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Dodgers Insider Expects Multiple Teams in on Trea Turner Free Agency Sweepstakes

Dodgers insider David Vassegh joined the Petros & Money show on AM570 on Thursday to talk about the Dodgers clinching the division, Vassegh going goggle-free in the clubhouse celebration, and, of course, Vassegh’s poor sliding technique.

The topic eventually turned to shortstop Trea Turner, who is set to hit free agency after this season. Vassegh told the guys he expects a pretty strong bidding war for Trea’s services, including several teams on the east coast, where a lot of people suspect Turner would rather play.

“That’s the perception around baseball, that Trea Turner prefers to play on the east coast when he signs a free agent contract. But I can tell you, he has enjoyed being part of this team. I mean, how could you not? But it’s going to come down to dollars and years. If the Dodgers are competitive with that, he’s going to obviously consider them.

“But I’ve been told teams like the Phillies, the Yankees, the Braves — who have a free agent shortstop of their own in Dansby Swanson — all are going to kick the tires on Trea Turner. So, there’s going to be a lot of competition out there for him today.”

Vassegh was asked how many dollars and years he expects it to come down to, and he drew a comparison to last year’s Dodger shortstop Corey Seager, who left in free agency after 2021.

“Well, a lot of people around baseball that I spoke to even on this road trip believe that he’s a better player than Corey Seager. So how can he not get more than Corey Seager? Or at least as much. The one flip side to all that is he is a little bit older than Seager when he signed his contract this past offseason. But it’s hard to argue, he’s such a great player. He’s a really good shortstop. He can play second base. He can play center field.

“He’s going to get at least seven years and $300 million in my estimation at the very least.”

Seager’s contract with the Rangers had an average annual value (AAV) of $32.5 million, and Seager was nearly two years younger last offseason than Turner will be this year. Vassegh may have been speaking extemporaneously and without a calendar on hand, because seven years and $300 million would blow away Seager’s contract with an AAV more than $10 million higher.

Seven years is quite likely for Turner — Seager got ten years at 22 months younger — but a $42.8 million AAV seems high. Maybe $35 million per year, which would put a seven-year deal at $245 million.

Either way, Vassegh is right that it’s going to be a lot of years and a lot of dollars. Hopefully, the Dodgers will pony up to keep their Big Three together at the top of the lineup.

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