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Dodgers Interested In Rays’ Chris Archer

With the trade deadline days away, the Dodgers are remaining active in the latest rumors. Today’s latest rumor, they are making a push for a starting pitcher out east.

Archer has been on the trade block for years, and he’s been on the Dodgers’ radar as well. At only 29-years-old, Archer has been the ace for the Rays for a while. The team has been going nowhere, and it appears his time in Tampa is finally coming to an end. This season, Archer is 3-5 with an ERA of 4.31. Though his numbers aren’t too enticing, his stuff is a lot better than the numbers show.

Arguably the most exciting part of picking up Archer, would be his contract. He signed a very team-friendly 6-year $25 million deal, that keeps him under control through 2021. He’s signed through 2022, but has a $1.75 buyout in 2020. Not only would the Dodgers be picking up a solid starting option, they’d have him under control for years, at a very cheap price.

If this rumor is true, it makes a trade to the Dodgers all more likely. With the Padres out of playoff contention, it seems unlikely they would try and trade for Archer. Thus, leaving the Dodgers in the drivers seat. It’s unclear what the Rays would ask for in return. Archer’s production is nowhere near the asking price of top prospects, but then again, he has showed signs of No. 1 type stuff. It just really depends on how desperate a team is.

Also, take this into consideration.


There’s no question that the Dodgers are in need of pitching before Tuesday’s deadline. Whether it be in the bullpen or the starting rotation, LA needs to try and another arm. Picking up Archer would deepen their starting rotation, and be a great piece to have barring an injury. A rotation featuring Kershaw, Hill, Archer, Stripling and Wood would definitely booster the Dodgers’ chances of making the postseason, and making a push in October. Now, all we can do is wait, and check our phones every hour, waiting for the latest bit of news.

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Blake Harris

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  1. If the Dodgers are interested in Archer they sure are slow, you guys have been rumoring this for years! OMG read your own article. “He’s only 29”!! You start saying pitchers are getting old when they hit 30.
    He’s got an era of 4.31! Who from the current rotation would he replace?
    Does anyone else think this is stupid!

    1. I thought wow how stupid to insinuate a 29 yr old P is young. Don’t be surprised however, if the Dodgers get him. I forsee them making some sort or a daring/risky move for sure

  2. Archer would be a nice fit in the rotation or the bullpen provided the Dodgers don’t give up any of their top five prospects

  3. Get Archer! There is not one starting pitcher whose Health we can count on, even Kershaw, who Might be back.

  4. I agree with Jim these pitchers can’t stay healthy better starting pitching less taxing on bull pen as long as Roberts has faith in them and if we can get him cheap have control of him no rental.

  5. Look up his career stats. Overall 3.69 era but the last 3 yrs it’s over 4.0. The Dodgers might be able to make him better but thats different than bringing in an ace to solidify the rotation. He has pitched a lot of innings every year but that doesn’t guarantee he won’t get hurt at some point. Bottom line, I wouldn’t want to give up prospects for a guy that’s not an upgrade.

  6. So were the Dodgers really interested in Archer, at all? Was there a quote from the FO that said they were pursuing him? Something from his agent? Or just another routine phone call from one GM to another. All the rumors were false, fake news! The Dodgers didn’t pursue him because they don’t need another middle of the rotation starter.

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