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Dodgers: Jerry Hairston Jr Thinks Players Need to Remain in Camps

The Dodgers’ own Sportsnet Analyst and former player Jerry Hairston Jr chimed in on the league’s efforts to keep players healthy. Hairston talked with Allie Clifton about what he liked about the league’s reaction as well as where he felt players should be.

I think that’s probably the smart thing to do because you start getting on a flight and traveling around the country going to all sorts of places, you might come in contact. So it might be the prudent thing to stay put and be around the trainers and doctors. 

Hairston felt that the player’s best chance was to stay with the Dodgers’ staff in Arizona. And there may be something to that as there are controllable factors there. The players and coaches can be tested for the virus if need be, and it is easier to limit access. 

Hairston was also asked how long the Dodgers would need to get going if baseball got the go-ahead quickly. 

The players do a great job of staying in shape in the offseason. They really start to gear up on their own in mid to late December…The players know excatly what they need to do to get going…Position players it really is only 5-7 days to get ready.

All of that to say, the Dodgers should probably stay in Arizona and wait this thing out a bit. Major League Baseball is scheduled to meet with the player’s union on Sunday afternoon, so we should have a better idea of what the plan is soon.

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  1. I agree that the player’s are safer staying in camp. They could have form two teams and play each other every 2-3 days. Have Turner, Betts and Kershaw come up with a reward to the team that wins the most games. This would be to keep some level of motivation, camaraderie and fun. On off days they could practice, do drills and see family etc. Not many teams have enough quality players to do this but the Dodgers do. And no matter when the season begins the end of season and playoffs will still be Oct. So there should be no worry of burn out or playing to much.
    Line up all the players, make Kershaw and Buehler the 2 captains and have them pick their team, position by position.

    1. If I were a player, I’d keep my family in Arizona. It could be possible to televise practice games. Anything baseball. Anything to help everyone escape reality for a while.

  2. can’t keep people, a team, constantly stuck around each other…even the beat-happiest bunch of players (and support staff) will get burned out. Heck, Kershaw might even throw at Barnes in a BP session at some point. haha.

    Still keeping the gang close has to be a good idea in the short term. But eventually practice gets dull & boring. Maybe MLB could concoct some version of skills contests, mini tourneys, goofy & serious events that can be live streamed… loved Bauer’s pick up game plan. Bring some fun to tough times, give us fans distractions from all the worry.

    Along those lines I’ve had a question for a long time. Do teams still have on campus dorms? The old school Vero Beach way?

    Why not find an existing or build a new housing compound for everyone that’s part of ST. Luxury condo style, AZ is great building that sort of thing. Even a golf course can be incorporated. Tennis courts, whatever, movie theater, who knows. All closed to public to help players escape the public/reporters stress. Why not even a fishing pond /lake too.

    Just wondering if a closed community for players & staff us their families could add the class the old Dodgers plane & Vero Beach facility brought. We all know McCourtCo (cheap bastards) only moved to sell very valuable Vero real-estate and go cheap on ST. It might be cool to see them go back to high class organization status.

    What holes are there in this sort if thing?

  3. O. K. Come – on Guys. Gear up and play like pre – schoolers. (lol). Who’s team would You like to be on Daniel ? I’ll be on Walker’s team. Good Luck and LET’S PLAY BALL.

    1. OK Theresa, how would you divvy up the infielders? I’ve got
      Team A c Smith, 1b Muncy, 2b Kike 3b Beatty, SS Seager
      Team B. c Barnes 1b Rios, 2b Lux, 3b Turner SS Taylor

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