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Dodgers Interested in Cleveland Ace Corey Kluber, Reports Say

The Los Angeles Dodgers have shown interest in Cleveland starting pitcher Corey Kluber, per MLB Network’s Jon Heyman.

Corey Kluber’s time in Cleveland is likely coming to an end. Plus the Indians already have a bright, young rotation making Kluber expendable. In addition, he is set to make $17.5 Million in 2020, a high price tag for a small market team.

Kluber, 33, only pitched 35 innings in 2019 due to a broken forearm, followed by an oblique strain. In this small sample size he found little success, posting a 5.80 ERA.

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Although, from 2013-2018 Kluber solidified himself as one of the premier starters in the league, with a 2.97 ERA and two AL Cy Young awards.

The Dodgers would be a fathomable landing spot for Kluber given three-fifths of their projected 2020 rotation have little to no experience in the majors as starters. Moreover, the long-time Indians ace is someone that beat writer Ken Gurnick sees as an ideal fit for this young Dodgers team.

If Kluber is indeed fully healthy, there is a good chance he could return to his pre-2019 form. Although, at this point a deal is still pretty unlikely.

A Corey Kluber and Francisco Lindor package would surely cost the Dodgers at least one of Gavin Lux and Dustin May, and possibly Corey Seager, but could be a viable scenario as Andrew Friedman looks to change the makeup of this team for 2020. A blockbuster of this magnitude would certainly change the perception of the off-season for the Dodgers.


    1. Do it. Kluber and Lindor for Lux and lesser Dodger prospects. Seager to third. May off limits.

  1. Hmmm. My thoughts exactly guys. BOTH May and Lux off limits.Kluber has a serious arm injury last year. A lower inning projection and possible free agency after next year. A straight one for one trade. Pederson for Kluber. A win win trade for both. Power hitting OF for them and around 10 mil salary relief. And a starter for us.

  2. I’m sure this is being dragged out in Cleveland’s FO, playing whatever the Dodgers are offering against the offers of other clubs. This is what you have to deal with when you consistently fail to sign the right free agent. Cole was the prize that the Dodgers needed this offseason. Now Kluber is the bait and Cleveland is fishing. Give them what they want excluding Lux and finish this for crying out loud. Seager, Pederson, Gray or May and DJ Peters for Lindor/Kluber.

  3. Lindor himself would require Lux being included. Seager is not going because he is in the same boat as Lindor, time wise. So since we all play Friedman, here it is:

    Lindor and Kluber, for Lux, Gonsolin, DJ Peters Peterson and Gray. If they replace Kluber and include Clevinger, then we throw in Santana.

  4. The Dodgers have interest in a lot of free agents and top players on the trading block but that’s pretty much the extent of it. Talk is cheap. Oh wait they signed Pollock a year ago and that turned out exactly as I predicted. The front office Braintrust are not willing to part with the cash.

  5. Beginning to think Friedman & the rest of the F.O. are so so arrogant, the upper class of free agents don’t want to sign with the Dodgers & the other teams GM’s don’t want to deal honestly either. Examples, Rendon, Bumgarner Cleveland’s GM. What do y’all think Dodgers Nation?

  6. Right on,.. Beau & Scuba Steve,… finally, some people who really get it. Friedman,… read the newspaper!!!
    Stop giving us cow cakes about what you’re gonna do,..
    you’ve missed the boat already,…redeem yourself by
    re-signing Ryu(because you let all the other pitchers go) and acquire a right handed power bat,…this just may save your butt,…and Roberts too!!!

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