Bud Norris made his start on Friday and did quite well, going 5 2/3 innings and only giving up 1 run. He is scheduled to pitch for the Dodgers on Thursday against the Phillies.

In news that nobody was expecting, Rich Hill’s rehab assignment has been delayed. He was scheduled to start for OKC on Monday but after throwing a bullpen session, that was cancelled. Instead there is a chance that he will be facing hitters in Arizona this week, making his earliest return the following week.

Obligatory Clayton Kershaw news:

Again, the story of the Dodgers being the underdogs due to massive amounts of injuries is getting tired, so hopefully it ends soon. The team is only one game behind the Giants, but will still face San Francisco 9 times before the season is over. It is crucial that the team brings healthy, effective starters so that they have the best chance of winning.

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