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Dodgers: Insider Feels Corey Seager is Least Likely of Free Agents to Return to LA

Yes, the wound is still fresh for many. The Dodgers’ season just ended on Saturday and here we are on Monday discussing who could or could not return to the team next season. With postseason baseball, you’re playing hard and fast with this month’s rent money. A few wrong moves and you’re out on the street before you realize.

What the bad analogy above is saying is the season can come to a screeching halt and locker room goodbyes happen fast.

As you know by now, the Dodgers have a big group of free agents hitting the market this offseason. Depending on who you ask, the one player among all teams with the most earning potential just may be LA’s Corey Seager. The shortstop spoke lovingly about his time with the Dodgers after Saturday’s game 6 loss in Atlanta stating that he would “absolutely” want to be back for 2022 and beyond. However, in the eyes of one insider, that seems unlikely.

Dodger beat writer Bill Plunkett of the OC Register notes that the trade deadline acquisition of Trea Turner just might have been the front office’s way of showing they feel the same way.

Seager might be the least likely of the Dodgers’ free agents to re-sign, something they tacitly acknowledged when they put his replacement in place by trading for Trea Turner. Turner will not be happy at second base for long – and he can become a free agent after 2022.

Reports have Seager and his agent, Scott Boras, potentially seeking multi-year deals worth north of $200 million this winter. But his struggles with the injury bug is likely to cut into that a bit.

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The 27-year-old headlines a deep group of premier free agent shortstops this offseason, including Houston’s Carlos Correa, Colorado’s Trevor Story, and former Cubs’ star Javy Baez. Corey showed once again that his bat plays in this league. But he also at times showed that shortstop just might not be his best position for the future.

In a perfect world, the Dodgers do re-sign Seager with the thought of moving him to third base next season. The aging Justin Turner, who turns 37 in November, would benefit from a move to part time defender, part time designated hitter with the DH rule universally expected to be implemented across baseball this offseason.

First things first, a World Series between the Astros and Braves has to be played. Go Braves.

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Clint Pasillas

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  1. The problem, besides the injuries, is that Seager wants to stay at short even if that doesn’t pass the eye test anymore. If Seager were to remain a more than adequate fielding shortstop, he might before worth the upper end of the range. But as a third basemen he drops down to $200M at best. Will someone – besides the Dodgers – pay him that much? Probably the Yankees, unless Correa goes completely wild in the WS. .And yes, go Braves. The Trashtros will never retain any sense of honor until Altuve, Correa and Bregman are gone.

  2. Totally agree with what Clint says about if CS comes back to LA…..

    Move him the 3B, JT DH, move Trea T to SS, in a perfect world.

    We shall see……


    1. Doug, nice idea, only one problem…way too expensive! Can’t see them over-paying that much when $ could be spent better elsewhere and achieving comparable results. They already have bloated contracts with Betts, Price and Bauer.

      Funny how he sounded like he wants to comeback. Conversely it sure sounded to me like CT3 is gone. That would be tragic IMHO.

      1. Think about this….

        Bauer – MLB will suspend him, contract void – count on that from previous history by MLB

        DH comes to the NL…..

        JT moves to DH (no need to find an impact player for 22, you already have him)

        Seager to 3rd (for you, Opie, er, Will Smith as backup)

        Chris Taylor to 2nd base (primary position/full time playing as he wants)

        Solid ML veterans on the bench, backed by player/manager Albert P.

        2 questions:

        1 Any players not wanting to resign due to Roberts? (i.e., Mad ‘Don’t touch my butt’ Max)?

        2 What was your fastball clocked at?


        1. Dougie,

          We can only pray you’re right about the human dumpster fire.

          DH JT fine and he can backup Opie @ 3B (he has 486 minor league innings there and absolutely needs to shed the tools of ignorance)

          SS Trea slides (after-all he does have the best slide in MLB) over from 2B

          2B Luxy (see if you can keep the job this time)

          1B Maxwells silver hammer

          C Barnesy until Carmen sanDiego Cartaya is ready (May need a backup until then

          Outfield CT3, Belli, and Mookie become best defensive outfield in MLB. AJ for back up

          Starters Mad (don’t touch me) Max, Buehler’s day on, Babe Urias, Kersh (on a 1 yr team friendly deal only) until Carrot-top comes back mid-season, break glass only in case of emergency DP and the Catman.

          Pen Kenley the warrior, Blake ty lord Treinen, Joseph, Bazooka, Spicoli, Super Mario, Bruihly, Evan nobody knows who I am Phillips, and Caleb hope my elbow holds up Ferguson

          Bench Beatty (although he might ask to traded after 2021), AP?, Zach McK, need some other veterans.

          Bye Bye Danny I’m done Duffy, Cole AARP Hamels, Jimmy sweat like pig Nelson, Corey I wanna be a closer again Knebel, Corey I’m too expensive Seager.

          Did I miss anything?

          As previously stated my heater was an Ephus, but oh my uncle Charlie? 16 k’s in 6 innings! Everyone stepped in the bucket lol. Over and out

  3. Maybe it’s just me, but I am not sure that Trea is our long term answer. He had a good season, but feel off the map in the post season. If Trea is going to be the full time SS then I would sign Kris Bryant to play third and use JT as DH while spotting for Bryant to give him a rest when needed. We will then need a solid left handed bat that would be used primarily as the LH DH while also filling in on defense. Can anybody say Matt Beaty? I believe if he is given the chance to play every day he will excel offensively. If Trea does become our fulltime SS, that would shift Lux to 2nd where he belongs. Then we really need to address our bench. Said it many, many times but they need to sign CT3. IMHO he is an imperative sign.

    1. Harry, as usual we are on the same wavelength mostly. Agree with most of what you say. On problem I see is I’d be willing to bet Giants re-sign Bryant. They can’t expect another year like 2020 out of Posey-Belt-Crawford. Longo is what 38 too? They need Bryant and have $ to get it done.

      CT3 is of course a must re-sign. Only problem I foresee there his post game interview made it sound like he was already gone. But who knows about that.

      1. corey can leave. he will not play 3rd, where he belongs. If he did, then Trea gets happy playing SS. hopefully he hits next postseason!!! Justin Turner goes to 1st. Lux plays 2nd (try again Gavin to stay on the big club hitting and fielding!) Belli in CF, Betts in RF. Taylor in LF. now we just need a deep bench like last year! and a few starters and we’re good for another run at it

        1. If JT goes to 1st, where does Muncy play? After all, I’m not sure Muncy would be comfortable if ya tried to put him there. Again, asking a player to play out of his normal position. The other positions are fine. The bench MUST be fixed.

        2. Joe, Muncy is already at 1B. JT might DH. Would be tough to be an everyday 3Bman at 37 you would think.

    2. I agree with signing Kris Bryant to play third. JT can be the DH while Trea becomes shortstop and Lux becomes second baseman.

  4. The Dodgers should find a way to keep Seager. $. By getting rid Scherzer and T.Turner. I go w/ Harry and find a way to sign Kris Bryant. He can play 3rd, and any outfield position. And he can hit. Sure it’s nice to get all those wins but losing in the end because of all the tired souls on the field, not now during playoff time! Still blown away at T. Turner forgetting how to hit when it really mattered. Still blown away with Scherzer’s arm being tired. To make all this $ and then bailout at the end, I lost all respect for Max. Let the Giants have him. Let him pitch in the cold again. And Trea with the hair flop……he was no 2nd baseman. Do what needs to be done to keep Seager. And Taylor. The owners have the bucks to do this. They deserve a little raise, especially CT3.

    1. There is no question that CT3 has earned the raise. Seager not so much. I posted his postseason numbers under a different story. Other than the NLCS and WS last year (two out of about 12), his numbers are pitiful. Defense leaves much to be desired as well. He’s just worth what he will ask for. Trea’s postseason numbers are equally atrocious. But at least he has better range at SS. I also didn’t like Trea’s refusal to play CF even though he has experience there and forced Lux into a tough spot. Not a team player in my view.

      1. I heard that Trea refused to play CF as well. Is that legitimately on the record? If so, I agree that it’s a pretty bad sign about him as a team player.

  5. DH added after new CBA is the real difference maker. JT is signed for, i think, one more season? If the DH is finally added to NL then putting Seager at 3rd justifies his cost. TT is great for SS then more SPs. May is pretty much a full season of recovery. Means more SP should be priority. Love Scherzer but hard to say, still the wheezer-geezer is worth a deal.

    Oh, consider Seager’s big brother who chose to stay in Seattle his entire career. Perhaps that is part of the family DNA? To stay and be happy rather than squeeze every single nickel out of a deal. Who knows but I hope it’s a family trait…to stay put dang-it! 😀

    Face it this team has a lot of holes…if Bellinger really did discover something then awesome. Side question, I don’t recall if Bellinger used to choke-up on the bat a bit. I noticed he was when he started hitting the past couple games and the PS. His swing looked flatter and faster but more controlled? Or was it just me being too old to remember?

    1. Bellinger was choking up in the postseason. His stance was different and the bat off his shoulder. Swing plane improvement allowed his bat to stay in the zone longer. Kid has greatness in his DNA. Trashers were absolutely despicable given all the injuries the poor kid had all year. I was constantly saying here you just wait for October, he will come through.

    2. Robert…Kyle Seager was under a 7 year deal…he couldn’t leave…whats wrong with wanting to get the most out of your employer…sure that’s what we all want in the work place

      1. Danny, I expect the 2022 Yankees to feature the Seager bros on the left side of their infield. Both Corey and Kyle are FA’s. Kyle 3B Mariners and Corey at SS would sell lots of tickets in Yankee stadium.

  6. It all depends on if the dodgers can get out of the Bauer situation. And like you guys are saying the DH. I say keep Bauer and have him do the Ol’ Liberal counseling program. It will make all the goody goodies happy. Bauer was signed because of his age as much as his skill. Friedman knows Kersh and even Max are past their primes. If they keep Bauer then don’t resign Scherzer. If the team is smart they will get refunds by letting Kersh and Kenley go, and be able to pay Seager. Cory is a DODGER guys, he should always be one and he deserves the money more than Trea and Scherzer. Pay the man!!!!!!! Graterol can start being set up,Trienen Closer and a lot of injured relief guys will be coming back. Rios may rebound from surgery and be a 1st base bench option. Sign Taylor as well, he’s a Dodger, PAY the man…Have Trea play 2nd base and turn Lux into a outfielder. The Dodgers don’t have to lose that much to keep the Nucleus together. Tom Kahnle may be lights out as well. I’d keep Kelly, Pay the man……The team will be lucky if beaty remains after the Drrrrrrrrr treatment he got. I like the idea of having Pujols player manager etc. Let’s just hope the FO doesn’t have a fire sale like the Cubs just did….

    1. Kirk, have no fear about Dodgers doing a Cubs-like fire sale. Listened to Stan Kasten yesterday and ownership is all-in for years to come. Dodger fans extremely fortunate to have such a wonderful ownership group!!

  7. Dodgerfanforlife is correct that Bellinger in the post season adopted an approach to hitting that improved his chances to make contact. [.353 batting average, .901 OPS post season v. .165 batting average, .542 OPS during the season] His approach during the season was to seek to hit a home run with an uppercut overswing every time. He could have adopted his post season approach during the season. If he follows his post season approach in 2022, he could have a very productive season and be justified as the full-time center fielder. Maybe .250, 25 home runs, .850 OPS, Gold Glove defense, or even better. [He could also steal a lot of bases.] That would solve a lot of problems.

    1. Roger, he was after all rookie of the year in 2017 and NL MVP in 2019. Injuries killed his regular season but not his postseason! Even while he struggled at the plate it never affected his gold glove defense. Guy’s like that don’t grow on trees. You just watch and see what he does in 2022. 5 tool player! That’s why I say you need to re-sign CT3 and make him the everyday LFer! Outfield of CT3, Belli and Betts? Are you kidding me? Best in baseball! Trade Pollock, until the last two games Pollock had nothing to show for his entire postseason career. Package Pollock and Trea and get some guys who can get it done in October please.

  8. Resign Seager!!!!!! Pay the man…….. Scherzer and trea turner are not Dodgers…. Seager with the NLCS and WS MVP earned the money, PAY HIM….. And also CT3—- Pay HIM!! He earned it…

    1. Kirk, you see the postseason stats I posted on Seager? Not pretty. Outside of the NLCS and WS last year they are downright dismal. Defensively he is 35 out of 44 SS. Also not pretty. CT3? Pay that man his meaaaany! (My best Teddy KGB impersonation in Rounders). Lol

      1. D4, Your stats. The man carried this team to a World Series title when it mattered the most. With your Post season failure stats on seager, let’s see your Post season failure stats on Drrrrrrrrrrr. 1-2 in World series, and if Not for Seager 0-3……. With your Metrics you don’t like Seager? Then you say Drrrrrrrrrrrrr is fine as the manager……Pay the man!!!!!!!!!

        1. Kirk, DR losing twice to cheaters? Really? I must protest! At least when Lasorda lost back-to-back it wasn’t to proven cheaters!

          1. Spare me Bro!!!!! The Reggie Jackson leaning into the ball on the run down wasn’t cheating? The whole damn world knows it was and the umps stole that game for the yankees and the commish did nothing. Jackson get’s called out for that and Lasorda wins 3……….Cheating is just as big a part of the game as the Umps are, you know that….How about Clemens? Steroids, do you want him to off up his 2 World series rings? he cheated…..Drrrrrrrrrr lost his 2 WS’s cause they cheated!!!! Sounds like school children whining over who signed out the Kick ball…..

        2. Kirk, Seager carried the team in 2020? Yea he had a great NLCS and WS. He stunk vs the Brew crew and show Pods. One could say Kersh carried the team too. It was a team effort! No man alone! Even the Pearl boy chipped in! Kike had a monster Dinger to bring us back, Opie vs his namesake…yada yada yada. Everyone had a hand in it!

    2. Kirk. I would be fine with Dodgers signing both Seager and CT3. But if $$$is needed for pitching and to upgrade that horrifying bench we had this year, then it may be Dodgers could only sign one of those 2 and chances are Taylor gets re-signed first. But WSS This team has issues, holes to fix and one of those is Dodgers hitting against LHP. Quite an example of those LHP issues in game 6 of NLCS.

      1. Absolutely Paul, but sending Kersh to Texas and Kenley to whoever can afford 20 million for a reliever will take 50 million off the books right there. Seager is still young, he still will guarantee a 270 80 RBI 20 Homer season each year!! Pay the man!!!!!!! Pay ct3……..All the money they need is letting Kersh and kenley go……..

        1. Kirk, Kersh can go. He will always be a Dodger anyway. Jansen needs to be brought back bro. He was lights out for months after his 3 game hiccup in July. Anyone with that kind of stuff is invaluable! Starters just ain’t worth what they used to be. CT3 comes first then Jansen. If ownership doesn’t mind the $ THEN you can bring back your favorite brick wall with holes in it lol.

          1. If you’re going to over-pay for a position player, it better be for catcher! Not Opie the sieve!

        2. No. Kersh belongs in a Dodger uniform until he hangs it up for good and Kenley was one of the top relievers in both leagues in the second half. This front office has the wherewithal to get creative on a contract with Kersh. They could easily structure a contract similar to what the Mets did with Bobby Bo with darn little payroll hit this coming season or for several. Heck they could and should construct a life time contract with him. As for Kenley his days as a closer, though NOT behind him could easily be worked into a fantastic setup man and at this point in his career I would doubt he will have any objections to such a move. Boras is going to be the fly in the ointment with Seager’s new contract and I would like nothing better for him to overplay his hand which he has often done. Could be wrong, but I don’t see Corey sitting around waiting for Boras to play his little games with his contract and demand that he negotiate an equitable contract with the Dodgers. Up front I would expect Boras to look for something well north of 200K. It really should not be too difficult to find a couple of reasonably solid bench pieces from the free agent pile. They won’t have to go far to exceed the likes of Souza, McKinney, Raley or even McKinstry who was the expected replacement for Kike. How did that work out for them? We may even have a gem or two in our system already. I agree with the comment from Wes below about Corey. We have a known commodity with him and he is a DODGER!

          1. Harry, we agree on most stuff. When it comes down to Seager it will all be dependent on just how much ownership is willing to spend. Of course they the resources to do as they please. What we don’t know is their desire to do so. So the ball is really in their court. Personally I wouldn’t over-spend for a SS. Only place I’d over-pay is for a CATCHER! Only involved in every play of the game! Most critical piece on the chess board (Kirk). 😉

        3. Kirk, you say Corey is a Dodger but are willing to send Kersh to Texas? Geez. In my book Kersh deserves to be a Dodger for life before your favorite brick wall with holes in it. Kersh has done more for the org than Corey has IMHO. Look, in a perfect world we want everyone back, but we all know that ain’t gunna happen. Where are the priorities? Only ownership can answer those questions. WSS

  9. First off I love Corey Seager. He had a bad playoff series but you always have hope something big can come off his bat. He is a Dodger! Cody Bellinger was hurt last year, look at all the fans ready to dump on him! Gavin Lux will be fine at second with Muncy at first. Justin Turner has one more year left in him. Move him down in the batting order. Cody, AJ, and Mookie still make up a great outfield plus Chris Turner is a player you want. Let’s go to a six man rotation and not wear everyone who pitches burn out during the post season.

    1. Wes, don’t get me wrong, I don’t dis-like Seager. He’s got huge bat for a SS. His defense though, that ole play in game 2 of the NLCS? Sheesh. Just don’t think he will be worth Boras’ opening offer which I’m guessing will be north of $300m.

  10. All of these guys have to consider if they sign with someone else will they ever have as good a chance to win the WS as with the Dodgers. They may be on the outside looking in as the Dodgers dominate baseball for the next 10 years! They can afford it.

    1. Willy, good point. Only problem is we aren’t in the particular players’ head and don’t know where THEIR priorities lie. Some like Greinke are only in it for the $$. Others only care about titles. Some may be somewhere in between. Only the player will vote with their heart, whatever that means we find out in spring.

  11. Money, Money, Money. Probably the best to attest to that is Greinke who said the team that pays him the most is where he is going. Nothing to do with winning a pennant. Ever since the evolution of free agency, players are following the money. Very few have stayed with their original team. Kike is one who would have stayed, but our brilliant FO chose to let him walk and then went with the McKinstry, McKinney, Raley and Souza group. How did that work out? We were left without any reliable bat on the bench, period. All he wanted was playing time, but between our manager and the FO they were not prepared to go to that length, Turns out because of injuries to several he would have been able to get the at bats, which is all he really wanted.

    1. Harry, concur completely. This year’s bench is one reason why now this team is at home watching the WS. All in all the FO and Roberts must shoulder a big part of the blame for how they collaboratively mis managed this team, especially the pitching.

    2. Harry, history will prove the non re-signing of Kike “Mr October” Hernandez will go down as the GREATEST BLUNDER IN HISTORY by a FO! I don’t want to discount one the best as well in the Max/Trea deal.

      It’s not like they didn’t know what they had in Kike. They had a Rolex disguised as a Timex and they flushed it down the Toilet!

  12. Seager needs to go to third leave Trea at short with Taylor becoming regular second baseman Muncy at first Sorry but Turner just got old needs to be bench player he sucks at third has no more range he’s a liability at third. Roberts has to accept it even though he’s one of his favorites.Cody and Mookie and Pollock in outfield we just need a couple of part time outfielders to give pollock rest when he goes onto DL like every year. Maybe if owners would pay attention like George Steinbrenner and fire Roberts and Friedman and bring back Mike Sciocia.and use Smith as DH with Barnes catching it’s a guaranteed that Buhler or Julio will win the Cy young

    1. Luis seems to be the only one besides myself who gets the catcher thing. When will you guys understand there no more important defensive position on the field than catcher!!!! Only involved in every dang play of the game! If you happen to have a brilliant field general such as a Posey it’s a flipping bonus! Opie is the new everyday 3B going forward. JT can spell him when needed. Again as long as ownership doesn’t mind ballooning the payroll beyond belief, I’m fine with Kirk’s favorite brick wall with holes in it at SS. Just wouldn’t hold my breath on it.

  13. We resign Taylor, Janson, Kneble and give Kershaw a sentimentality deal (even though it’s a waste of $ to. bring CK back). Seager walks but not because he won’t play third; both he and his agent have said they would consider 3b. Won’t do so because they would have to pay him SS dollars which are greater than what third basemen make AND Boras will shop him around and anyone who signs him will pay through the nose. Let him walk but be sure to replace his offense with someone with in-season and post-season credentials, probably at 3b.

    Don’t extend Roberts, let him walk after 2022 and tell him making good decisions with or without statistical metrics is his responsibility as a manager.

    Have Barnes teach Smith how to call a game and defensive skills. Remember who threw the ball that resulted in Muncy’s trashed elbow!

    JT, Rios, etc become the DH. Friedman rebuilds the bench; properly this time.

    All those changes happen without tearing the team apart; one SS out, one 3B and some bench players in. Simple!

      1. I have no problem whatsoever holding Doc’s “feet to the fire!” I say don’t extend him either. 2022 sink or swim, up to you! Folks again, I’m an Al Davis guy for sure…JUST WIN BABY! No beauty contests here! I ain’t gunna award style points. This ain’t diving…no points awarded for degree of difficulty! Larry the cable guy…”Gitter done” 10-4 good buddy over and out!

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