Dodgers: Insider Predicts a Cody Bellinger Trade, Why LA Would & Wouldn’t Trade the Former MVP

It’s no secret that Cody Bellinger has experienced the worst season of his five-year MLB career. The former MVP has posted career lows in batting average (.159), slugging (.291) and his 43 wRC+ is the second lowest in MLB for players with a minimum of 300 plate appearances.

The Dodgers knew it was going to take some time for him to find his swing and get his power back after the former Rookie of the year underwent offseason shoulder surgery. But to make matters worse, Bellinger suffered a hairline fracture to his left fibula in LA’s fourth game of the season that led to months on the IL. Upon his return, we saw glimpses of the old Bellinger that included a walk-off home run at home against the Cubs and a multi-home run game on the road against the Phillies, but for the most part, Bellinger has been either injured or struggling mightily this season.

The question the Dodgers face is: will the team consider non-tendering or trading Cody Bellinger in the off-season?

Well, MLB Network insider, Jim Bowden predicts that LA will move Belli sometime this winter and focus on re-signing Corey Seager and Max Scherzer. We discuss Jim Bowden’s bold prediction and tell you why the Dodgers would be wise to hold on to the once elite slugger. Plus, who is the real Cody Bellinger and what are reasonable expectations for him moving forward?

WATCH: Insider Predicts Dodgers Will Trade Cody Bellinger, Why LA Would & Wouldn’t Trade the Former MVP

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Doug McKain

Doug McKain is a lifelong Dodger fan and hosts Dodgers Nation’s “DNpostgame” show online. He also hosts Dodgers DougOut and the LA Sports Report on YouTube. DMAC is also a rabid Lakers fan, and lover of all Los Angeles sports.


  1. Bowen has been consistently wrong. It would be dumb to give-up on Bellinger at this point. He needs an off season of working on his swing. They should probably break him down completely and rebuild his swing, there is far too much movement

    1. I agree. And who would be the everyday centerfielder? not Taylor, he’s too valuable as a utility guy, none ofnthe minor league outfielders are ready, Lux? Too early to tell.
      Keep Belli to play center, if he hits that’s a bonus.

    2. “hey should probably break him down completely and rebuild his swing”

      The subject/patient has to be willing… Haven’t seen that in Belli.

      To “break him down completely”, would need to start with his head.

  2. I don’t see the Dodgers trading Belli (at least not this off-season) nor do I want them to trade him but for the sake of discussion, what do you do if say someone like the Reds offers you Castillo and prospects for Belli and Gonsolin? Castillo would awfully good in the Dodgers rotation. Thoughts?

    1. Sad to say the Dodgers couldn’t touch Castillo for that return presently which is a good indicator of how far Bellinger’s value has fallen. Not that long ago you couldn’t touch Bellinger alone for Castillo. That’s why it would be incredibly stupid to trade him now. He has 2 more arbitration years to rebuild his value before becoming a FA.
      Now is actually the time for the Dodgers to think about a buy low contract extension though Boras would never agree to it. Do you think injuries have had a major impact on his 2021 season? If so, do you think a 250 BA with 30 HRs is a more typical season for him? Yes to both demands you hang on to him for next season. Why rush?

  3. Bellinger is going to have a big return to form next year and show everyone the injuries have been what’s plaguing him. Dodgers would be foolish to trade him and I do not believe they will. Belli will be back in the MVP race nest year! Go Cody! Go Blue!

  4. Dumb article! Cody’s staying Dodgers know he’s not healthy yet those shoulder injuries take time. He’s only 26.

  5. Friedman does not sell Low. He cannot get anything for Bellinger right now. The Dodger’s best recourse is to attempt to get him to stop being so stubborn/arrogant. He will change his stance and approach to compensate for the way pitchers are pitching him.
    Currently, he cannot hit the inside or outside pitch, when he makes contact he either pops it up or hits into the shift.
    I do not believe Seager signs with the Dodgers. I think he goes off to play on the East coast closer to his North Carolina home. Teams like the Yankees need a good offensive-minded SS.
    Lux showing he can play the outfield and make contact has lessened Bellinger’s value.
    If it is between signing Seager or attempting to extend Trea Turner. I would extend Trea Turner. Seager is not a great defensive SS and has an injury history.

    1. Put Lux at second, Seager at third, and Trea at short. JT off the bench since his defense is suffering with age. Pollack, Betts, Taylor. Smith catching, Muncy at first.
      Dump McKinney and Bellidud.
      Keep Scherzer.

  6. Guess what the next article is about?”Cody Bellinger Not Expected To Miss The Regular Season”
    Happy commenting!

  7. Bellinger should be nontendered or traded to save money to sign Scherzer, Kershaw, Taylor, Freddie Freeman

    2022 roster with one free agent pick up

    2022 Outfield — Pollock, Lux, Betts, Taylor, Matt Beatty

    2022 Infield — 3B J. Turner, SS T. Turner, 2B Muncy, 1B Freddie Freeman [only position player free agent] [1 more utility player, maybe Michael Busch]

    2022 Catchers — Smith, Barnes, 1 more who can play multiple positions

    2022 Pitchers Scherzer, Kershaw, Buehler, Urias, Gonsolin, May [after All Star Break], Price, Jansen, Treinen, Knebel, Kahnle, Vesia, Bickford, Kelly, [and from AAA and IL manipulations Caleb Ferguson, Victor Gonzalez, Mitch White, Andre Jackson] [all except Scherzer and Kershaw are under team control, no free agents other than those two need be signed]

    1. You think they will resign Kelly? That is a good topic for discussion. I could see them signing him, or letting him go snd never looking back!

  8. Bellinger’s not going anywhere this off-season!!! Another stupid article on Cody… You don’t trade a player with his skills when his market value is in the toilet. Worse case scenario is he doesn’t fix his offense this off-season and he becomes trade bait next July but that is a pretty unlikely scenario.
    Clearly, he needs to change is approach. If this year’s results doesn’t motivate that change, the front office will fall out of love with him and rock his world by sending him the OKC or trading him. I still believe he can become a base-hitter with long ball potential.

  9. 2022 former Dodgers:
    Max Scherzer (He’s a rental. His terms. He’s 38 and has little to no interest in relocating his family in any capacity to L.A. He’s as good as gone.)

    Clayton Kershaw (My guess, he’ll sign with Houston, who’ll be in the market for a Starting Pitcher or two..or three.)

    Good luck to both.

    Not to worry though, Hero/Genius/President/GM Andrew Friedmen.signed Trevor Baurer last season, remember, duh..

    1. you don’t know much do you? Max loves LA as does his family. He’s back. Kersh will also be back. Dodgers lucky to have AF leading the FO.

  10. Belli could re-invent himself as did the late near great Dodger Willie Davis of the 60’s, 70’s!…Davis would swing for homers one year and hit .247 and the next year he’s legging out hits and hitting .285 with double figures in triples….The man was freaking fast!….Got a late start in the game in mid-teens and finally even a change in religion at about age 30 changed Willie for good!….Never one to get injured he started hitting down on the ball and was one of the best hitters in baseball for the next several seasons until he turned about 40! …I imagined Belli as the next Duke Snider, over that, now if he could wind up as good as fellow center fielder Davis with over 2500 career hits and about a career average .279 hitter that would be all this Dodger lifer could hope to see! Yeah I know about the ’66 WS and his errors, and team got shutout 3 of 4 games!..

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