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Dodgers: Internet Goes Crazy Comparing Joe Kelly’s Suspension to A’s Laureano

Welcome to Major League Baseball, where cheaters are protected by officials and suspensions don’t make any sense. Dodgers fans took to social media today to react to the suspension for the Athletics’ Ramon Laureano suspension after a benches-clearing incident.

Much like Joe Kelly’s suspension, Laureano got in trouble for going toe-to-toe with the Astros. Unlike Kelly, Laureano charged the dugout and tried to fight an entire team. And yet, MLB decided that he should get a 6-game ban for the incident. The Dodgers’ Kelly is currently fighting an 8-game ban.

As expected, Dodgers fans were none too pleased hearing that Kelly’s suspension was longer. After all, Kelly didn’t hit a single-player and walked away from the incident.  

On the flip side of that argument, it is an entirely different situation. Kelly is a pitcher and Laureano is a position player. That means that he would likely be missing six games that he would have been in. Kelly, on the other hand, will likely only be missing 3-4 games that he might have appeared in. Still, Dodgers fans have a right to be upset with the suspension in the first place.

As of now, Joe Kelly’s suspension appeal is still pending. The hearing was supposed to take place on Monday but there has not been an update on that as of now. The Dodgers also placed Kelly on the injured list with a shoulder injury. 

The good news is that MLB finally punished the Astros. Hitting coach Alex Cintron was suspended 20 games for his role in the incident. It is the longest suspension for an on-field incident in 15 years. 

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  1. Let the assistant coaches stay anonymous. This guy looked like he was egging it on. When he gets back, he should have to wear a Mr. Rogers mask for the rest of the season.

  2. The Asstrolls pitchers hit A’s batters at least four times in that series. A’s pitchers did not hit a single Asstroll batter. Why doesn’t Manfred just wear an Asstroll hat all the time? He’s obviously in the bag for them.

  3. What’s wrong with the A’s? They didn’t hit one asterisk batter? Every team should hit at least one. Or yank a slow curve ball into their dugout.

  4. Look IAM an Astro’s fan. And agree the Astro’s player’s should’ve been suspended. But they weren’t. The player’s Union IAM sure had something to do with that. Enough crying ,get on with baseball. 4 people lost their job’s.

  5. And what about the fact that Madison Bumgarner hit 3 Astros players, 2 different ones, in the game about two weeks ago, and he got NOTHING!! And he hit them. Kelly only hit one guy, and walked away from the fight, and He got EIGHT games!!! WTF?

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