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Dodgers: Insider Alleges LA Could Cut Trevor Bauer if He Wins Appeal

The Dodgers could have a very difficult decision on their hands in the coming months. Trevor Bauer is currently serving a record 324-game ban and already missed close to 100 games before the suspension. But he is in the process of making an appeal, and the hearing will start this month. 

But should he win any part of his appeal process, that’s where the difficult decisions will come into play. And there are many who believe that if that were to happen, the Dodgers would have to consider cutting him from their roster.

MLB’s Jon Heyman said this week that it’s likely that would happen. Even with a whopping $60 million left on this contract, he doesn’t think that the team would be willing to make the PR sacrifice to keep him around. But that would be a lot of money to swallow to possibly let him go play for another contender. 

“There is believed to be little support inside the Dodgers clubhouse for Bauer, a Dodger for a half-year before he agreed to what became the longest administrative leave in sports history. Even beyond the playing field … the Dodgers have two iconic sports stars with impeccable reputations, Magic Johnson and Billie Jean King, in decision-making roles, and understand an organization is more than statistics.”

While Bauer’s criminal case was completely thrown out, it seems unlikely that MLB would be willing to significantly lower his ban. Issuing a two-year suspension doesn’t happen with the league willing to bend all that much. But if he loses the appeal process, that would run him out of his Dodgers contract entirely. 

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It would be a tough call to swallow all of that money obviously, but the Dodgers can certainly afford it. But the good news is that their staff isn’t exactly hurting for him right now. Their starters are leading MLB in combined ERA. 

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