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Dodgers Issue Statement in Wake of MLB’s Mandatory Hiatus

The Dodgers have issued an official statement in the wake of baseball being canceled. Major League Baseball put all baseball operations on hold and pushed back regular-season games at least two weeks. 

One of the main concerns with fans right now is how the logistics of Opening Day are going to work. For fans who had tickets to the first couple of games, it’s a question of if those tickets will only apply to when the team starts playing again or if those original games will be rescheduled. In that particular case, fans would have far overpaid as Opening Day tickets are very expensive. 

In coordination with MLB, we will provide more information about our plans, including our ticket policy for impacted games, as soon as it is available. 

The Dodgers were slated to play 13 games in the two weeks time frame that Opening Day was pushed back. Six of those games were at home while seven of them were on the road against the Giants and Cardinals. If the season were to start after the estimated April 8th pushback, it is unclear if the Dodgers will play their scheduled games or if the entire season shifts. There are more considerations to take in with regards to ballparks being scheduled for other events. 

Major League Baseball has joined the NBA, NHL, and MLS as professional sports all begin to take steps to ensure the safety and health of players and organizations. It is not yet clear what will happen after the two weeks, but more should be made clear in the coming days. Stay tuned, and stay safe.

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  1. absolutely the right move…be proactive. This virus isn’t going away as long as there are people and no way to treat it effectively consistently. I’d say the seasons of all sports are done this year. just as soon as they ok play there will be rebirth of the pandemic. Even movie theaters are in jeopardy for quite a while. Epidemiologists will back up the need to do all we can to slow it down. These moved have no effect on killing it off, they do buy more time by reducing chances of spreading to new hosts.

    So folks, i wouldn’t count on this season being played. Same of all major events & sports. That’s the smart play.

    As a 50yr+ Dodgers fan…it’s just the Dodgers luck. Building one of the best lineups, maybe ever, in Dodger history…Betts it was nice to see ya and imagine the potential, best of luck with whoever you sign with in after season is officially done.

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