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Dodgers Insider Still Preaches Patience for Cody Bellinger and Chris Taylor

When looking down the Dodgers batting order, it’s hard to truly pick off any player knowing the impact they have on the team. Despite recent struggles from outfielders Cody Bellinger and Chris Taylor, Dodgers insider David Vassegh sees the value of keeping them in October. 

Vassegh compares the struggles of Bellinger and Taylor to the same struggles that Max Muncy went through for the first half of the season. Muncy changed his swing, started doing things to help with his mental health, and now has been a key factor in the Dodgers lineup (oh, and he got paid too).

The Dodgers are full of true professionals of the game, so Vassegh believes they will be able to figure it out. And he implores people to not give up on Cody and CT3 just yet.

“… you bet on the track record that he’s going to figure it out. And that’s why I even believe that Cody Bellinger and Chris Taylor. Even though they’ve had a really tough season, those two guys have delivered in October. It’s one thing to deliver in August and June, it’s another to find a way to deliver in October and they have the track record for doing that.”

Taylor came off a foot injury but also may be dealing with a lingering elbow injury that has affected his game. Taylor has continued his struggles with strikeouts as well. He’s among the league leaders with 139 despite having fewer plate appearances than everyone above him on the list. But that is something he’s not unfamiliar with.

Although not struggling with any injuries, Bellinger has been on a freezing cold streak and is still searching for a hit in his last 26 plate appearances heading into play on Saturday. He’s also walked just 4 times.

Once these two get going, the Dodgers lineup is something to be feared heading into the postseason. 

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  1. In 2017,Bellinger replaced Adrian Gonzalez at first base for the playoffs.Gonzalez was hitting .242 and was dealing with injuries.With Bellinger’s .197 batting average,and no real change in his mechanics or mind set,he should absolutely be replaced for the playoffs.With such a large lead in the standings,Friedman needs to bring Outman up again and start letting these strikeout artist like Belli,Gallo and Taylor know that they need to seriously get their act together or get replaced.We’re after another World Series! Strikeout artists not included!

    1. Can’t keep doing the same thing and expecting different results. Cody hasn’t changed anything and has no confidence at the plate. Give him 2 weeks with Ken Griffey Jr. Cody is an athlete capable of learning from one of the best.

  2. How long can you give these guys to contribute ? Belli surely needs to be hidden somewhere. That would make room for Outman. It’s almost mid September. Decisions must come soon.

  3. Bellinger hasn’t hit his weight in three years. That’s not a slump, that’s a career.

  4. How long should the Dodgers give Bellinger? Its been 3 years. Now his average is under .200….Another 3 years, how about 6………No way he gets a big contract.

  5. While striking out is a little worse than ground outs or fly outs since they don’t move runners along, we tend to place too much weight on this. You have to take overall plate performance into account when judging it and this is just one piece of the puzzle. There have been a lot of great players that struck out a lot but when they didn’t, they more than made up for it, even to the point of becoming legendary at the plate. You don’t need to look at strikeouts to see what is wrong with Cody, as OPS really tells the story with him. It’s not that he is just in a slump, as over the last 2 seasons he’s averaging below .600, that’s not even good enough to be on anyone’s roster let alone ours, All this hope about his getting hot in October and returning to the glory days if only briefly just isn’t realistic right now. We’ve tried to stroke his ego for way longer than anyone deserves. Until he truly turns it around to earn a spot again, which will require significant improvement, the less we see of him, the better.

  6. Outman PLEASE!
    Does Belli refuse to change his stance at the plate? If so, why’s he still here? All the talent, none of the mindset. Maybe a little time with KG Jr. could help? If not, Hasta la Vista, Baby.
    re: Taylor, when the ball finds his bat, his swing is lethal; otherwise, he looks to me like everything’s moving to fast for CT3.

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