Dodgers: It’s Time To End The Joe Kelly Experiment

It was not supposed to be this way with Joe Kelly. After last night’s 5-3 loss in Anaheim, a game in which Kelly fell to 1-3 on the season with a 7.59 ERA; I had an epiphany of sorts.

Moreover, I was a believer in the guy. This past winter, I openly predicted that Kelly would have so much success; he would push Kenley Jansen for the closer role. Remember, the Dodgers sprinkled in some incentives that would benefit one that settles into a closer’s role for Kelly in December.

However the player I saw in Anaheim on Monday night didn’t resemble anything of the same pitcher I remember this past October. That version of Joe Kelly would have handed a tied game to the next member of the bullpen with an opportunity to win the game.

Instead, we all know what took place.

Joe Kelly’s Disastrous Inning

After a walk, intentional walk, another walk, and finally a wild-pitch for the cherry on top; I realized. Kelly is a broken product right now, and the Dodgers do not have the luxury of buyer’s remorse.

For when you sign a high-priced reliever in the offseason, you don’t have the option of doing anything but allowing the guy to work things out on the fly. Except it’s not working out, and the definition of insanity is to continue attempting the same thing to failed result.

Of course, Kelly got the loss; and we will not review his entire stat line which resembles a pinball machine scoreboard. By looking forward and not in the rear view, it’s time for the Dodgers to take charge of this situation and try something different.

Moving Forward With Joe Kelly In Los Angeles

Indeed, Kelly’s bobblehead night is Thursday evening at Dodger Stadium. All joking aside, it’s time to shelve the failed experiment; for right now.

Coming from one of his most staunch supporters, we’re at the point where I don’t think Kelly works this out at the big-league level. Moreover, I think Kelly exhibited some early signs of the ‘Yips’ in Anaheim on Monday night. If you don’t know what that term is for, click right here.

Kelly does not trust the ball within his hand currently. Without throwing stats out there or extended analysis, it’s time to send him to the minor leagues for an extended rehab assignment. All of this following a possible IL-stint, whatever that injury of choosing might be.

I was once passionate enough to nickname him ‘Killer Kelly’ and think this was the missing link in a Dodgers’ title run. Now, I’m passionate enough to pen this short column and tell you if the Dodgers want to salvage this with Kelly; they must change gears now.

There’s enough time left in this season for Kelly to return with confidence in August and September, and provide a shot in the arm. If they don’t take this measure now, it’s going to end up a sunk cost entirely.

How Would You Handle Joe Kelly?

I’m not going to pretend I am part of a baseball coaching staff or front office. There’s a reason I have a job under neon lights doing something entirely different then the game of baseball. However, I want to hear how you would handle Joe Kelly right now.

Were you a believer in Kelly when Los Angeles signed him – and do you think it’s a situation that can be salvaged? Finally, how do you see this scenario turning out in the chapters to come?

Let us know in the comments section below!

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  1. From his first pathetic blown save as a Dodger this season, I can not stomach this guy. So he can throw a 98mph fastball, who cares. He sucks. What a complete waste of 25 million. What he did in Anaheim the other night was sickening. Walks With wild pitches. The Angels had no hits and he finds a pathetic way to lose. And this is not a one time thing with him, he has done this several times.
    I am a big Dodger fan, but our bullpen isn’t remotely good enough right now for us to compete for a World Series. Kenley has been awesome lately but everyone else, not so much. I hope and I pray that we can find some actual bullpen help before the trade deadline. And when it comes to bringing Joe Kelly into a future Dodgers game this year, we better be way up or way down in the score so Kelly does not give up any more pathetic runs by walking and wild pitching the opposing teams players. In a perfect world, the Dodgers would cut him now.

    1. It’s a unique situation for sure with Kelly, given the money they spent on him. I never saw it playing out this poorly. At this point, I wonder if he gives the Dodgers any useful innings over the life of the contract. Anything is possible right now.

      1. Clint what were you thinking? Didnt you look at his career numbers. Even last year he was almost left off Boston’s playoff roster. Two good weeks and we gave him 25 mil.?

        1. I guess I liked the fact that a veteran live arm was coming back to basically his hometown to fill a role he had shown he could fill on the grandest of stages. As I tell people ‘it should have worked’, but you can say that about a lot of things in life, I suppose.

          1. What Joe Kelly seriously needs is to regain his confidence. He has definitely suffered from the yips at times. Monday’s Angel game was merely the most stark and recent example. I suggest an IL stint and a rehab assignment in AAA to work it out. He has the talent and the skills; he just needs to get back on track. It’s a mental issue. Unfortunately, the Dodgers cannot afford to allow him to do that in high-leverage situations at the moment.

          2. Just my opinion for what it’s worth and that ain’t much but, I think something is going on in his personal life? Who knows? I still feel like he can be a dominant reliever, he just need to go out there and throw and relax.

      2. How many games have the dodgers wine by more than 5 runs for him not getting run during those games. Yet they pitch him in clutch situations. He isn’t clutch right now. Have him eat innings in blow outs until he masters that.

  2. Use Kelly in blowout situations only either way or not at all. Wasted money. Need a real 7th or 8th guy or we don’t get out of the National League playoffs. Mr. Friedman has a lot work to do before July 31. On Seager going to the IL,bring up Gavin Lux to handle shortstop in his absence. Transfer Cingrani to the 60 Day IL and add Lux to the 40 man roster.He can hit .Need better right handed hitters for the playoffs also,especially second base.

    1. That will never happen! Lux has MAJOR fielding issues, and can’t be trusted to handle SS. His future the the majors will be at 2b. Is he a great left handed hitter? Yes, but if he can’t be trusted on the field, it’s not gonna happen. What the team really needs to do at the deadline is package Barnes, Taylor and some prospects for some relief help. Will Smith needs to be the every day catcher.

      1. Totally agree about Smith. I wouldn’t have sent him back down in the first place. I’m convinced that he’s ready

    2. The only problem is, they have been doing that some with Kelly and it’s been to indifferent results/improvement. Inevitably if he’s down in the pen his number will be called in a tight game (like Monday) and when that happens, he has to be able to be viable. They have to rebuild him to salvage this at all.

  3. I agree totally. As a BIG Dodger fan and have watched them play for 44 years, I can only say that Joe Kelly definitely doesn’t have it. Every time Roberts puts him in the game, I cringe. I think he should go to the Minors and work with the pitching staff to shake off the nerves and regain that fantastic arm he had last year. I’m not sure if it will work but if he could come thru for us in the playoffs, it would be well worth it!

  4. Everytime I’m watching the game, the minute I get a notification Kelly is coming, my first thought is “Great!” And not in a good way. Especially in close games. I agree with the comment above, only using him in a blow out situation is BS and it is a waste of money. I say, send him to the minors, I know that’s not a smart idea but what else is the Dodgers gonna do, trade him? No one is gonna want him. If a trade is possible, the Dodgers are going to have to package him and they’ll lose 2 or 3 players cause of it. I still have faith he can turn it around, fingers crossed boys!!!!

    1. You can’t send him to the minors is the problems. Well…unless he would accept it. Which is highly unlikely

      1. He might – if they sit him down and convince him it’s for his own good. Using the numbers as the evidence of course.

  5. I stand with Joe Kelly. He will rebound, and when he does…..OH TOMMY LASORDA!!!! Send him to the Minors for a couple weeks for mechanics tuning, and watch the brilliance illuminate Chavez Ravine and everywhere in between.

      1. JK will rebound. Dude has roven to be huge money pitcher in past. He will triumph again.

  6. Get Hand from Cleveland… Great reliever… While we’re dealing with Cleveland, trade for their great young shortstop Lindor… He can fill in for Seager at SS while his hamstring heals, then move to 2B…

    1. You’re retarded you think they can get Hand AND Lindor without selling the whole farm? You think Lindor is going to want to move to 2nd? This isn’t a video game, he’s a star shortstop and for good reason

  7. I didnt like the move from the start, Dodgers have a way of making all stars out of scrubs and while his World Series numbers were phenomenal Joe Kelly had an ERA above 4 entering the playoffs. We should have let him remain their hot streak hero.
    The only answer really is to let him work it out in low leverage situations as they had been. Ditch this awful breaking ball crusade and get him back to throwing the heater. Hopefully Friedman will look at the overall body of work the next time he sees a pitcher get hot in the playoffs. I havent been a Joe Kelly fan since he busted Hanley in the ribs a few years ago to end our playoff run, but this is a new level of annoyance with him. The only thing I hope is that Friedman learns from the Darvish fiasco and doesnt place misguided faith in Kelly when it matters.

  8. well, nobody’s gonna buy, or trade for him. So, he simply must be “let go” with a generous severance package, or relegated to the minors until he has a respectable ERA for an entire minor league season. There are no other options, really.

  9. Being a veteran of so many years in the big leagues, Kelly can turn down any request that the Dodgers make of him to go to the minors. Putting him on the IL and then rehab in the minors or extended spring training in Arizona is the only way to go.

    1. But would he turn it down? Knowing that this is his hometown team – and that a rehab stint may be his best course of action? Does he want to go through the waiver process and risk going to throw for Miami, etc. ?

      1. I don’t see why he wouldn’t do it either he knows he is broken at this point you can see it on his face when he goes to the bench after screwing up and blowing leads. He really can’t be used at Dodger Stadium right now. When the fans boo you and cheer for Dave Roberts when he comes to take the ball from you its obviously psychologically damaging. I think he is even too far off at this point to use in “low leverage” situations basically it’s saying don’t worry if you screw up it’s not going to affect the outcome of the game. Do a “Yasiel Puig” send him to the minors give him a chance to work on things until he can prove that he belongs back on the roster. It looks like doing so pissed off Caleb Ferguson enough that he used the opportunity to make some improvements and granted it is a small sample size but he looked a lot better against the Angels.

      2. Totally agree. I think at this point he probably understands he can’t work his issues out in big league games. I think it would be possible to talk him into a 6 week vacation to Oklahoma

  10. Kelly’s 8th inning was a complete (embarrassing) disaster. There is no conceivable rationale for using Kelly “as is”, wasted money or not, in any high leverage situations. I concur with Dodgers fans that advocate for sending Kelly down to the Minors. It is painfully obvious that Kelly needs extensive rehab to address his mechanics, as well as his mental game. Maybe he will be able to effectively work out whatever he needs to there. At this point, bringing Kelly into a game (especially a close one) to perform poorly is not only unfair to starting pitcher, the rest of the team, fans….but its also unfair to Joe Kelly. Obviously, there is something seriously wrong with him right now that is not being “figured out” on the mound.

  11. Friedman is afraid to go all in and get the Dodgers established relief help. We’ve seen it in the past with his reclamation projects. Let’s not forget that Jansen can opt out of his contract at the end of the season. Then what? Boy, Kimbrel would have looked good in Dodger blue.

    1. The Dodgers could have landed the established relief you talk about and could have signed Kimbrel… However, according to the reports, he wanted to be labeled the closer and we all know that while Jansen has struggled early this year, he’s been really good lately. Maybe some of this lands on Jansen? Did he just choose that he’d rather be labeled as the closer instead of World Series Champion? Only time well tell.

  12. Like Costco and Home Depot, can’t we take it back and it does not work? I want a refund or at least a do-over!

    Really, DFA him and eat the money; it’s going to cost us a lot more if we keep him.

  13. Joe needs to be sent to the minors, until he can regain his 2018 form. pretty simple.

  14. I completely agree with Scott S. Chalk it up as a weak purchase at best and lets move on.

  15. Never liked the signing. I cited his medicore regular season stats and how it was a bad signing. When he first started to struggle I loved it and revelled in it. Now……i hate being right….

  16. I think his time in Dodger Blue is done with. My first option would be to move him – attached with one of our dozen minor league assets and/or with one of our surplus rotation players. Let somebody else pay for his couch visits to the sports psychologist. I would be willing to see Muncy (he will never be a plus fielder), Taylor, Hernandez, or Joc dealt along with him to get us some bullpen help.
    If we can’t move him, then I like your idea of exile and rehab in the minors. Bring him back in September.
    What a waste of a bobble-head.

    1. Beginning to believe that, if they can’t turn it around soon might be good to deal Kike and Chris Taylor. The occasional home run or extra base hit, matched up against the numerous strikeouts, ( especially Taylor) GIDPs and general lack of production with men on base , is not worth it.

      As for Muncy, definitely do NOT believe he should be trade bait. He’ll never win a gold glove, but is at least average in the field and, even when not hitting, somehow manages to get on base. He’s a smart player with a good eye. I think I might keep him just for that reply to Madbum the other day.Ordered the Tee!

      With Peterson I could go either way trade-wise. Average fielder, a lot of pop against righties ( when he’s not TRYING to hit a home run every time), but can’t hit lefties to save his life. Unless he learns how, he will be forever a platoon player or a one dimensional player (DH) in the AL Verdugo, Bellinger and Seager have all shown they can hit lefties. What’s with Joc?

  17. I totally agree with your approach to this situation. I Love Dave Roberts, I think he’s a very nice person, BUT sometimes he tries so hard to give a player his confidence back that it ends up being worse for the player and the team. I believe if Roberts as an “Achilles Heel” to his coaching style it’s just this, he tries too hard to help out some of his players and he loses sight of the entire team and it’s goals. I believe this is one of the reasons we lost the last 2 World Series. Don’t get me wrong I truly believe Dave is one of the nicest men on the face of the earth, but it’s bit him in the behind too many times, especially when it comes to his bull pen. As for the bobble head night, don’t players usually have to earn that honor over a year or more of great play??? What are we doing here honoring Kelly for being “lights out” against us in the World Series??? I hope my team that I’ve rooted for, for almost 60 years has learned a valuable lesson with this adventure in craziness!

    1. Let’s salvage this before it’s too late. I still have hopes of JK throwing meaningful innings for the Dodgers in October. *IF* the right move is made right now.

  18. what a pathetic game..3 or 4 batters in a row, auto outs…kiki, taylor, barnes, and all the runners left on base and kelly who had problems finding the plate with Boston and now with LA……it is showing that playing against the AL is a losing situation and we need to improve in that area too…..

  19. This Angel series is exactly why you need to not be to confident about this season Dave Roberts will never win a ring in my option for example why use Kelly the night before last in a 3 to 3 game in the eighth losing was no surprise dumb?
    these Dodgers now officially are in a slump losing 5 of the last 7 odds of 3 rd straight appearance in the WS based on history a long shot , this year will end in complete disappointment but next year because we are really talented with a new skipper my gut tells me will be our year .

  20. Yeah, it wasn’t like he had great numbers coming in…except against the Dodgers in the WS. Meanwhile, we passed on the Adam Ottavinos and Zach Brittons. Yes, yes, the Friedman Fanboys continue to say that Kelly will “turn it around.” Of course, if we cut him loose he will suddenly rediscover his “Dodger killing” instinct when someone like the Cubs or the Nats pick him up. Maybe the only good use for him is to pitch BP against the Dodgers for the rest of the year. One or two good outcomes. Either he pitches BP badly and the Dodgers regain the confidence they lost in last year’s World Series or he pitches BP well and the Dodgers gain confidence in knowing that he can’t be brought out of the to squelch them every other day.

  21. In addition to sending Kelly to the minors, he needs a really thorough medical check up. I noticed the constant blinking and weird facial ticks during the world series and it has only gotten worse when he is on the mound this year. And Monday night he really looked like something was seriously wrong with him.

  22. That’s exactly what I was thinking after that Angel fiasco. He needs to be sent down. It’s difficult to send down a player with a contract because 1.) he needs to clear waivers (which his $25 million contract and lack of performance say it is almost a certainty) and 2.) he needs to voluntarily accept an assignment to triple A. But “faking” an injury, which has become the Dodger way in recent years, is far from a stretch. I was a big believer in his stuff and performance in October, but if you look at current video and match that with the postseason, his mechanics are so out of whach. He seems to hesitate in his delivery now and as a result is showing the ball slightly longer for a hitter to pick, and we all know a second is like a minute for a professional hitter. This leads me to believe he’s tipping pitches and it can be a quick mechanical fix, which I find it astonishing that the Dodger brass hasn’t noticed this. Maybe they have, and Kelly isn’t just buying this. In which case, this is more of a mental and emotional distress. Sending him on the 10-day IL to clear his head for those 10 days, then put him in an extended rehab assignment in the minors, just as you proposed, is the perfect way to get Joe’s head right, build his confidence, and prepare him for the battlefield that is the major leagues.
    Whatever you may think about the Kelly signing, we can all agree that the bullpen needs major help, and probably another starting position player that can handle the postseason pressures ala David Freese (aka contact bat such as Anthony Rendon or Whit Merrifield). That Pollock signing, too early to tell, but that’s the one that I believe was a sunk cost. Call it the curse of wearing #11 for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Will Smith and Jake Diekman would be much welcomed boosts. If we’re going even bigger, which we should, Felipe Vazquez and Brad Hand are musts. Shane Greene, Seth Lugo, Hansel Robles, or even Kirby Yates. Whatever. We just need at least two more bullpen pieces to solidify ourselves in October.
    Add these pieces, get Joe Kelly right, get Corey back, and we will be the team to beat in the World Series. Or just move Kershaw to the bullpen for October!

  23. Red Sox fan here. We have an awful pen and I still wouldn’t have re-signed Kelly. He has always been, is and only will ever be the following: 1/3 of the time he’s unavailable/ 1/3 of the time he’s unhittable/ 1/3 of the time he’s the worst pitcher on Earth. He WILL be as dominant as he was last October again. You just never know WHEN. He can be unhittable for 2-3 weeks against ANY lineup. Then he’s awful for 3 weeks. Then he’s hurt. I feel bad for anyone who actually hoped for better—because you couldn’t have ever took the time to see the obvious. He had 3 months last year with an ERA over 8.20… this has all been pre-ordained. This is who he is. It’s a surprise and a shame the Dodgers didn’t know this.

  24. I was also a Joe Kelly supporter. I felt like he would be a solid 7th-85th inning option. I also thought he was just an inch from turning things around. But now, it looks like he has caught the yips. Not enough blowouts to allow him to work it out. He needs to be sent to the IL. I agree with you Clint. He has to go to a back lot for awhile. No press, no viewers. Just a catcher. Focus on “Tunnel Vision”. Talk tunnel vision. Nothing else. Give it 2 or 3 weeks. Then minor league stint. See how it goes. If good- back to LA. If not, back lot again. Until it works.

  25. I’m a Dodgers fan. Always have been. I’m also a Colorado Rockies fan. Always have been. So as to the Joe Kelly experiment I only have one thing to say. Can you say “Mike Hampton”? Dodgers need to just walk away. Just let him go. Eat the 25 mil. Just walk away. Nothing good will come of this.

  26. Friedman needs to get off his duff and trade Taylor Joc Barnes and prospects. Go get Starlin Castro to play SS until Seager gets back and then move him to 2B. Eat the money and DFA Kelly. Let Will Smith catch. Last night we had 3 .215 hitters in the lineup… Taylor, Kike and Barnes. Two of them need to go. Pay whatever it takes to get Brad Hand. We dont need Alexander back either.

    1. Great point, Clint, sitting 10 games up in the division, a month before the all-star break we should definitely start a fire sale. don’t be surprised if Friedman resigns and the ownership gives you a call. Joc Pederson only has 5 world series homeruns, and kike, that meaningless 5 rbi game against boston in game2 last year? total trash ! Those big name middle of the season moves (Darvish, Machado) On the other hand, they really impressed. We definitely should fix it, especially if it’s not broken. I don’t know how Andrew, Dave and the gang could even manage to keep their jobs given this horrific two game losing streak.

    2. The way Taylor and Barnes are struggling with their bat, the only one in that group that has any kind of trade value is Joc. Yet, why trade a guy who has 18 home runs while platooning in the outfield. He has 18 home runs yet, has anywhere from 20 to 60 fewer at bats than those who have more home runs. Plus, you trade both Taylor and Joc and who’s going to play LF??

  27. Honestly, I root for this guy to fail every time he steps on the mound. He will never be a Dodger! He broke Hanley Ramirez ribs in a dirty Joe Kelly moment when he was with the cardinals, ruining our season. He overly celebrated our demise in last years WS! When I was observing him at camelback ranch earlier in the year, I saw a man child who was not focused and honestly mentally looked a little off…. This administration should never have signed this clown. Dodger fans have good memories and will never embrace Joe Kelly. Now for your question lol, with his permission send him down to minors, get him right and trade him for anything we can get…

  28. The Dodgers farm system is a gold mine. It’s time to send Kelly down and bring in someone to mold and reward solid pitching. Really, it couldn’t be any worse than Kelly at this point.

  29. Joe needs to get work at AA level, and come back. Bad as his inning was, Muncy didn’t help with an error, and Joe did strike out the side.
    We will not get Lindor for any of our prospects and Hand will cost you a regular position player plus Ruiz. Joe’s difficulties do not warrant a panic solution like empty the cupboard to get a relief pitcher. Seager is more problematic, but still workable; Taylor at short is a drop off but until the last couple weeks Cory hasn’t been the Corey of old and still the Dodgers are 20 games over .500. Keep the faith.

  30. He is only tipping his pitches in the sense that it’s either a ball and/or wild pitch.

  31. Clint Evans – I agree with your philosophy regarding Kelly. However, as I have stated here and elsewhere many times before, I DO NOT believe in giving long term contracts to relievers (three years is long term). Relievers rarely ever perform to high standards for any length of time and Kelly had not shown he would break that mold.
    Send him to the minors, eat the contract, who cares. The Dodgers should learn from this mistake regarding relievers. Albeit, but they won’t, as no teams ever do.
    I may not be as informed as you are, since I assume you’re around these guys, but as a Dodger fan of 60 years, I’ve also seen alot.

  32. All you had to do was look at his record and tell his post season was a fluke. The launch angle Dodgers’ uppercut swing played right into his high fastball. He had ERA’s over 8 for 3 of the last four months of 2018. EIGHT! Right in line with April, May, and June of 2019. His career FIP is over 4. There is nothing in his resume that says elite.

  33. If we got rid of everyone who hits a rough patch, there would be no left. Kike and CT3 are obviously struggling…and it could be argued that the two of them are costing us more in the way of (loses) than Kelly.

    Everyone needs to take a deep breath and let this guy find his game. The reality is he just signed a 3 year deal for a serious amount of cabbage, so he’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

  34. Believed truly that Kelly and Pollock were bad signings. Pollock was an average player with long history of injuries. Kelly’s season with Boston was lousy and they even debated putting him on roster. Few good innings got him a big paycheck.Dave has to pitch him to justify the money. FO screwed up as usual.

  35. Believed truly that Kelly and Pollock were bad signings. Pollock was an average player with long history of injuries. Kelly’s season with Boston was lousy and they even debated putting him on roster. Few good innings got him a big paycheck.Dave has to pitch him to justify the money. FO screwed up as usual.

    1. Hard to believe the team is where it is while getting what it has (or has not) from the two marquee signing of the offseason.

  36. Not looking at anybody else’s comments, seeing how much money they’re giving him, I think they should send him down to the farm and get him back in shape whatever his problem is. Bring somebody up temporarily (hopefully) and help him get back in shape. Something may be wrong physically or mentally. if all else fails look for a trade.

  37. I think you’re spot on. After watching him against the dodgers in the ws last year, I wanted him on the team. I’m flummoxed as to what his issues are. The yips seems plausible and Steve Sx and Chuck Knoblauch immediately came to mind.

  38. I wonder if Friedman and the Dodger hierarchy read these comments, some of which are terrific. I live on the East Coast but have been die hard Dodger fan since 1940 so have seen ups and downs. We may have a great record but with a porous bullpen and three .214 hitters I do not see a championship. Now with Seager out and Bellinger in a ( hopefully temporary) slump the Rockies are in a position to make a run. There is precedence in dumping mistakes. It took ( too) long but they did it to Carl Crawford. Picking up Dieckman, frequently mentioned by others as an available option would be like putting Madson back similar to the World Series. I watched him extinguish himself often with the Phillies. Similarly the same with Giles after one great season. I went to sleep confident the other night ( 3 hours later here) after 6 innings only to be stunned by the final. Stripling hasn’t fared well lately either tho both did and Kelly OK last night where again the bats “tanked” them and the game was already lost

  39. Kelly has too much faith in his fastball. It turns into a meatball right down the pipe. His curve breaks too little too late when he throws that hard. He should take. Couple MPH off it. It will have wicked break. A pitch mix less reliant on the FB will help. Also, showing them the high inside FB to scare them a little then throwing low outside breaking balls that break away from the batter would be nice. I would put him on the IL, then use him a couple times on rehab assightnment as a multi inning guy preferable 3 or so innings so he can find his groove. Then bring him back in a mop up multi inning role. And hope he eases back into high leverage situations.

  40. When he was with Boston, I nicknamed him Dodger killer……obviously, I was correct. Time for him to go!

  41. There is no way we can get rid of Freidman and his lackeys, but does anyone know how we can convince them to get rid of Joe Kelly. He is a plant who is losing games on purpose and/or he has the so-called “pictures” of Freidman or whoever is responsible for signing him.

  42. So, basically, since baseball players get paid based on the strength of their prior season(a) in anticipation they will repeat that talent, we have here the Dodgers paying a player $25 million for having beaten them in the WS.

  43. Totally agree! I think it’s all in his head and he should be able to work it out in the minors.

  44. If I performed this badly in work , I’d be fired. It’s time send him down and get some innings that don’t hear the club. Time to put egos and feelings aside and face up to the problem. Roberts has enough problems handling a pitching staff yet alone deal with a wild card.

  45. Kelly made us look silly last season, and I had high hopes for the guy, but man does he look lost out there, like nothing really seems to be working for dude. His stuff is filthy when he’s right but that’s a big WHEN right about now. Out starters top to bottom are collectively better now than at any point in recent memory, and it is not fair to them to continue having a pen that blows leads. For years I wanted the Dodgers to spend in the pen not just bring in failed starters or reclamation projects from the bargin bin and hope they hit, well they finally did and it has been disastrous. He should fill the Hatcher role of coming in exclusively to eat innings in a blowout and use the time to figure out his mechanics and regain confidence, Honeycutt is the best in the business if he can’t help him out it may be a lost cause. Also wonder if whoever he went on bereavement for had an affect on his poor showings this season, similar to the tole Yaz’s wife’s pregnancy took on him a while back. Still, I feel we are primed to get back to the WS and it’s all there for us to bring it home!!

  46. send him down to the minors or to Arizona training complex and work out the kinks. He still going to be at least an average reliever at some point.

  47. I too was a believer when he was signed during the off season. I thought good someone to fill Morrows slot boy was I and others wrong who thought that. Enough is enough on opportunities to allow this guy to get straight in the Bigs. Either send him down to the Minors to see what happens or bite the bullet and release him. The club has done that in the past so why not now? I’m a season ticket holder for all bobble head promotions but for his I’m giving tickets away. Don’t wanna be there when he is announced as recipient to a Bobblehead.

  48. Enough said about Kelly. Shortstop is a more pressing issue right now. Lux our first rounder hit two bombs for Tulsa at AA and now has 13 and an above 300 average.He should be at Oklahoma City or a replacement for Seager. No garbage retread rentals while Seager is on the IL, Mr Friedman.

    1. He also has 10 errors for a .930 fielding% which would put him near dead last the position players if he were in the MLB.

  49. We have all seen players who hit a brick wall – they cannot hit or pitch or throw to first base. For the amount of money we paid Kelly, its safe to say he is going nowhere presently. Psychiatric counseling is a start; let him talk about what is ailing him to a trained professional. In the mean time, AF better start studying the charts of who might be available to step in for Kelly. I do wonder what is really going on with Toles and Kelly. Like most of the posters have said, and they are right, this is no time for an inexpensive retread. With Seager out for the next 6 weeks, we need a BP pitcher who can staunch the bleeding. As our run production might slide a bit. we also need a right-handed bat who can play short. Lux might be the man to help us out. Taylor has not returned to his batting prowess of two years ago, and Kiki seems to be fading quickly. Go Blue!!!!

    1. Good day BLUE LOU! Greetings also from PD Jr. Lux is a LHB but someone mentioned he might be a bit lacking defensively but IDK.. I do know he (LUX) is having a great year at Tulsa and has shown he has some sock., hitting both RH and LH pitching well enough. He plays either SS or 2nd if I recall and I would be fine with Lux being added to the roster if Dodgers decide he may be ready, even if it’s only a temporary move. The more practical move to be honest is Omar Estevez, who does bat RH and is also having a great year at OKC.. But it appears Dodgers are settling with the guy who left about 9 RISP last night in CT3. Dodgers have offense and BP issues right now and if these are not worked out, it might be a long 2nd half to this year. If you are around LOU, let me know what you think here of what I suggested.

      1. Azul, your knowledge of our minor league system far exceeds mine. My only demand is that we do not try and go for old and cheap retreads. It’s time for Taylor, Kiki, and Barnes to step up. Go Blue!!!!

      2. AZUL, most of what I wrote in response to your post last night did not make it on to this page. Probably because I did it on my phone while trying to watch my grands final band concert of the year. To recap, I do agree with you totally. The Dodgers have some fine minor league prospects – Lux, Estevez, etc. And even if its a temporary fix, it might prove interesting to see these players in action sooner rather than later. I am glad you cited CT3 and his 9 LOB from the other day. When I saw this number, I was not a happy camper. And it might be time for the FO to evaluate Taylor’s overall worth to this team. Like you, I agree that we need a right handed bat and BP help. Now its a matter of filling those positions with the best possible players. Go Blue!!!

  50. When I heard the Dodgers signed Joe Kelly, I shuddered and cringed. I mean, how can the team hire a guy that broke Hanley’s rib and basically cost us a chance at going to the WS? And when I heard the money they signed him for, I thought “Insanity.” Well, as we have found out my dismay has manifested itself Big Time. For a long time, I thought he intentionally broke Hanley’s rib by throwing at him but after watching his wildness with the Dodgers this season I can see it’s just him being him. I think a LONG term stint as you suggest on the DL or move down is the right thing to do. However, I just do not trust the guy to perform at an elite level later in the season, especially in critical games or the post season. He has lost all control and confidence and definitely exhibits the Yips as you suggest. So my bottom line: eat the contract, dump him, and move on. All kidding aside, ownership can raise Dodger Dogs another $2 or parking another $5 and that will make up for the lost money. I’d rather pay the price increases than see this guy on the mound again. Besides, it would certainly not be the first time the Dodgers paid a ridiculous amount of money for a “Designated Loser” and them dump them. Sorry Joe, you gotta go.

  51. Folks, much talk here on suggestions for Kelly. But I don’t believe he would have any more minor league options left, and if that’s the case he would have to approve a move to OKC. But honestly, if ya saw last night’s game as I did, the problem right now that is just as big as the BP problem, is this poorest offense, and we are stranding runners constantly , especially when runners in scoring position and zero outs and Dodgers can’t score.

  52. Send him down to work out his issues. The Dodgers can’t afford to just give away games on that experiment with him. It’s a long season ahead and they should fight hard for every win. If kelly is a fighter he’ll figure it out in the minors and be Ready to come back up.

  53. I thought we had a machine in JK that was going to tear apart batters. I agree send him to AA or AAA… but we cannot afford losses! This is business. We waited since 88 we cannot afford liabilities. Sorry but JK is not good period. The past is the past.

  54. Dave Roberts is the one who lost that game. He knew Kelly has been choking…

    DAVE ROBERTS needs to be replaced with someone who has brains… Someone who sees the way players are trending and always think of wining before experimenting…

  55. First, boycott the bobblehead tomorrow night! It is a silent protest if nothing else! You have to start somewhere… DO NOT BE TEMPTED by that FREE box they stick in your face… IF YOU MUST TAKE IT… Proceed directly to nearest trash receptacle and deposit the damn thing after breaking it so some garbage-scowl can’t come behind and try to flip it for some money!


  56. And my real take on Joe Kelly is this. If you go to the games early and watch warm-ups, Joe Kelly is always goofing around like a little 5th grader who can’t keep his hands to himself. I think it’s time he start acting a little bit more mature and take his pregame a bit more serious as he seems to need to start somewhere. Stop skipping around and bumping into the other players shagging balls, put your hood down, etc., etc.,…. Next, Kersh and Hill are constantly seen around Walker Buehler pregame and in the dugout during games, Walker is always right with those two absorbing information and feedback like a sponge; never do I see Joe Kelly interacting with these two super great veterans… EVER! Why not… why don’t Kersh and Hill try to take Joe Kelly under their wings. Next, Joe Kelly was never a great relief pitcher for more than two of his 8 seasons in the big league! He has a career ERA and WHIP of 4.00 and 1.40 respectively – below average relief pitcher numbers and I’m being generous with that statement. I was at both Angel games and the first night was HORRIFIC. I think he threw three pitches (definitely two) over the home plate umpire’s head to the backstop netting on the fly! Not the first time he has thrown a pitch all the way in the air to the backstop! Can’t say I have seen ANY relievers EVER do this more than once/twice in an entire season! THREE in ONE INNING!!! Come on Joe!!! I’m tired of the fans saying “if you were a true fan” blah blah blah… Joe Kelly is making $25 Million guaranteed! Show us some work off the field that you are trying to fix what is broken. With 68 games in the books (13 games shy of halfway) this is more than a slump!!! I would like to see him go on the 405 game DL (if you catch my drift)…… Also, Joe, you don’t have to strike every batter out… you have 8 other guys who can help get an out!

  57. As a Dodgers fan, I like Joe Kelly, and was excited when he signed. Do I hope he can turn it around, absolutely! Will he? Who knows. But, I think the Dodges have a luxury in that, they can afford to continue to throw Kelly out there a little bit more and see if he can fix what’s wrong at the major league level. Since we’re talking about relief help, I think people need to think about what it would take in a trade to get a good reliever… Trading Barnes, Kike, Taylor isn’t going to get a return worth mentioning, so why bother? I think the little value that they do provide with their defense and versatility is better than the return that they would get via trade. I also don’t see the Dodgers calling up Lux right now even with a .300+ and 13 home runs, he still has a .930 fielding% I think they will recall Beaty when he is activated from the IL or I can see them recalling Will Smith and using Barnes to help fill in at 2nd.

  58. I agree with you 100% about sending Kelly down to OK to get his mojo back. He caught the same WS hangover that the red Sox had in April. Only problem is, they only had the cure in Boston. Poor guy is fighting a mental game that Dodger fans (including myself) wont let him live down. It’s a sick cycle that I guarantee LA fans will let him hear.
    I really do feel bad for the guy especially because his bobblehead night is coming up and I’m pretty sure his family and friends will be there… to hear the boos. It wont be a friendly crowd.
    A fix to the situation will be to send him to some mental and physical rehab in another state.

  59. I posted a comment here but don’t see it? It was clean with no profanity or plugs and definitely not spam?

  60. I feel 100% the same way, from your opening to the end – take the steps needed to salvage him and get his confidence and skill back. We can’t afford not to now.

  61. That’s absolutely right Billy. That move with Darvish most likely cost The Dodgers The World Series last year. Don’t make the same mistake twice!

    1. Darvish giving up 5 runs (4 earned) in less than 2 innings put the Dodgers in a hole, no doubt. But, the flip side is that Kershaw and the bull pen, who everybody loves to hate tossed 7 shut out innings!! Dodgers scored one run on Ethier’s pinch hit. So, yea Darvish put the Dodgers behind but, the offense didn’t do anything to help…

  62. Kelly had issues last season but we Dodgers made him look good on the biggest stage. With the whole Dodger team slumping in the world series didn’t prove to me that Kelly was legit. He needs to regroup with a stint in the minors and hopefully we catch another team slumping in the world series if we are able to get back there. Good lucky ‘machine gun kelly’!

  63. After the dominance he displayed during last year’s World Series it was a good idea to take a chance on Joe Kelly and take advantage of lightning in a bottle like the Red Sox did last year It just didn’t work out that way but we are the Dodgers and we can afford To take chances that other teams can’t monetarily speaking Meaning we can cut bait and still keep our chin up because it was worth the risk

  64. Kelly was great in WS last year, Dodgers signed him for a reason. Maybe he’s struggling with off field issues. I think he will get back to form if it requires a rehab in minors so be it. He has my support, we all struggle sometimes. I think he’ll be ok come August.

  65. Can’t be stage fright who knows but both Hernandez and Taylor are toast both watched three strikes without swinging with the bases loaded Dodger. Since Nat Albright was announcing on Brooklyn

  66. Send him down agreed. Let him figure it out on the minor league level like the Dodgers did with Puig.

  67. Yes right now Joe Kelly is a complete failure, but you’d have to check his contract to see if they can send him to the minors. My big problem is with Scott Alexander a total waste he can’t get A left-handed hitter out so what what is he on the team for? If the Dodgers don’t do something in free agency to fortify the bullpen they will never win a World Series.

  68. It’s too bad, really. I was wish we could understand what’s going on with him mentally and physically. Perhaps the pressure is too much? Whatever the cause, it seems that the best solution is to send him down for a bit or rest him. This current situation is not working.

  69. I recommend all Dodger Relif pitchers should be sent to the minors to help them get back on their game Especially- Kelly, and Alexander should be the first to go
    And Floro, Stripling , Ferguson should be next in-line to go back to the Minors
    Do a 2 week rotation, sent them out to pitch a half dozen games each , bring them back for a game or two and see if their any better
    And if their not
    Drop them from the Team like a bad habit

  70. Cut JoKe now. Trade for Hand & the lefty from Pittsburgh and bring up the best hardest throwing RH reliever in the minors. Those AL FA relievers rarely work out for the $

  71. Best believe on kelly…ups and downs but i believe he will come thru when it mostly matters. Im here counting spare change for tix to dodger’sgame tomorrow for a kelly bobblehead…lets have confidence. @ the end it all comes to roberts decision of keep switching pitchers every inning in the world series. so it doesnt matter!

  72. I too was excited as hell to get a guy that
    1. Dominated us in WS
    2. Could throw as hard as Baez (and didnt seem to fall apart like Baez)
    3. Wanted to win games while living in his real home town.

    So I ignored the red flags…
    1. Boston DID let him go.
    2. He was a middle reliever (set up, call it what you want its middle). With his HEAT if he was all THAT…He’d be a closer already.
    3. After joining Dodgers he was still using his Boston glove (wtf?)

    Everyone wants him to do well. Maybe he is trying to hard? Maybe he should quit chewing gum while on the mound?? I can’t think of another that does while pitching. I’m sure there are some, but it will take a search! We want him to JUST PITCH. Knowing heCAN chew gum at the same time as pitching poorly has no merit. Seriously…stop chewing gum.

    Spectrum plays an add where he talks about why he came to the Dodgers. He says he wants to be on a team that puts winning above all else. Be careful what you wish for Joe.

    Oklahoma City is a MUST at this point.

    Another must…stop throwing all the junk when you can send aspirin tablets up there. Yeah they rocked that too for a few weeks following opening day…But that must remain your STUFF. Stom aiming it and let it loose…add some change in pace without wildness of break…AND WE BACK IN BUSINESS!!

  73. From a personal standpoint, I have never been a fan of Kelly, since the time he plugged Hanley Ramirez in that playoff game. That aside, he looks like he’s high e ery time he takes the mound. I’m not sure that they would send him to Triple A for a stint because he’s too salary heavy. I would package him in a trade to a team that has no ability to hurt us in the playoffs. We could use a better hitting catcher or more middle relief.

  74. You cannot pitch this guy in high leverage situations……..take that Angels outing…….the game was on the line…….. He walked THREE, threw two wild pitches and gave up two runs to take the loss. He can’t handle pitching in tough situations. Whatever he did last year in the playoffs was obviously dumb luck. But Dave keeps putting him out there. UGH!……I would only use him in blowouts if I were Roberts…..if I were Friedman I would release him and bring up Tony Gonsolin. It’s not like the Dodgers have not had dead money on the payroll before. Admit this was a mistake and move on. Instead the Dodgers are going to give him a bobblehead night? You have got to be kidding me (Grin!)……besides Roberts, his Mom and his family, who is going to want one of those???????? Sounds like even more dead money to me…………

  75. I’m an Angels fan that has been watching the Angels make bad signings and keep those players in the lineup because of the money they are paying them for years now. If I were the one making those decisions I would play the players that give us the best chance to win, regardless of their salary! That’s not what they do though! They play those who they are paying the most and then hold their breath and hope they start performing to their expectations. A good example is Justin Upton! Yeah the guy has some pop in his bat when he’s actually hitting but he strikes out an awful lot, rarely comes through in the clutch and he’s the Keystone Kops in left field! This is a guy that when he was acquired was supposed to be a plus defender. Watching Upton misjudge routine fly balls, let ground balls go through his legs and use bad judgment in where to throw the ball once he has it, along with his strikeouts and lack of hitting in the clutch should be unacceptable from ownership, team and fans! I dread when he returns to the lineup! I say that Upton needs to earn his way back into the lineup by outplaying those who have temporarily replaced him which I don’t think he can do, especially on defense. Upton hasn’t performed as badly as Joe Kelly has but at the same time it’s the best business decision to cut your losses and move on! Don’t lose games in addition to money. So you lose money on a contract, oh well, it happens! Don’t keep losing games with players that are making big salaries when a lower priced player gives you a better chance to win! WIN FIRST AND WORRY ABOUT SALARIES LATER!!! Joe Kelly should be willing to go to the minors and get back on track, just like Upton should be in the minors figuring out how to cut down his strikeouts and learning how to not embarrass himself and his team in the outfield. If they are unwilling to do that then you try to get what you can for them before the trade deadline even if you have to eat their salaries. If you can’t trade them then give them their unconditional release and move on. Eating those contracts is better than losing with players that have a minus WAR!!! Once released these same players will suddenly be willing to sign a minor league contract with another team and work their way back to the Show. I can’t understand why they aren’t willing to do that with the teams that are paying them so much money. It’s a shame. Why can’t more players have the attitude of Justin Bour who wasn’t performing up to his standards and waved his rights as a veteran player and went down to the minors to work things out. He’s back with the Angels now and hit a three run homer in his first at bat back. He knew that he was hurting his team and he wasn’t ok with that so he did what was best for the team and went down to get everything straightened out. God Bless You Justin Bour! All players should have your attitude and conviction!

  76. I am still a huge fan of Joe ! I wish he were here back in Boston. We have a pitching coach who believed in him , worked with him when they saw there was a problem and he had the total respect of his teammates and staff. Remember what he did to you last fall ,we in Boston remember !!! Instead of chastising Joe why not give him more support instead of booing and making disparaging remarks . We really don’t know what is going on personally and professionally,so before you condemn, show some compassion, remember this is a ball “GAME” ! You can destroy a person just by how you treat or say about them .

  77. The Dodgers brass has done a great job getting this team well balanced, young, good team speed, and honorable players. They seem to be modern saber metrics junkies that prefer multi dimensional players. So we must give credit to them for getting the team near the top. It’s much more entertaining watching them in October than the Braves or Cubs. So the strengths should be acknowledged from the Front Office. With all this said, the Dodgers sell the most tickets annually in the MLB. It’s a guarantee monopoly from a loyal fan base to support this great franchise. Being a Dodger fan for 50 years it’s agonizing to to comprehend why they won’t just bite the Prime Rib and go all out and PAY a few top players to win this damn championship! They’ve put together a Primo roster but they always sit back while the better missing pieces each year go to lower market clubs that are trying to please their fan base ( Instead of their Investor Mngt group). They need to just finally go for broke with this window of Turner, Kenley, Kershaw, etcas they deserve at least One time this FO stacks this lineup for the end run and win the damn thing. Getting sick of the Astros always paying big to do it, same as Cubs, same as Red Sox, Giants etc. The arrogance of this FO needs to take notes on what those teams do to win. And it’s always trading top talent and spending big to achieve the goal. Even if it hurts them for a couple years down the roadI. And trade JOC,Taylor,Barnes,Kike while they still have worth. take over a big bat’s contract! Whatever it takes to win this damn championship! It’s been 30 frickin years!!

  78. I feel every good athlete at this level deserves another shot to the miners is a good thing show signs of improvement great if not look for new Talent

  79. If the Dodgers are willing to eat part of Kelly’s contract they might be able to ship him back to Boston where he is comfortable and the Sox certainly need the help. This will free up a spot

    1. I think in terms of the front office’s thoughts, they aren’t quite there yet. That would be admitting that they were completely wrong so early in the game. Maybe a year from now if this drags onward.

  80. I’m a die hard Red Sox fan. I would like to thank the Dodgers for taking Mr Kelly off our hands via free agency. If not we might have signed him. Look at Mr Kelly’s numbers last year. 2 good months and 4 really bad ones. Yes he was smoking hot in playoffs and especially the WS. When he’s hot there is no one better. Unfortunately for the Dodgers he has not found his groove as of yet. Not sure what the Dodgers front office was thinking when they signed him but for a team so concerned with analytics they didn’t do the math with this free agent signing.

  81. I thought of going to Joe Kelly bobblehead night. To have a bobblehead that nobody wanted made it wantable. Then I thought about how depressed I’d be every time I would look at it. I stayed home. The saddest part is, how dedicated Dodger players who have been woith the team longer, still have no bobblehead.

  82. I’ve been a Dodger fan for over 70 years so i have seen some good deals and some bad ones. Agreed, Joe Kelly has not yet been the answer LA was looking for. But it looks like they are doing okay while he finds his stuff again. Unless there a reliever that is guaranteed to be better then Joe the Dodgers should hang on to him. Perhaps a few AAA games will help but let’s not give up on him yet.

  83. The Dodgers need to get rid of Kelly. He cant win a game and all he does is give up home runs and hits. Save your money and get rid of this guy and get a reliever that can win or save games. The Dodgers need to completely re do the bull pen!!!! Robert’s has his head up his ass!! QUIT USING THIS GUY OR ANYOTHER PLAYER THAT DOESNT PRODUCE.

  84. I’m a Boston fan and when he’s hot he’s unhittable . Think it’s funny your team paid top dollar for him. His problem is all in his head

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