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Dodgers: Insider Reveals His Best FA Signing of All-Time for LA

Baseball offseason is a time for reflection. Layer in a lockout, and it really becomes an opportunity to recall better times. AM570’s David Vassegh presented his list for the Dodgers best free agent signing of all-time.

According to Vassegh, the Dodgers best free agent signing of all-time could also be a great option to return to LA this offseason. Once the lockout is over of course.

“To me, I have the slam-dunk winner and a guy that I believe could help the Dodgers again if they signed him as a free agent considering how thin their pitching rotation is right now. That is Zack Greinke. For me, Zack Greinke would have to be the best free agent signing the Dodgers have made at least over the course of the last thirty years.”

Greinke signed a three-year, $67M with the Dodgers before the 2013 season. Greinke had the finest season of his career with LA in 2015. He led the majors both in ERA (1.66) and WHIP (0.84). Greinke didn’t win the NL Cy Young that year, but that’s another story for another article.

Vassegh wrapped up his Greinke take in simple fashion.

“Hard to beat Zack Greinke. 51-15 in 92 starts with the Dodgers with an ERA of 2.30.”

The Dodgers could use a veteran arm like Greinke to solidify a rotation that’s currently relying on Andrew Heany and Mitch White to cover significant innings.

Whether Greinke returns to the LA is a big question. For David Vassegh, it’s no question who the Dodgers best free agent signing of all-time is.

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  1. Signing him as a free agent was brilliant and letting him go a few seasons later was the dumbest.

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