Dodgers: Is Dave Roberts Costing LA Wins? Thoughts on Why LA Struggles in Losses

The Dodgers suffered a gut-punch of a loss to the arch-rival Giants Friday night at Oracle Park in San Francisco. We break down Dave Roberts’ managerial tactics in the extra innings loss that knocked LA back down to second place in the National League West and discuss why Doc’s decisions weren’t why the team came up short.

Next, we dive into LA’s streaky offense and why the Dodgers bats continue to struggle so mightily in losses compared to wins. Plus, since returning from the IL in late July, Corey Seager has been one of the team’s most consistent hitters. We tell you why moving the 2020 World Series MVP up in the lineup could make for a more consistent offense.


In 385 regular season games batting in the number two spot, Seags has a .293/.362/.496 slash line with a nice 69 home runs and 228 RBI. On top of that, he was otherworldly in the two-hole last year in the postseason. On the other side, Mad Max Muncy has hit just .246 batting second this season with an on-base percentage of .343.

For the best chance to win in September and into October, it may be time for Dave Roberts to start experimenting a little bit with lineup construction

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Doug McKain

Doug McKain is a lifelong Dodger fan and hosts Dodgers Nation’s “DNpostgame” show online. He also hosts Dodgers DougOut and the LA Sports Report on YouTube. DMAC is also a rabid Lakers fan, and lover of all Los Angeles sports.


    1. How can Roberts experiment anymore with the lineup than he already does? It is like pulling names out of the hat on a daily basis.

      1. This is his MO. Roberts has done this same changing of the lineup card since he has managed. No matter win or lose. If anyone has EVER played on a team from LL on up, it’s always nice to know ahead of the game what position in the field and in the batting order you stand. It’s a reassuring note that what you have done made a difference in the outcome of the game. Roberts stole a base and became the manager of the hottest team in the MLB. Not because of his managing abilities but because he is a ‘yes man’ and he had a hand of very talented players. BTW, did anyone see the look Urias’s face when he was pulled last night? This is one reason why Scherzer will NOT re-sign with the Dodgers. Slap /… Roberts. I would guess that CT3 might want out also. From lead off when they needed one to 7th or 8th…next to the Kings of K’s.. Belli & McDufus.
        If you’re not buddy buddy with Roberts, like JT, playing time is a roll of the dice.

  1. Agree, maybe Max needs a rest, as well as Taylor and JT. Those three have carried this offense all season as injuries have plagued others. Tough call though as we can’t afford to sit starters right now. Put Seags in the two hole and bat Max next to JT. Maybe fresh legs at the front of the lineup will help at this point as well as a hot bat…

    1. One player who definitely needs a “rest” is McKinney. Any of the four minor league clubs would seem perfect for his rest. Sending Beaty (.262/.374/.732/5/34) down and keeping McKinney (.156/.247/.537/1/7 with the Dodgers) was just awful. He might be out of options but no one would claim him and so what if they did.

    2. Agree John with Seager # 2 but I also
      think it’s time to put MOOKIE back in the
      leadoff spot (he seems disgruntled IMO) so
      he’s most comfortable. Trea Turner 3rd, then
      Turner, Smith, Muncy, Taylor & Beatty!

      1. Agree 100% with Mookie leading off again. That’s where he’s most comfortable and productive. Move Trea to second. It’s not like he’s running anyway. That would make too much sense for the moronic skipper. Would love to see an experiment with a brand new coaching staff next year

  2. I believe most here can easily answer the question of the day about whether Roberts is costing the Dodgers wins, and that is a
    YES answer, and anyone who has watched these games as I have, can give the precise reasons why.

  3. Rest? Highly paid, the best equipment, the best trainers, these guys should not be scapegoating their boss.
    The best amenities, they should perform.
    Back in the old days when players worked two jobs they would buck up to do their job.

  4. I think that a major contributing factor to the 3-2 loss was Will Smith’s failure to get to 2d base during the J. Turner rundown. If he got there, he probably would have scored on CT-3’s clutch base hit, and the game could well have been over in the regulation 9. So, in this game I don’t think you can blame Roberts too much. I also think that their hitting problem seems to be always swinging for the fences, too many strikeouts, and unproductive outs, instead of situational hitting, bunting, going the other way, etc. This is evidenced by about 200 more runs scored than runs against, which according to MLB stats should have produced a 90 wins, 46 losses record, and they would be leading the Giants by 3 or 4, instead of being tied. Their loss record in one run games and extras is clearly explained by the low RISP numbers and the above failures.

    1. Situational hitting, bunting… that comes from the Skipper in the dugout.

      Here is a novel idea, with a shift on, BUNT down the 3rd baseline! League wide collusion perhaps?

      Roberts has more ‘errors’ than the entire team on the field. Too bad they don’t have an error category for managers….

      1. Doug, I agree, because situational hitting on many occasions has escaped Roberts and certain players themselves. Not sure anyone can accurately count the many errors made on Robert’s part.

      2. How many more excuses can Roberts pull out of his ass-hat? Find a way to turn the page, it is what it is, find a way to win. Same old excuses he used for the past 3 years. I heard on the ESPN covered game that Bruce Boche is looking for a managerial position. Dusty Baker is also. @andrew_friedman pay attention. Either man could turn this team around. It’s ridiculous to have witnessed these type games played out almost all season. 8 and 9 inning, trying to play catch up.

        1. It is possible that Boche will be here next spring. Roberts is much loved by the team for his enthusiasm but that is not quite enough to win another WS. A manager that was not so ‘affectionate’ could have won 4 WS in a row and looking for a 5peat!

  5. Whenever I make a comment supporting Dave Roberts it doesn’t get printed but I’ll try again. No, the majority of real Dodger fans don’t think he costs the team wins. They support him. How many division titles has he won? Three World Series appearances! One WS stolen from him and the team and the first WS title in 32 years and these fair weather fans think it’s not enough. They say he is given the best teams so it should be easy to win. Try talking to Yankee fans. Your arguments don’t hold up. This site is called dosgersnation but they don’t print supporting posts and it’s populated with nay sayers who will find anything to complain about!

    1. Tony, putting a Catcher on first base that has never played the position before, then having that player not know how to adjust his footwork to catch a ball , which in essence costs the team a win in a divisional pennant race ,has nothing to do with division titles. Keeping your best bench player off of the roster because you have a personal vendetta against him is NOT giving his team the greatest chance to succeed and win. Allowing 3 players to hit below 170 at the expense of hundreds of outs and failures all because of Loyalty of what they did in the past is not only biased, but ignorantly inept. Batting a 170 hitter clean up when he can’t even make contact is absolutely retarded at this major league level. Failing to hit and run, sacrifice runners with bunts etc is really lame when these are all supposedly TEAM players. I could go on and on with THIS years examples of why Roberts has been costing this team wins. What any of these players have done in the past has absolutely zero effect on the here and Now . The question the author asks in this article has Nothing to do with last year or 8 divisions, nor the LOYALTY of any of we fans. Yes Roberts has been costing this team wins this year……

      1. Thank you Kirk for expressing the same thoughts as all of us “Naysayers”. One could not have put it any better!

      2. RIGHT ON THE MONEY, KIRK. Most of us know that with the talent this team has those division titles, etc were won by the players in spite of Robert’s inept management of the players and pitchers.

    2. Define “real” Dodger fans, please. I consider myself a real Dodger fan…going back to my childhood. I remember Walter Alston, Willie Davis and Claude Osteen in the early 70s. The youngins: Garvey, Lopes, Russell, Cey, Yeager, Ferguson. I remember losing WS in ’74, ’77 & ’78. The 1978 loss really hurt too.

      I was excited by Fernando and Hershiser in the 80s, but I also remember how bad Greg Brock was too. In the 90s there so many bad memories; trading Pedro, yes I was a Pedro fan – only before he was traded, then later trading Piazza. Strawberry was so disappointing but all those ROY’s were nice.

      Moron ownership in the new millennia almost killed my trust in the Big Blue Wrecking Crew, but I survived. Gagne gave me chills like no other with every entrance and I have loved our chances each season since Kershaw became the G.O.A.T.

      I have lived and died several times as a Dodger fan, so I believe I qualify as “real”. I also will now say that we are winning all these divisions and pennants and the championship IN SPITE of Roberts. Yes, he does a good job on occasion, but overall he has been a detriment. His lineups, whatever the analytics say, look like he lost a bet and was forced to wrote down what the winner told him to. He has no real sense during games either, has no clue about anything like hit and runs, seemingly forgets that stealing bases is allowed and his management of our pitchers is hilarious at times. I am very critical of him and will continue to be going forward. Tommy Lasorda spoiled me. Sorry, not sorry.

      So…I look forward to your answer as to what is a “real” dodger fan.

      1. Who should Roberts have played at first base in that situation? A pitcher. No one else was available. Bellinger hasn’t batted cleanup in months. “Personal vendetta “ no idea what you’re talking about. What team sacrifices these days? You say “ what any player has done in the past has nothing to do the here and now” yet you do nothing but state examples from past games. You can’t have it both ways. Do I agree with every move Roberts makes? No. But who does? I support him and his results.

        1. Tony, he should have played Beaty. Only a stooge would play Bellinger, Mckinnley and Mckinney over Beaty. Why isn’t Beaty on the Roster? There is absolutly NO logical explanation other than Bias. Bellinger was hitting cleanup for a week or 2. What sacrifices? Championship Winning teams can execute any sacrifice ” Like Barnes did” in a few games last playoff’s. We’ve all seen Bellinger lay down bunts to beat the shift numerous times. Roberts allows these players to try and Pad their stats in front of executing runners , and in front of team wins. He is extremely arrogant thinking his Bullwinkle rabbit out of the hat line ups that are 5 strong can beat every Major league team on any night. So my final thoughts, “anyone who has managed competitive baseball and played through college like I have” find it extremely hard to justify boneheaded decisions and rookie mistakes Roberts makes continually. Tony don’t forget the Dodgers have paid 275 MILLION dollars for this line up, I would take BOB Melvin in a heart beat to replace roberts. Just because I and many other Dodgers fans here call Roberts out doesn’t mean I don’t support the team and players. I honestly feel Roberts is Not a good manager…

          1. Well Kirk, one boneheaded decision was tobring up another pitcher to replace Pollock’s roster spot instead of Beaty. Honestly I follow Dodgers daily and want their success as much as anyone but quite frankly Roberts sickens me at times.

      2. I was there for all those Dodger memories as well. Real Dodger fans take the good with the bad. Do I agree with every move Roberts makes? No. Nor did I with Alston and Lasorda. You say you were spoiled by lasorda? He was a great manager but he won two world championships in all those years. Roberts now has one. Remember lasorda fall Ong asleep on the bench while managing? Trading Paul Konerko for Jeff Shaw as GM? Etc. He wasn’t perfect. Why do you expect Roberts to be? You say nothing positive about him. Real Dodger fans support their team and don’t constantly criticize a manager who has produced these kinds of results (the only thing that really matters).

        1. Tony….

          Give Lasorda todays roster vrs what he had….. Hard stop, end of story.

          BTW, Roberts may be a nice guy, but he sucks as a manager. Give him the Rockie roster see how he does. He is better served in the LA front office, PR Department.

        2. Hey Paul, if you follow the Dodgers daily, then you would know that they will have 2 bullpen games coming up in St. Louis and needing White to start one of those games. Because he was recently sent down, he wasn’t eligible to return to the team yet, but the only way he could come back this soon, was to replace an injured player, which was Pollack. The Dodgers lost these two games in San Fran over the weekend, because they didn’t come through in the clutch, like the Giants did. They batted .202 for the series and left plenty of men on base. The offensive effort was embarrassing this weekend, considering the talent we have, 1 to 7. The 8th hitter, Belli, is an automatic out these days, and shouldn’t be in the lineup at all. He is clearly still recovering from shoulder surgery and we need to wait until next Spring to see if he can really turn it around. As far as the batting order is concerned, should be T.Turner, Betts, Seager, J.Tuner, Muncy, Smith, Taylor, Belli, pitcher. Should really be Beaty in there for Belli. And for Robert’s….no one ever mentions the front office influence on the day to day lineups, which I am sure they have a lot of say in. Some of the brunt must go on them as well. At the end of the day, with Max, Buehler, Urias and Kershaw, as the starting 4 in the playoffs and our lineup, I still like our chances come October.

    3. Most comments are printed Tony, though after reading yours, I can understand. You are lost in a dream. Speaking for most Dodger fans Tony? Well …who gave you the mic? Maybe take off your rose colored glasses to maybe see what’s going on that the “naysayers” complain about.

    4. Dave roberts is a failure. I see how many years he’s been lacking in judgement with his hitters pitching staff and wrong second guesses or lack of reasonable thinking
      We lose so much more often than necessary because of hie decisions

    5. Tony Tony Tony… have you not watched the way he bungles one decision after another.?? The team wins despite the idiot in the pilot seat.

    6. You are totally wrong !Don’t compare Yankees to dodgers cause they don’t have te pitching that we do.They don’t have 1 mvp player we have 4 . Not even close in talent Yes dumb roberts causes a lot of losses . Even when astros cheated the 7th game was at dodger stadium but he chose Darvish over Kershaw rest is history.

  6. @Tony, you’re entitled to your opinion. But I disagree with you. How can you honestly say that Roberts hasn’t caused the Dodgers to lose games maybe even a WS? Any true DODGER fan isn’t afraid to put the blame where it belongs. So you don’t think Roberts bringing in Jensen time and time again knowing that he kept blowing leads didn’t lose games for us? Or how about when he brought in Kershaw against the Nationals, everyone except him saw that he didn’t have his pitches that night but yet left him in and what happened? Game 7 against the Astros, Darvish was getting knocked around yet again he decided to leave him in game which caused the DODGERS the WS. When the Yankees had a similar roster to the DODGERS, they won multiple WS and created one of the best dynasties in MLB just ask the Atlanta Braves.

  7. I have a problem with Robert’s obsession to have a roster short of a position player or 2. Right now, when most thought Beaty would replace Pollock on the roster because he cannplay LF well enough, yet he brings up another pitcher ( White instead) so we have 16 pitchers compared to only 12 position players. Whatch Roberts in his ultimate wisdom run out of position players in a late inning tie game that goes into extras..

  8. Good lord some of you need a reality check. I see people blaming Dave f’n Roberts for the lack of situational hitting. Is Dave in the batters box himself swinging the bat?! You all act like Dave pitches, hits and plays the field himself.

    Now don’t get me wrong, Dave isn’t a great game manager and he has been noticeably worse this year, no question about that. But some of the stuff fans blame him for is mind blowing. How is it his fault that the Dodgers have runners on 1st and 3rd with no outs and the next 3 guys can’t scratch a run across??? Unless Dave is in the batters box himself I can’t see how that can be his fault. And if you want to mention hitting philosophy, that ain’t on Dave Roberts, that’s on the organization. Every single organization is emphasizing launch angle and hitting home runs throughout their entire system right now. And some of you want these guys to come up and all of a sudden be Tony Gwynn and hit it the other way every time. That’s the quickest way for me to know who has and hasn’t played high level baseball. When you’re taught something one way and told by your organization to always do it that way…you do it that way. If these organizations were teaching hitters to go against the shift and put the ball in play, then players would start doing that! (Which would be a very smart thing for organizations to start doing right now btw) Players are currently incentivized to hit the ball out of the park as much as possible and not worry about striking out so that’s what they try to do every time they come up to the plate.

    Dave Roberts clearly isn’t the best but he’s a solid MLB manager. His in game tactics are lacking, no question about that. But here’s one thing some of you all fail to realize…Dave’s clubhouse management skills are ELITE. You do not realize how difficult it is to get these guys, who have all been the best players on their teams their entire lives, to buy into the way the Dodgers do things with constant positional switching and hitting in different spots in the lineup every night. Just look down the road in SD. You can tell Tingler doesn’t have the clubhouse buying into the way he’s running things. Dave being able to manage the clubhouse the way he does and get the most out of these guys day in and day out is truly incredible.

    Last thing I’ll say, you all LOVE to blame Dave whenever something goes wrong or the Dodgers lose. Yet, you never give him any credit when the Dodgers win (which happens quite a bit if you didn’t know). Instead of blaming Dave for everything, maybe every once in a while blame the players on the field who aren’t executing. The Dodgers didn’t lose that game on Friday because Will Smith was playing first base. They lost that game because the players didn’t execute at the plate and Trea Turner couldn’t make a basic throw. That’s not on Dave Roberts. Dave’s bullpen moves have been virtually impeccable for months now (funny how that works when the pitchers in the bullpen are actually doing their jobs) yet he makes one questionable move bringing in Graterol that doesn’t work out and all of a sudden he can’t manage a bullpen again. He gets no credit when the bullpen dominates for months yet all the criticism when one player doesn’t do his job. The Dodgers won that 16 inning game in SD in part because of Dave’s deft managing…no credit. Graterol comes in and gives up a game tying homer in a game the Dodgers eventually win…Dave’s an awful bullpen manager. It’s laughable. I’m all for healthy criticism of a manager and his decision making but this blaming Dave for everything shit has gotten way too toxic.

    TL, DR: Dave Roberts may not be the best manager but he’s no where near the worst. Stop blaming him for every single thing that goes wrong.

    1. But what if the SAME things go wrong Over and Over and Over? And he’s the one making the decisions. Roberts was given a 275 million dollar team, by far outspending everyone else. Put Roberts on the D-backs, Pirates, Marlins which is where he’ll end up just like Mattingly. Who else should we blame? Isn’t that a part of the Job? I’ve seen plenty of times on here where he is applauded for making the move we ALL suggested. He has the keys to a ferrari, and constantly forgets to put gas in the tank….

    2. spot on Jay. Fans all fall into typical responses and follow the herd. Doc is a fine mgr, not perfect, but good enough to win the division each year and 3 WS appearances. Get Kersh and Tgon back and watch the Dodgers win the division. ALL teams are teaching launch angle, HR or K, or walk – that’s the state of baseball at the moment. can’t blame doc for that. lastly despite all the injuries throughout the lineup this year, Dodgers are still the #2 team in baseball, and they are not there if doc isn’t managing

  9. Never fear, in today’s line Bellinger and his .169 BA are batting 8th. I still cannot believe Beaty wasn’t re- called instead of another pitcher. Oh wait, so Roberts can enjoy anther BP game on Tuesday…..

    1. Once again further justifying my reasoning that it’s a personal Vendetta Roberts leaves Beaty off of the roster. I’m starting to think he doesn’t want him on the bench because he makes Bellinger look like the washed up player he has become. Beaty also hits as well as a few other starters lately and Roberts would be forced to play him. Roberts IS THE PROBLEM, not Beaty!!!

  10. Dave Roberts needs to stop reading “Managing Baseball For Dummies – 2020 edition”. if you have all-stars, its easy to win. don’t believe me…? ask Don Mattingly how his Marlins are doing… have they been in the play-offs since he’s been there…?

  11. You can’t win ball games if you don’t hit the ball and get on base to score the runs! Roberts controls the line u and pitching. The rest of the team needs to do the rest! And that’s not happening more times than not! Bellinger, Taylor and Betts are struggling. LET’S GO DODGER’S!

  12. I had to turn the game off. Giants reserve bull pen smoking the Dodgers. Mckinnley, Bellinger ofers…. Nobody trying to hit singles. Upper cutting, Bellinger could have easily bunted in the 3rd with 2 on nobody out…The usual…..Predictable…….The giants just proved they’re are a better team beating Buhler. It is what it is…….Roberts should just get his wish and start resting everyone right now thinking his bench will just flip a magic switch when the Wild card game comes along….Pathetic…

  13. I also wanted to turn the game off because it was difficult to watch, especially with my spouse who is a Giants fan. I do not think that the Giants are the overall better team and I definitely do not think they are the better team simply because they “beat” Buehler. What I do think is that the Giants played smarter consistent ball tonight and the Dodgers did not. Buehler was definitely not at his best, but our offense did absolutely nothing to try and support him, and Belli’s bat was not the only cold one. Until Albert came through pinch hitting in the 9th inning, we, as a collective, were pathetically lackluster. Twice the bases were loaded during this game and we did not capitalize, sad. As a consequence, the Giants are now back in the lead…by 1 game…1 game…and 1 game is not insurmountable unless we allow it to be. Come on, Dodgers!

  14. Is Dopey Davey costing us wins.? Does a bear hibernate in winter.?? This guy has shown time and again his in game moves blow up in his face. Using 11 pitchers in a game 5 more the next night. Backfired when Urias only went 6 and Buehler went 3. He’s burned out the bullpen so badly he chose to pitch Justin Turner only trailing 5-0. Uses a different lineup every night which causes inconsistency and leaves RISP. Double switched removing Betts one night and Muncy another night. No running game, no small ball. Trae Turner sits at the top of the lineup and he rarely steals, we live and die by the home run. He is so stuck on that black book he carries, without it, he’s paralyzed. Pinch hitting players in wrong situations, overuse the pen and empty the bench. Example was that 11 inning game.. I’m convinced the Scherzer hamstring was baloney. Davey Dingbat pulled him because the book told him to and the hammie story was bunk. He doesn’t trust his starters but tonight, because of his stupidity on Friday, he hung Buehler out to dry, bumped up his ERA & may have cost him the Cy Young. The pitching staff is a mess because of his mishandling of the staff. Injuries, tired arms is the fault of Dopey Davey. We won last year because 62 games is not enough to kill a bullpen. I believe the team, assembled as it is, wins despite the manager but when it comes to a critical situation, Dave Roberts is the definition of abject failure.

    1. hahaha! abject failure – that takes the cake! #2 team in baseball with all the injuries and doc is mgr of the year if Dodgers end up in first in the division

  15. Hey doc if a player is slumping sit them down try to stretch out your starter a little longer dont wear out the bullpen. Glad you some pitchers coming back. Sweep the cardinals. Go blue

  16. Dave Roberts is one of the worst coaches in MLB. The Dodgers should have three World Series wins in the last 10 years but only have one because he sucks. Albert Pujols should be playing first base and Cody Bellinger should be sitting the bench.

      1. This stagnant schizophrenic offense has been going on the entire season. I believe it all falls down to the hitting coaches and their philosophy. It’s obvious most players are swinging for the fences they’re not manufacturing runs, they don’t shorten their swings and they got school by the Giants who showed them how its done when you’re playing offense.

        I really believe a change at the hitting coaches will help stop wasting all this offensive talent the Dodgers have, and if they don’t get to Bellinger and dismantle everything inside his narrow minded head he could be lost for the ages. I don’t think the Dodgers have the right personnel to do that so the off season is critical.

  17. Seems like he loves to pull pitchers when they are doing good and bring in the bull pen and things go south from there.

  18. Leaving Beaty out of the mix is another lousy decision. Roberts decisions are poor too often! He stays with slumping field players too long and stays with obvious pitchers in control and delivery troubles too long!! He also puts rookies into pressure situations that call for a pitcher with experience.

  19. Roberts must find the courage to convince Bellinger that he is hurting the team right now and he should request a two-week stint in the minors to work on his swing. It is a TEAM sport, when you are as off as he is you must take one for the team. His teammates will respect him for doing it. They will not ask him to.

  20. Yes, Friday night, Roberts forced his own hand by pinch-hitting for his last 1B-man in the 11th inning. Okay, no issue with pinch-running for Pujols. But now you have both Barnes and Smith going in the field. Smith has only played catcher. Barnes has at least played 2nd Base on the Dodgers. So it seems less of a stretch to keep Smith behind the plate, put Barnes on first or even have Barnes play 3rd and move JT from 3rd to first base.

    Also, what’s with hanging men out to dry by having them leave 3rd on gound balls to the shortstop with no outs. At least, keep the guy on 3rd with one out and a chance for a SAC fly or possible grounder to second. Just a waste of a guy 90 feet away from home.

  21. My ONLY issue with management of the game was putting someone in to close it out in the 10th with someone who hadn’t pitched since 2019. You need to close the game out. We didn’t have many arms left, but options were – bring in Kenley for a second inning and only allow him to give up one base runner before pulling him, or second option bring in Phillips first who at least pitched in MLB recently. Everything else is expected – cold bats, roll dice on a couple of expectations…normal stuff.

  22. LOL to funny.. Roberts has cost wins since he been manger.. only this year it shows a lot more.. get rid of the bum

    1. yeah too funny – #2 record in baseball despite of all the injuries. why, he should be 162-0 with this team, otherwise he’s the worst! He can’t manage, he makes mistakes. If we had (fill in the lank _______________) we’d never lose another game!!! hahahahaha!

  23. Hell yeah he is! When players are hot hf cools them down by giving them days off. players get paid alot of money to be sitting on the bench. Roberts needs help on pitching choice’s and or let pitchers pitch when they are hot( 1 inning bs).

  24. Dave Roberts is using the wrong criteria in filling out his line up card. How in the world do you bat Mookie Betts in the third position? It doesn’t play to his strength. It plays to his weakness and it shows. And yet Roberts continues to bat him there while batting Seaver down in the order. Roberts is hampering the team with his goofy strategy and it’s time for someone to let him know he’s hurting the team.

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